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USANA Health Sciences Receives 4 Best Of State Honors

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USANA Health Sciences Receives 4 Best Of State Honors For Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care And Energy Products

SALT LAKE CITY, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences Inc. (NYSE: USNA), a global nutritional supplements company, was presented four Best of State Awards for its dietary supplements, nutrition beverage and personal care line. To date, USANA has received 25 Best of State awards since 2003, (including the Best of State Statue in 2008 and 2012) and sells its award-winning products in 18 international markets.

"Year after year, our products are recognized for their outstanding quality and improving the lives of individuals not only in this state but around the world," said USANA Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga. "It is a privilege to be honored with the best of the best in the state of Utah."

This is the tenth consecutive year USANA has been recognized as having the best dietary supplements and the third year it has been acknowledged for its extensive line of health and nutrition products. Additionally, USANA's Rev3 Energy® drink earned its fifth straight title since its 2009 launch, while the company's skin-care line, Sense™, was honored with its fifth medal for its patented self-preserving technology.
The Best of State Awards were created in 2003 to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. Best of State candidates are evaluated by a panel of 100 judges based on three criteria: achievement in the field of endeavor; innovation or creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes; and contribution to improving the quality of life in Utah.

USANA has also received recognition for its research and development department and was named Utah's best employer in 2010.

For more information about USANA's products and company, visit USANA.com.


Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements and personal care, energy and weight-management products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City. USANA's products, used by more than 600 professional athletes, are developed by the company's award-winning team of scientists and sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates in 18 international markets. USANA has earned NSF Certified for Sport® certification for its SportsPak, Essentials™ (Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant), Proflavanol® C100, Active Calcium™, Procosa® and BiOmega™ products. It has also earned NSF dietary supplement certification for its HealthPak™.

USANA is the No. 1 Rated Brand in Direct Sales Based on Customer Satisfaction in ConsumerLab.com's 2013 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users. Named one of Outside magazine's "Best Places to Work" for four consecutive years, USANA has received more than 100 state, national and international accolades, including Utah Best of State, Stevie Awards, Australian Business Awards, NutriSearch Editor's Choice and others. 

Learn more about USANA (www.USANA.com) and the USANA True Health Foundation (www.USANAfoundation.org/), stay current with the official USANA blog (www.whatsupUSANA.com), like us on the USANA Facebook page (www.facebook.com/USANAhealthsciences), or follow USANA on Twitter (@USANAinc).

Media Contact: Ashley Collins
Executive Director of PR, Social Media and Communications
USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
(801) 954-7629
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

50 Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business


Here are fifty ways you can be in the top 10% of all Network Marketing income earners Associates worldwide.  Go over this list carefully and be honest with yourself.  You will notice it comes down to attitude.  How can you benefit from this list?  If you catch yourself not doing any of these 50 things, adopt them, use them the next time around.  There are no shortcuts to success in this business. These are proven principles and are available to anyone that wants to succeed in network marketing.  Do not short-circuit these principles, rather integrate them into your daily routine and use them over and over again.  Your success will then be automatic.

1. Use the products regularly.
2. Make a total commitment to your business for at least two years.
3. Sell yourself first on the company, the products and the marketing plan.
4. Spend 90% of your business time with prospects, distributors and customers.
5. Present your products and marketing plan personally to at least one person daily.
6. Let everyone know what business you are in.  Advertise.
7. Make understanding people more important than product knowledge.
8. Duplicate yourself by making Associates independent of you.
9. Motivate your group monthly by offering recognition and other rewards for specific achievements.
10. Praise your team members’ accomplishments.
11. Mingle with top Associates and ask how they made it.
12. Be persistent.  Only one out of twenty people you approach may get serious about the business.
13. Lead by example.  Never stop recruiting, training or retailing.
14. Keep it simple.  Do things others can easily duplicate and copy.
15. Keep in touch.  Communicate by social media, blogs, newsletters, meetings, weekly calls, post cards, voice mail, whatever you find is best for you.  Pass on pertinent information immediately.
16. Conduct simple, brief and dramatic presentations.  Facts tell, stories sell.  It's better to show people how to succeed by example.
17. Listen 80% of the time, talk 20%.  Say less to more people.
18. Satisfy all complaints immediately.
19. Concentrate on what you can do for your Associates, Preferred Customers and Retail Customers, not on your own profit.
20. Ask for referrals from your best customers.
21. Give customers more than they expect, everyone loves a free gift.
22. Develop at least  100 retail and/or wholesale product customers.
23. Provide one-day service.
24. Believe in your product so much that you know every person you talk to is going to buy from you.
25. Tell your customers how much you appreciate their business.
26. Don't accept 'no' as a final answer.  Approach each prospect at least 12 times a year with new information.
27. Send customers and preferred clients monthly promotional information. Don't forget your customers and don't let your customers forget you. Personal contact makes the difference.
28. Speak enthusiastically about your business and products.
29. Work on top priority projects that produce the highest returns.
30. Build your list of contacts daily while building your reputation.
31. Approach former top producers of no longer existing network marketing companies.  They are always open.
32. Fit the needs of your prospects with the benefits of your product and your business opportunity.
33. Organize your files so you can locate any piece of information with in 30 seconds.  Time is really money.
34. Use an answering service and return all calls within 24 hours.  Get a dedicated business cell phone for best service.
35. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and do whatever is necessary to achieve them.
36. Subscribe to Network Marketing Magazines, and read personal development books.
37. Listen to CDs and DVDs on network marketing tips from top producers.
38. Do not pass negative rumors downline.  Check the facts yourself.
39. Expand your business worldwide.  Think big!
40. Tell your prospects what they are interested in knowing, not what you think they should know.
41. Spend money on things that will make you more money.
42. Schedule important tasks at the time of day when you are at your best.
43. Delegate.  Do those things only that you can do.
44. Read biographies of successful people to be inspired by their lives.
45. Present at business opportunity meetings and trainings regularly.
46. Plow your profits back into building your business.  You are responsible for the success of your business.
47. Know that if others can do it so can you!  Challenge yourself.
48. Set up a reward for reaching your goal and a penalty for falling short – (Risk & Reward).
49. Have so much fun in your business that others want to join you.
50. Be always driven to 'Do It Now!'

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