Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Steps To Calling Your Network Marketing Leads

4 Steps To Calling Your Network Marketing Leads

- Author Unknown

Calling your network marketing leads is one of the most important steps in the process of sponsoring new distributors for your business. 

This process can be the scariest part of our business, and it shouldn’t be.  Especially if you know what you’re doing. 

I think that the fear most people have is not knowing what to say on the phone with prospects. The only way you can get better is just by doing it over and over again to the point where you have so much confidence that it’s like talking to a close friend.

Here are the 4 steps to an effective prospecting call:

1. Greeting - This is where you introduce yourself to your prospect and letting them know you were calling them because they had requested information about a home business. This is where you would ask them what they do and get a idea of what type of person they are and get to know them a little more. Find something in the conversation that you can relate to them. Maybe you have had experience with the type of work they do or you know someone who does the same thing. Find something you have in common because people like people who are like them. If you can find a way to make them laugh! This works every time to break the ice and let’s your prospect put their guard down.

2. Qualify - Qualifying is the next step in talking to network marketing prospects. Most people have this backwards. They think qualifying means if they make enough money to get in your network marketing business. Qualifying is finding a need, want, or reason they want to earn more money with a home business. Find out why they need to earn money from home. I usually ask my prospects why are they looking for ways to earn extra income. Some prospects will get to the point and tell you exactly why they need extra income. Some people will just tell you just to pay bills. You want to explore a little deeper and find out why they really the extra income. Because when you find something that they really want it’s easier to get them motivated to work after that dream or desire.

3. Inviting - After you have found their hot button and why they need the extra income you then move into the inviting portion. Since they have an expressed desire to earn more money with your home business you simply invite them to view information. You can do this several ways depending on how you do things. You can invite them to a conference call, weekly hotel meeting, one on one presentation, website, DVD, or any other marketing material you use to introduce your business. Always set up a time for them to meet with you or to call them back to answer any questions they have about the material they viewed. Make sure you have a time commitment from them. Tell them you will be meeting them or calling them back at a specific time, but make sure that time works for them.

4. Follow Up - The follow up is simply getting back with your prospect to answer any questions or objections they have after viewing the information you presented them. Follow up for one on one and face to face meetings are a little different. If you met with your prospect in person and they did not enroll at your first meeting then you would be following up with them for another reason. If they do not sign up at your first initial meeting you always want to keep following up by either inviting them out to a weekly meeting or giving them material to answer any more questions they might have. You never want to throw away a prospect even if they do not sign up the first time. It might not be the right time for them but keep in contact with them every month or so just to touch base.

Those are the four simple steps to calling a network marketing lead. Always remember to stay in control of the conversation and always be the one asking the questions. The person who controls the conversation is the one in charge!


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