Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Twitter & Facebook Strategy

Twitter and Facebook strategy.

Have you noticed how everyone is typing quotes and posting them on Twitter and Facebook? I figured that I could stop reading my Twitter and Facebook messages and just replace my time with reading Bartlett's Book of Quotations.

But here is an excerpt from a message to me from Beverly Kidd, who really sums it up best.

She says:

"What are you doing?"

is replaced by:

"Who are we quoting today?"

Think about it. People want to know what you are doing. They want an update on you and your discoveries and adventures. Do they really want you to be typing quotes out of a book?

So think creatively. Be different. Be interesting.

You can build better relationships by being you instead of by being a typist of other people's quotes.

- Tom “Big Al” Schreiter -

Zdanis USANA Power Team -  

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