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More Than Three Dozen Articles to Help You Succeed in USANA!

More Than Three Dozen Articles to Help You Succeed In USANA!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Four Steps to Network Marketing Success, or, "Network Marketing The Right Way"

 - by Pete and Dora Zdanis 

There are four (4), and only four (4), simple steps to build a successful network marketing business. 

Not three (3), not five (5), not eight (8). 

Four (4). 

The four (4) steps to network marketing success are: 

1. Approaching 
2. Inviting 
3. Presenting/Closing 
4. Following Up 

All four (4) steps must be followed, in order, every time with every prospect, to insure success. 

No exceptions! 

1. Approaching 

Simply say “Hello”, and build rapport by engaging the potential prospect, asking open-ended questions (which require more than a “yes” or “no” answer) to find out what is important to them, and determining if you can provide a solution to one or more of their needs or concerns with your business and/or products. 

In other words, find out what the prospect needs, wants, or doesn’t want, in their life, and then decide whether your business and/or products can address one or more of those issues. 

No mention is made of your business or products during this step. You are only gathering information, not sharing it. 

Never approach someone with the goal of enrolling them as a business partner or customer. Remember that building a network marketing business is not about you. It is all about your prospect

2. Inviting 

If you determine that your company’s products, or business, or both, may benefit your potential prospect, ask them if they would be willing to take a look at what you have to offer. 

Simpler, as always, is better. Straight-forward questions such as: “I understand that you are concerned about accumulating enough savings to pay for your four daughters’ college educations within the next 10 years. I know of something which may well be the solution to your problem. Would you be willing to take a look at it?” 

Remember, you never invite before you approach. Many people make this mistake, which is a common cause of rejection by prospects. You wouldn’t invite someone to join you for dinner if they had just eaten, would you? Then don’t invite them to take a look at your products or business unless and until you know that what you have to offer them is something that they may be “hungry” for. 

3. Presenting/Closing 

Presenting/Closing is nothing more than sharing the appropriate (based on what is important to them) information with the prospect, and then asking them if they would like to purchase the products, and/or get involved in the business. 

A presentation can be anything from a formal structured one-on-one or group presentation, to sharing business tools (brochures, CDs, DVDs, etc.) provided by your company, or sending information or sharing videos with them online. 

Closing is equally as, if not more, important as Presenting, but is often overlooked, avoided, or not done very well by many network marketers. 

Presenting and Closing are combined into one step because the reality is that, unless any Presentation has a Closing, everything is left dangling with no conclusion (i.e., a signup), or no agreement on what will happen next and who will do it. 

Many people are uncomfortable with Closing because they feel that they are being “pushy” or acting like a “salesperson”. That doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) the case. 

A simple, non-threatening question such as: “Is there any reason you can’t get started today?” is often all you need to ask any prospect. 

After you ask the question, be quiet, listen, and wait for their answer. Many marketers make the mistake of talking too much and not allowing the prospect to answer the question. 

If your prospect tells you that they are ready to get started, congratulations! You’ve managed to help change someone’s life in only three steps! 

Most people, however, will not sign up immediately. 

The most common reasons are that they have some questions or concerns that need to be addressed, they may need to discuss the matter with a spouse or significant other, they may not have the necessary funds to get started right away, etc. 

That’s OK. 

Not a problem. 

Let’s lump all these items together into one category called “Objections”

Just ask your prospect to specifically tell you what their objection(s) is/are, agree on who needs to address each objection, what needs to be done next, when it will be done, and then confirm with the prospect

For example: “Jack, I understand that you need to wait until you get paid next Friday before you will be able to sign up. Is that correct? Great! I will call you on Saturday morning, and we can handle your enrollment by phone.” 

Confirming these "Next Steps" is critical. Otherwise you will end up in endless conversations with no conclusion.

Once you have addressed each objection, you will be ready for the fourth and final step…. 

4. Following Up 

If you have completely addressed all objections as described above, the fourth step, Follow Up, is easy, but critical nonetheless. 

It is often said that “The fortune is in the followup”, and truer words were never spoken. 

Common reasons why most marketers fail to follow up include being disorganized, lazy, or they are reluctant because they don’t want to “pester” a prospect. 

If you have done a proper closing (i.e., Establishing "Next Steps), you will not be a pest to your prospects. 

In fact they will be expecting to hear from you, and will do what they need to do, since you both have agreed on what will happen next and when it will happen (See "Objections" above). 

At this point, the ball is in your court. 

If you fail to follow up, you will not only be hurting your business, but you will also be denying your prospect the opportunity to significantly improve their life with your support.

Bottom Line - Be responsible and do the right things, when you need to do them. 


The four (4) steps to network marketing success are: 

1. Approaching 
2. Inviting 
3. Presenting/Closing 
4. Following Up 

All four (4) steps must be followed, in order, every time with every prospect, to insure success. 

No exceptions! 

It is also important to know that these four (4) steps can and should be used with ALL types of prospects – Friends, family members, fellow employees, casual acquaintances, people you meet throughout your daily life, social media, cold market, warm market, purchased leads, etc., etc., etc. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take Pride in All You Do

Take Pride in All You Do

-       by Pete Zdanis

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" – Aristotle

I like candy.

So, during a recent visit to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, we stopped in at a candy store to get some of that irresistible salt water taffy that only tastes good when you buy it within a few hundred feet of the Atlantic Ocean.

While browsing the counter, I came across my absolute favorite candy – fruit flavored jellies.

So, we bought a pound of the jellies along with our salt water taffy.

The sales person was pleasant enough. They asked if we wanted all of one flavor of the jellies, or if we would like an assortment of all flavors.

We chose the assortment. The sales person took some of each of the six available jelly flavors, weighed them, put them all together in a paper bag, and off we went with our purchase.

Well, as it turned out, the fruit flavored jellies were really good. So, we thought we would return to the candy store and pick up some more before we left for home, and we did just that a couple of days later.

This time, there was a different person behind the counter. They were as pleasant as the first sales person we dealt with, but this buying experience was different. Very different.

After asking if we wanted any particular flavors, or an assortment, they said that they would have them ready for us in a few minutes.

We were browsing around the store, and the sales person soon called to us that our order was ready.

Here’s where the “different” part comes in….

This time, the jellies were not just tossed together in a paper bag.

The jellies were in a box.

Not only were they in a box, the box was lined with waxed paper.

The jellies were also arranged by flavor, in neat rows of the same flavor.

AND, the sales person wrote the names of each flavor on the waxed paper!

How cool is that?

Now, buying a pound of fruit flavored jellies is not exactly a life-changing purchase, but the pride and care that the second sales person demonstrated in their customer service really struck me.

Wouldn’t it be great if we always received excellent customer service like this?

Even more important, how different would your life be if you took the same pride in everything you do, and demonstrated the same care in your relationships with family, friends, customers and prospects?

Would anyone care for a fruit flavored jelly? The cherry flavored ones are the bomb!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Direct Selling: Making Dreams Come True

Direct Selling: Making Dreams Come True

Do you dream of owning your own business? Working for yourself…working from home…being your own boss…determining your own hours… It sounds great. But the costs and work required to start up a new business can be staggering. Even established business owners find themselves chained to high overhead costs while waiting for clients to come to them.

Fortunately, there is a better option. Many have turned to direct selling to make their business dreams come true. Direct selling is the distribution method employed by USANA Health Sciences, and other network marketing companies, where products are sold person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.

Direct Selling with USANA

  • Make a difference—Like working with people? Help improve the quality of people’s lives.
  • Be part of a team—Work together toward a common vision and a common goal. Meet new, lifelong friends.
  • Be your own boss—Flexible and self-directed workweek. You set your hours. You control your success.
  • Work at home—No commute or rush hour traffic. Live and work wherever you want; your business moves with you. Spend more time with your family.
  • Great income potential—You are paid what you're worth. You decide how much you earn.
  • Immediate income—Earnings can come your first week with a realistic opportunity to earn an above-average income every week.
  • Lasting income—You can build a successful income-generating business that can last a lifetime.
  • Available for everyone—No previous experience necessary. Training is provided, allowing you to earn as you learn, regardless of age, sex, background, or education.
  • Low start-up costs—No franchise fees or royalties. Minimal overhead. No need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.
  • No employees—No employee-related hassles or paperwork. You choose who you want to work with.
  • Significant potential tax benefits—Legally save thousands of dollars with home-based business deductions*.
  • Freedom—Your life is on your schedule and based on your priorities. Work when and how much you want, part time or full time.

USANA and the Direct Selling Association

To help ensure the highest standard of quality and ethical distribution, USANA is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and USANA CEO Dave Wentz has a long history of involvement with the association, including his election as chairman of the DSA in 2008. The DSA is the national trade association of leading companies that manufacture and distribute goods through the direct selling or network marketing medium. As a member, USANA is dedicated to upholding the DSA’s cornerstone of commitment to ethical business practices: The DSA Code of Ethics US English, the DSA Code of Ethics CA English

You can also view the DSA’s consumer site at
*USANA is not engaged in rendering tax, legal, accounting, or professional services. If tax or legal advice is required, please seek the services of a tax or legal advisor.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition - Week Ending 09/16/11

Top Income Earners
1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US,
2, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US, 
3, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US, 
4, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US, 
5, Richard Cameron, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
5, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US, 
6, Thomas Madison, Alexandria, VA, US, 
7, Lyle Pierce, Hayes, VA, US, 
7, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
7, John Chan, Doylestown, PA, US, 
8, Cliff Norton, Ojai, CA, US, 
8, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US, 
9, Sandra McDonald, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
9, Cynthia Inman, Chesterbrook, PA, US, 
9, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US, 
9, Chuck Misja, Hudson, OH, US, 
9, Dennis Jones, Baltimore, MD, US, 
9, Sandra Wilson, Carrboro, NC, US, 
10, Tulani Giscombe, South Orange, NJ, US, 

Rank Advancements
Alex Lopez, Roswell, NM, US - BELIEVER

Top Sponsors – Associates
1, Brenda Sexton, Durham, NC, US,
1, Carol Sullivan, Las Cruces, NM, US, 
1, Rebecca Walter, Bloomington, IN, US, 

Top Sponsors – Preferred Customers
7, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US,
2, Jeanie Anaya, Tucson, AZ, US, 
2, David Gabriele, Etobicoke, ON, CA, 
2, Kevin Murphy, Grimsby, ON, CA, 
2, Carol Sullivan, Las Cruces, NM, US, 
1, Shawn Baranowski, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
1, Terence Bower, Waterdown, ON, CA, 
1, Betty Charles, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
1, Patrick Freeman, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Kyle Hoffman, Hattiesburg, MS, US, 
1, Julianne Koritz, Highland Beach, FL, US, 
1, Oscar and Bosa Maglov, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
1, Lori Morris, Rio Rancho, NM, US, 
1, Linda Ortiz, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Pam Shue, Los Lunas, NM, US, 
1, James Wilbur, La Salette, ON, CA, 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congratulations to USANA's Brand Ambassadors on Three U.S. Open Titles!

Liezel Huber - Women's Doubles Champion

Samantha Stosur - Women's SIngles Champion

Melanie Oudin - Mixed Doubles Champion

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition - Week Ending 09/09/11

Top Income Earners
1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US,
2, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US,
3, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US,
4, Richard Cameron, Hamilton, ON, CA,
5, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US,
6, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US,
6, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US,
6, Pauline Puzynska, Hamilton, ON, CA,
7, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US,
8, Michael Allgeier Sr., Erie, PA, US,
8, Sandra Wilson, Carrboro, NC, US,
8, Lyle Pierce, Hayes, VA, US,
8, Glenn Flynn, Riverhead, NY, US,
8, Sherri Devers, Canon City, CO, US,
8, Loa Crumb, Stoney Creek, ON, CA,
8, John Chan, Doylestown, PA, US,
8, Shana Fuller, Dayton, OH, US,
8, Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US,
9, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US,

Rank Advancements
Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US – BELIEVER
Joe Roth, McKinney, TX, US – BELIEVER
Top Sponsors – Associates
1, Matilda Pennington, Alamogordo, NM, US,
1, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US, 

Top Sponsors – Preferred Customers
7, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US,
2, Edward O'Mara, Wayne, PA, US, 
2, Linda Ortiz, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Cari Chesnutt, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Sophie Culver, Silver City, NM, US, 
1, Patrick Freeman, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, David Gabriele, Etobicoke, ON, CA, 
1, Dawn Jachter, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
1, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US, 
1, Debbie Long, Smithville, ON, CA, 
1, Alex Lopez, Roswell, NM, US, 
1, Sharon Ray, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
1, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US, 
1, Rosanne Traficante, Cape May, NJ, US, 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Your USANA Tools for France and Belgium

Your USANA Tools for France and Belgium

As you know, USANA recently announced its plan to enter France and Belgium in the first quarter of 2012. We are excited to begin operations in these markets and look forward to great success there. These markets present a great opportunity for many of you, which is the most exciting news of all!

Although you cannot yet sponsor new Associates within Belgium or France, we have made available on USANAtoday a Letter of Intent (in French and English) that you can use when speaking to prospects about those two markets.

We also have posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our opening in these two markets, which may be of assistance to you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments or additional questions. We will do our best to keep you informed of our progress.


Seth Miller
Director of International Development

Thursday, September 1, 2011