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The Formula for Failure and Success - by Jim Rohn

The Formula for Failure and Success 

- by Jim Rohn

Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. To put it more simply, failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day.

Now why would someone make an error in judgment and then be so foolish as to repeat it every day? The answer is because he or she does not think that it matters.

On their own, our daily acts do not seem that important. A minor oversight, a poor decision, or a wasted hour generally doesn't result in an instant and measurable impact. More often than not, we escape any immediate consequences of our deeds.

If we have not bothered to read a single book in the past ninety days, this lack of discipline does not seem to have any immediate impact on our lives. And since nothing drastic happened to us after the first ninety days, we repeat this error in judgment for another ninety days, and on and on it goes. Why? Because it doesn't seem to matter. And herein lies the great danger. Far worse than not reading the books is not even realizing that it matters!

Those who eat too many of the wrong foods are contributing to a future health problem, but the joy of the moment overshadows the consequence of the future. It does not seem to matter. Those who smoke too much or drink too much go on making these poor choices year after year after year... because it doesn't seem to matter. But the pain and regret of these errors in judgment have only been delayed for a future time. Consequences are seldom instant; instead, they accumulate until the inevitable day of reckoning finally arrives and the price must be paid for our poor choices—choices that didn't seem to matter.

Failure's most dangerous attribute is its subtlety. In the short term those little errors don't seem to make any difference. We do not seem to be failing. In fact, sometimes these accumulated errors in judgment occur throughout a period of great joy and prosperity in our lives. Since nothing terrible happens to us, since there are no instant consequences to capture our attention, we simply drift from one day to the next, repeating the errors, thinking the wrong thoughts, listening to the wrong voices and making the wrong choices. The sky did not fall in on us yesterday; therefore the act was probably harmless. Since it seemed to have no measurable consequence, it is probably safe to repeat.

But we must become better educated than that!

If at the end of the day when we made our first error in judgment the sky had fallen in on us, we undoubtedly would have taken immediate steps to ensure that the act would never be repeated. Like the child who places his hand on a hot burner despite his parents' warnings, we would have had an instantaneous experience accompanying our error in judgment.

Unfortunately, failure does not shout out its warnings as our parents once did. This is why it is imperative to refine our philosophy in order to be able to make better choices. With a powerful, personal philosophy guiding our every step, we become more aware of our errors in judgment and more aware that each error really does matter.

Now here is the great news. Just like the formula for failure, the formula for success is easy to follow: It's a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

Now here is an interesting question worth pondering: How can we change the errors in the formula for failure into the disciplines required in the formula for success? The answer is by making the future an important part of our current philosophy.

Both success and failure involve future consequences, namely the inevitable rewards or unavoidable regrets resulting from past activities. If this is true, why don't more people take time to ponder the future? The answer is simple: They are so caught up in the current moment that it doesn't seem to matter. The problems and the rewards of today are so absorbing to some human beings that they never pause long enough to think about tomorrow.

But what if we did develop a new discipline to take just a few minutes every day to look a little further down the road? We would then be able to foresee the impending consequences of our current conduct. Armed with that valuable information, we would be able to take the necessary action to change our errors into new success-oriented disciplines. In other words, by disciplining ourselves to see the future in advance, we would be able to change our thinking, amend our errors and develop new habits to replace the old.

One of the exciting things about the formula for success—a few simple disciplines practiced every day—is that the results are almost immediate. As we voluntarily change daily errors into daily disciplines, we experience positive results in a very short period of time. When we change our diet, our health improves noticeably in just a few weeks. When we start exercising, we feel a new vitality almost immediately. When we begin reading, we experience a growing awareness and a new level of self-confidence. Whatever new discipline we begin to practice daily will produce exciting results that will drive us to become even better at developing new disciplines.

The real magic of new disciplines is that they will cause us to amend our thinking. If we were to start today to read the books, keep a journal, attend the classes, listen more and observe more, then today would be the first day of a new life leading to a better future. If we were to start today to try harder, and in every way make a conscious and consistent effort to change subtle and deadly errors into constructive and rewarding disciplines, we would never again settle for a life of existence—not once we have tasted the fruits of a life of substance!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Creating Something From Nothing - by Bob Burg

by Bob Burg

Recently on Twitter, I found a link from SellingPower Founder Gerhard Gschwandtner to an extremely inspiring story. It had to do with a sales team that explored a way to find more people to serve where (or, I should say, when!) most would not have looked.

Yes, this took place back in 1949. Yet, today, when so many are complaining about the economy, it brings to mind just how great our economy can be when we are willing to proactively seek ways to create something out of nothing.

So, take a look. Notice how many of those prospects were delighted to be helped. Fortunately, for them, they were approached through this very creative action.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that what worked for Mr. Wedge’s team would or wouldn’t work in your particular business. I guarantee you, however, that there is always something you can do to create more value opportunities for others and give yourself the edge.

Remember, while we cannot control the economy, we can absolutely control our economy.

But it won’t be from standing around complaining. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

USANA: Is Your Autoship Affected?

Is Your Autoship Affected?

A number of product upgrades and changes were announced at USANA’s 2010 International Convention that could affect your Autoship order. Here’s the rundown of what’s happening:

If you order Proflavanol® 90 or Proflavanol® 180…

Those ordering Proflavanol 90 either individually or in a MyHealthPak™ will automatically be switched to the new bilayer Proflavanol® C100, made using USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology. Those ordering Proflavanol 180 in MyHealthPak will automatically be switched to Proflavanol® C200.
Any orders processed between August 28 and September 18 will receive the new product for the same price and points as Proflavanol 90 or Proflavanol 180. Pricing and points for all orders thereafter will be increased.

If you order Proflavanol® or Poly C®
Proflavanol and Poly C are discontinued. You must change your Autoship by midnight (MDT) on Friday, September 3, 2010, if you rely on the SVP generated by those products to remain commission eligible.

If you order either product in a MyHealthPak on Autoship—if you are concerned about losing SVP, you MUST change your MyHealthPak order online or call customer service to make changes no later than midnight (MDT) on Friday, September 3, 2010. If you do not change the tablets in your MyHealthPak, you will lose the SVP from those tablets. *Please note, that if your Autoship order is scheduled to process the weekend of August 28, your order will NOT be processed until you change your MyHealthPak online or by calling customer service. Your SVP will remain unchanged, keeping you commission eligible if applicable, unless we do not hear from you by the September 3.

Both products will remain on the shopping cart for individual sale while supplies last.

If you order Hepasil DTX™
Those ordering Hepasil DTX will automatically be switched to the new bilayer Hepasil DTX. Any orders processed between August 28 and September 18 will receive the new product for the same price and points as the previous formula of Hepasil DTX. Pricing and points for all orders thereafter will be increased.

If you order Almond Crème or Peach Mango Fibergy®
You will continue to receive Almond Crème or Peach Mango Fibergy while supplies last. Unfortunately, we are unable to precisely anticipate when those products will run out, so if you rely on the points from these products to remain commission eligible, you may want to consider adjusting your Autoship order now. We suggest adding the new Fibergy® Plus! (Item #226)

If you order Natural Toothpaste…
Those ordering Natural Toothpaste will automatically be switched to the new Sensé Natural Whitening Toothpaste. Any orders processed between August 28 and September 18 will receive the new product for the same price and points as the previous toothpaste. Pricing will remain the same but the SVP value will decrease one point for all orders thereafter. 

Improve Your PaceSetter Status and Earn More Matching Bonus

Improve Your PaceSetter Status and Earn More Matching Bonus

The next eight weeks might be the most important of your entire year. So go to the calendar. Grab a red pen. Find October 22, 2010. Circle it. Then circle it again.

Between August 27 and midnight (MDT) on October 22, you’ll have an opportunity to break through to a new level of Matching Bonus potential. The International Convention qualification opportunity—announced at, you guessed it, USANA’s International Convention—gives you eight weeks to improve your current PaceSetter status and make a larger Matching Bonus percentage. Think of it as your Matching Bonus bonus.

You’ll have to earn it, though. The bump in your PaceSetter status will be determined by the Sales Volume Points generated by the new Associates you enroll during the eight-week period. Then, you will be able to receive Matching Bonus payouts at the new, higher level from October 22 until the anniversary of your enrollment date.

This is a part of one of Convention’s biggest announcements—improvements to the PaceSetter program. If you missed out, USANA has added a new level to the program. Where there was once PaceSetter and Platinum PaceSetter, there’s now Premier. All Associates who were PaceSetters or Platinum PaceSetters before midnight (MDT) on August 27 will be able to tack Premier to the front of their current status. There has also been an expansion of the program to give you an annual opportunity to secure a higher Matching Bonus payout percentage for those who do not qualify as Premier Platinum PaceSetters. For more information on these improved, expanded opportunities go to the PaceSetters page.

Also, make sure to review the International Convention qualification opportunity page for all the details about how you can break through to a new level of Matching Bonus potential, now. Then get out there and earn your Matching Bonus bonus. The clock is already ticking!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get The Most Nutrition From Your Food

Get the Most Nutrition From Your Food

Need help “digesting” all the new product information announced at the USANA 2010 International Convention? Have no fear, we are here to give you an overview of USANA’s newest addition to our already great line-up of Nutritionals: USANA Digestive Enzyme!

Your body relies on the nutrients found in food to survive. As you take in food, your digestive system begins working to break down nutrients so they can be absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to all the cells in your body. In fact, healthy digestion is so important to your overall health that USANA has created a special subcategory of Nutritionals called “Digestion/Detox” to call extra attention to it. Digestive Enzyme, as well as USANA® Probiotic, Fibergy® Plus, and Hepasil DTX™ are Digestion/Detox products that all play important roles in aiding and maintaining your digestive and liver health.*

Eat Healthy, Get All the Benefits

While it’s important to eat a healthy diet, good eating habits may not make you healthier if the nutrients aren’t properly absorbed. USANA’s Digestive Enzyme supplement was designed to encourage more complete digestion and absorption of nutrients, so that you can get the most nutrition from the foods that you eat. In addition, Digestive Enzyme also helps alleviate the stuffed feeling after eating a large meal and reduce the symptoms of occasional indigestion, including heartburn, gas, and bloating. It also supports the body’s natural detoxification processes.

USANA’s Digestive Enzyme contains many different enzymes to help breakdown starches, proteins, and fats. The blend is also formulated with lactase, which assists in the digestion of food containing lactose, a sugar found in dairy products, and may help prevent symptoms of lactose intolerance. In addition, USANA’s Digestive Enzyme is different from others on the market because it contains spirulina, a nutrient-rich blue-green algae “super food” that contains chlorophyll, which supports the body’s natural processes for eliminating toxins.

Need more help “digesting” all the information on this product? There is a downloadable flyer called “The Science Behind Digestive Enzyme” available under “Prospecting” for you to share with your customers and to help answer any questions. Make sure you look for all of the Digestion/Detox products in their new category on the shopping cart, and pick up new Product Information Booklets, Prospecting Catalogs, and Health & Freedom Newspapers—all of which reflect the new subcategory—to share with your prospects. 

Feel the difference optimal nutrient absorption can make in your health. Order your Digestive Enzyme today!

Friday, August 27, 2010

USANA: Exciting Compensation Plan Enhancements Announced at Convention

Exciting Compensation Plan Enhancements Announced at Convention

USANA President Fred Cooper finished off the morning session of the USANA International Convention by introducing changes to the PaceSetter and Matching Bonus Program that will allow Associates to break through to another level of Matching Bonus earnings, expanding the qualification period from six to eight weeks.

Other highlights include changing the activation requirements for one and three Business Centers from 150 SVP and 450 SVP, to 200 SVP and 400 SVP, respectively.

Associates who did not qualify for Lifetime PaceSetter or Lifetime Platinum PaceSetter (Henceforth known as Premier PaceSetter and Premier Platinum PaceSetter) within 42 days of their enrollment date will have the opportunity to requalify beginning Midnight, MST, on Friday, August 27th, 2010, or on their enrollment anniversary date.

Check USANAtoday.com for all the exciting details.

Innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology Introduced at USANA International Convention

Innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology Introduced at USANA International Convention  

USANA One of the First in Nutritional Supplement Industry to Use This Technology


USANA Health Sciences (NSDQ: USNA), a leader in nutritional supplement manufacturing, today announced that it will be one of the first companies in the industry to utilize Nutritional Hybrid Technology. This cutting-edge manufacturing method was unveiled to thousands of USANA independent Associates in attendance at the company's international convention. 

"USANA is proud to be a leader in the evolution of nutrition technology," said Dr. Tim Wood, USANA Executive Vice President of Research and Development. "USANA's Nutritional Hybrid Technology illustrates our commitment to innovative manufacturing practices and production of high-quality nutritional products." 

Through Nutritional Hybrid Technology, USANA can now combine two distinct formulas into one bilayered tablet, allowing for advanced ingredient combinations while providing product stability. The technology will also help consumers simplify their nutritional regimen by decreasing the number of tablets they take each day. Two new USANA formulas, Proflavanol(R) C100 and Hepasil DTX(TM), were created with the new manufacturing technology and also unveiled at the company's convention.

ProflavanolC100combines powerful proanthocyanidins from grape-seed extract with high-potency vitamin C to promote sound cardiovascular health, immune function, and healthy-looking skin. An in-house USANA study found that the combination of grape-seed extract and vitamin C in Proflavanol C100 provides long-term antioxidant activity and better protective effects than if they were not combined. 

USANA's upgraded Hepasil DTX formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to maintain optimum liver support and aid in the body's detoxification processes. Nutritional Hybrid Technology allows USANA to boost key ingredients in the supplement while maintaining product quality and stability. 

Learn more about USANA's products and opportunity by visiting our Web site, reading our blog, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following us on Twitter

About USANA: USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritionals, personal care, energy and weight management products that are sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Ashley Collins
USANA Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

Thursday, August 26, 2010

USANA’s International Convention is Available on Webcast

USANA’s International Convention is Available on Webcast


Whether you want to relive the memories of the amazing events you saw at Convention, or you weren’t able to make it to Convention at all this year, you’ll want to catch the Webcast of the opening session that is now available. Not to spoil any of the surprises from the day, but it was quite the spectacle.

We can’t completely recreate the event in your home, but it’s still a piece of the action and the closest that you’ll get from the comfort of your own home. It’s no exaggeration to say you have to see it to believe it. So go ahead, try to capture the experience. It’s ok if you’re wearing pajamas and pink bunny slippers while you’re watching. We don’t mind. Just don’t forget to buy tickets for International Convention next year! You don’t want to miss out again. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Low Glycemic Food Menus - by Kathy Kaehler

Low Glycemic Food Menus
- by Kathy Kaehler

It is important to get familiar with the Glycemic Index (GI) number for foods you’re eating. If what you love is a high number, there are many options. For example, strawberries, mango, banana, papaya, and cantaloupe all have a GI of 40 or higher. Instead, try pears, apples, grapefruit, or cherries, which are lower.

If low is where you want to go, here are some low-GI options for your day:


Low-glycemic breakfasts
Start your day with a healthy breakfast to boost your metabolism. Eating low-glycemic foods will give you energy to get through the morning and won't leave you feeling hungry again an hour later. Try these suggestions for a healthy breakfast:
  • A USANA Nutrimeal™ shake*
  • 100% stone-ground, whole-wheat toast topped with low-sugar, natural peanut butter and sliced banana
  • Light yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and low-fat granola or bran buds
  • Steel-cut or old-fashioned rolled oats cooked in fat-free milk mixed with dried apricots and nuts
  • Low-glycemic cold cereal (look for whole grains, oats, and bran) with low-fat milk and fruit; hardboiled egg
  • Whole-wheat pita stuffed with scrambled egg; fruit
  • Sourdough French toast topped with natural applesauce
  • All-bran muffin with low-sugar fruit topping; fruit
  • Buckwheat pancakes topped with fruit
  • Multi-grain waffles topped with natural applesauce
  • Pumpernickel toast topped with melted low-fat cheese; fruit
  • Rye toast topped with light cream cheese, fruit
  • Vegetable omelet; extra lean turkey bacon; whole-grain toast
  • Low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit and almonds

Veggie Egg Scramble: Take two or three egg whites and one yolk in a bowl, and whisk. Add some chopped red peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Heat a non-stick skillet and cook. This is a delicious low-fat and low-GI choice, especially because these veggies are all a GI of 10, and the egg is 0.

Another quick and easy breakfast idea is to take three or four egg whites that you add to a heated non-stick skillet one at a time. Cook until no longer clear, then flip. You should be able to flip these like a pancake. When both sides are white with light brown crispy edges remove from heat and serve. GI of 0!

The recipes above are great to use as a snack or a part of a meal. They work great, especially during the Transform and Maintain phase of RESET.

Low-glycemic lunches
A light afternoon meal will help you get through the day. If you order out, substitute vegetables or cottage cheese for high-glycemic sides, such as chips or fries. Also choose whole-grain breads, and include some low-fat protein. Here are some other ideas for lunch:
  • A USANA Nutrimeal shake*
  • Homemade or canned soups—vegetable, lentil, black bean, split pea, minestrone, or barley (feel free to add extra vegetables)
  • Sandwiches made with lean meats on whole-grain wheat, rye, pumpernickel, or pita bread; fresh vegetables; fruit salad
  • Veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard on whole-wheat bun; cottage cheese
  • Pasta salad with vinaigrette dressing; assorted fresh vegetables and low-fat cheese
  • Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and vinaigrette dressing; whole-wheat toast topped with natural peanut butter
  • Vegetable quiche; sliced tomatoes; fruit
  • Light yogurt with fruit; whole-grain muffin with melted low-fat cheese

Low-glycemic dinner
Enjoy the many low-glycemic possibilities available for dinner. Watch out for high-glycemic side dishes and large portion sizes that could sideline your weight-loss efforts. Here are some tips to keep your dinner healthy:
  • A USANA Nutrimeal shake*
  • Limit intake of high-glycemic starches—baked or instant mashed potatoes, fries, instant rice, boxed side dish or stuffing mixes, refined white breads
  • Choose low-glycemic starches like pasta salad, whole-grain or sourdough breads, baked sweet potatoes, small new potatoes, corn, peas, or basmati rice
  • Fill up on fresh, non-starchy vegetables and leafy green salads
  • Include lean meats, such as chicken and fish, or substitute legumes for protein
  • Try any of the breakfast or lunch suggestions for your evening meal

Low-glycemic desserts
You may not be able to have your cake and eat it too, but you can eat some tasty low-glycemic treats. Try some of these sweets for dessert:
  • Sugar-free gelatin or pudding layered with fruit
  • Natural applesauce with light whipped topping
  • A small piece of dark chocolate
  • A few chocolate-covered strawberries
  • A few chocolate-covered almonds or peanuts
  • A couple oatmeal cookies with low-fat milk
  • Poached fruit
  • A root beer float with low-fat vanilla ice cream and sugar-free root beer
  • Baked apples with dried fruits and nuts

Low-glycemic snacks
Snacking can be the quickest way to undo all of your weight loss efforts. You can stay on track by grabbing some healthy alternatives when you get the munchies. Try these smart snacks:
  • A USANA Nutrition Bar*
  • A small handful of mixed nuts or trail mix
  • A small bowl of low-fat popcorn
  • A few whole-wheat crackers topped with low-fat cheese
  • Celery or a banana topped with natural peanut butter
  • Some whole-wheat pita chips topped with hummus
  • A handful of baked tortilla chips with fresh salsa
  • String cheese and an apple
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • A hardboiled egg
  • Fresh cut vegetables
  • An oat bran muffin
  • A 100-percent-juice bar

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Three Questions That All Prospects Have - by Pete Zdanis

The Three Questions That All Prospects Have

-       by Pete Zdanis

Before a prospect signs up with you in USANA, there are three questions that you must answer for them:

1.  Is this something I can do?
2.  Can I make money at it?
3.  Can you help me?

Most of the time, they are not going to ask you these questions directly. But, I can assure you that unless and until the answer to each of these questions in their mind is “Yes”, they will not become a team member in your business.

The effective business builder will answer each of these questions for the prospect before they are even asked.

Let’s look closer at each question:

“Is this something I can do?”

People are never going to get involved in something they don’t understand or don’t think they can do themselves (Think “duplication” here.) That is why your initial presentation to them is so important.

Keep your presentation, whether it is an e-mail, web cast, one-on-one meeting, information package, phone call, etc. as simple and focused as possible. Use the appropriate tools available from USANA (CDs , DVDs, Media Center videos, print material) based on the prospect’s needs, wants and don’t-wants and the situation. Don’t send them the Compensation Plan video if their focus is on the products. And don’t give them the Guide to Nutritional Supplements if their objective is to maximize their income as quickly as possible.

Whether you realize it or not, you are actually training your prospect from the first moment you discuss USANA with them. They are observing everything you are doing, and will be asking themselves at some point whether or not they can see themselves doing what you did to present USANA to them.

If you demonstrate that sharing information with others about USANA is easy to do, their answer to Question Number One will be “Yes”.

“Can I make money at it?”

This is an obvious question, but one that is often so overlooked by some business builders. First of all, the subject of money is often something that is uncomfortable for many people to discuss, so they dance around the issue. Or, worse yet, they simply assume that the prospect understands that anyone can make money in USANA if they want to. Also, “making money” can mean different things to different people – anything from earning enough to cover the cost of the USANA products, to a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month, to enough income to replace one’s full-time income from their current employment

Depending on the prospect’s needs, wants and don’t-wants, you may want to get into an overview of the USANA Compensation Plan to answer this question.

Or, if the prospect is not the “analytical type” you can refer them to examples of the thousands of people from various backgrounds who have built successful USANA businesses.

You don’t have to look far to find these examples: The USANA Media Center, True Wealth DVD, Health and Freedom Paper are full of success stories which will answer this question for your prospects. Again, all you need to do is use the tools that are available to you.

If you effectively demonstrate that making money with a USANA business is something that anyone can do if they are committed to following the tried and true methods that have been painstakingly laid out for them, their answer to Question Number Two will be “Yes”.

“Can you help me?”

Whenever someone undertakes a new endeavor, it’s only natural that they would want to have a trainer, coach or mentor to help them get off to the best possible start.

That’s you!

Not only is it you, it’s your sponsor, your other upline team members, the USANA Distributor Services team and USANA Management Team, the USANA Business Development System (BDS), BDS eApprentice, Health and Freedom presentation, and on and on.

In fact, even if you as the sponsor are brand new to USANA, all of these resources are available to you and all of your new personally-sponsored team members to draw on together.

Be sure that this support system is explained to your prospects.

Utilize your sponsor and upline for support with three-way calls, tag team e-mails and assistance with presentations, if needed. This will not only help you, it will demonstrate to your prospect the support that will be available to them (Again, think “duplication”.)

If you effectively demonstrate that your prospect will have all the help they need, their answer to Question Number Three will be “Yes”.

Once you have answered your prospect’s three questions to their satisfaction, YOU will then need to ask THEM the all-important question:

“Is there any reason why you can’t get started in USANA today?”

By making the process all about the prospect, putting their needs first and answering their questions, their answer will most likely be:

“No. What do I need to do to get started?”

© 2010 - Zdanis USANA Power Team ®  - www.petezdanis.com - All Rights Reserved

This article may only be copied, shared, distributed or otherwise reproduced in its entirety, including this disclaimer and copyright authorization.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

TACT: The Language of Strength - by Bob Burg

TACT: The Language of Strength 

- by Bob Burg

Is there ever a need to verbally correct or critique? Well…actually, yes. The bigger question: is it possible to do so in such a way that not only will the person accept your correction, but truly embrace and utilize it?

Yes, so long as you keep the human ego in mind and realize the key is tact.

People often ask why others have such a difficult time accepting their constructive criticism. One reader asked:

“Whether I’m correcting my children or employees, I feel as though they always have a negative reaction to what I say. This disturbs me. When I correct, it’s only for their own good and to help them to become more effective. Is there something I’m missing here? Why are they so resistant to my helping them?”

Often, whether or not people buy into what we say depends less upon logic than it does on how their ego accepts what they hear.

And this is why they seem to resist your corrections, your critique, your help and your advice. Yes, even when it’s for their own good!

Wouldn’t you agree that, generally speaking, few people truly enjoy being corrected or criticized? I mean, I can’t think of the last time someone criticized me, and I responded by saying, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU for pointing out the error of my ways.” :-)

Yet, in the real world, correcting and critiquing others is a part of life. Your kids didn’t clean their rooms, your employee overpaid on a negotiable product, your customer is not working with you productively, etc.

There is one concept above practically all else that makes the biggest difference in your ability to persuade others to your way of thinking and attain the results you desire. It is known by several different words: diplomacy, sensitivity, savior faire, and yes, “tact.”

“Tact is the language of strength.”
- Mike Burg, My Dad

Tact is the ability to say something or make a point in such a way that not only is the other person not offended; they are totally receptive. Learning what to say and how to say it will get results for you which will seem just like magic.

Whenever you must call someone’s attention to a particular way of acting, keep tact in mind. Tact will be the key to how they receive you and what you say, and whether they will ultimately take the action that will benefit all concerned.

How do we utilize tact? First, we consider what we are going to say…before we say it. We edit our speech, before we speak. We ask ourselves questions such as, “How will he or she ‘feel’ regarding what I’m about to say, and how I’m about to say it?”

For the next 21 days, take a pretend tape recorder with you and “play back” every conversation you have. Critique yourself; “Did I think before I spoke?”, “Was I considerate of their feelings?”, “Was I gentle in my manner?”, and “Was the expression on my face consistent with my words?”

Focus on this for the next 21 days. If you feel as though you don’t know the exact right words – no problem.  Begin with the right intent; the words will usually take care of themselves. Not to mention, we’ll discuss many of the right words in future articles, as we have in many of the articles that are currently archived and which you can go through at your convenience.

Let’s check back in 21 days. Meanwhile, feel free to share your success stories with us.