Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That's Great...Now Go Do It!


by Jerry Clark

Jerry, I'm going to be the #1 person in my company... Sounds Good, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, Just wait until the kids get back in school, I'm going to get busy then... Wonderful, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, once I get some new leads in, I'm going to rip this thing up... Superb, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, my wife said I can put more time in my Networking Business once my check gets to $500 per month... Terrific, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'll be walking across the stage winning an award at the next International convention... Cool, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm going to go on a 30 Day Blitz and talk to at least 25 new people per day... Splendid, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm going to make it big in Network Marketing and then go around the World changing people's lives like you do... Fantastic, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm doing this business because I promised my Mother I would one buy her a new house one day... That's Nice, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm sick and tired of working for someone else so I'm going to get serious about my Networking Business... Awesome, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm going to Build an Empire so I can spend more time with my family... That's Beautiful, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, this is my year because I can just see my Bonus Check going through the Roof... Sounds Exciting, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I'm going to get all of my people listening to your tapes and I know we will be more successful then... I like that thought, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, I know I told you I was going to do it for the last 5 years straight, but this year is different because I know I'm ready to go to the top... Yea, I remember, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, If you could fly out to my house and spend a month with me doing 3-Way calls and presentations, I know my business will explode... Well, not going to happen, Now Go Do It Anyway!

Jerry, If only... Ok, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, you don't understand... Sure, Now Go Do It !

Jerry, it would be nice if... Yea it would be, Now Go Do It!

Jerry, aren't you listening to... Probably not, Now Go Do It!

Folks... Understand this... Success doesn't reward you for what you're going to someday do... It rewards you for what you do... So stop contemplating, evaluating, hesitating, meditating, and deliberating... Pay attention to the words that are coming out of my mind...

Jerry, I think I will read this Rhino Tip Again... That's Great... Now Go Do It!