Tuesday, April 1, 2014

USANA Lifetime Matching Bonus Program – Another Perspective

by PeteZdanis

The USANA Lifetime Matching Bonus Program (LMBP) is ingenious in a number of ways.

Most Associates primarily equate the program as one of several options provided by USANA to increase their income.

While this is obviously true, smart business builders realize that the LMBP was also designed to be an extremely effective recruiting tool.

Unfortunately, many Associates don’t appropriately emphasize the LMBP with prospects during their recruiting and presentations.

Some will mention the LMBP as a way for the prospect to earn income if they (the prospect) enroll as an Associate. Most prospects, however, don’t see this as a big motivator since it seems to be more of a long-term goal in a world of instant gratification, and they don’t see any immediate benefit.

Other Associates are reluctant to mention the LMBP to prospects at all out of concern that the prospect may feel that the Associate is merely recruiting them purely for financial gain.

Let me suggest a true “Win-Win” way to use the LMBP to improve your recruiting, and duplicate improved recruiting across your team, to put the LMBP to work for you and everyone in your USANA organization:

When talking about the LMBP with a prospect during the Compensation Plan section of your presentation, ask them how much more motivated they think public school teachers would be to give their students the best possible education, if the teachers could qualify to earn a percentage of the lifetime income of their top-performing students.

It won’t take long for your prospect to realize that concept would revolutionize the entire education system, and teachers would be doing everything they could to insure their students received the best education possible.

At this point, you explain that is exactly what USANA has done by creating the LMBP.

In other words, help your prospects understand that USANA has provided you with a major incentive to help them succeed in USANA, and that their success is one of your primary motivators and objectives, in large part because of the LMBP.

Once your prospects understand this, and see the power of applying the concept throughout the team that they will be building, they will be much more comfortable in deciding to start a USANA business with you, and much more confident in their opportunities for success.

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