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USANA and Dr. Oz

·         USANA Health Sciences Inc.
       "IMPORTANT: We love the excitement and enthusiasm regarding the Health and Happiness Summit event and the announcement that Dr. Oz will be speaking at the 2012 USANA International Convention. However, please remember our relationship with Dr. Oz is not an official partnership, he is not a member of USANA, and he has not endorsed specific USANA products. If you have used any of these statements or similar terminology on social media, it would help us out a great deal if you could correct your posts to reflect a more accurate assessment of what we are working on. This is important to all of us to ensure that we don't hurt our relationship moving forward. Regarding a quote that is floating around, while Dr. Oz did make that statement on a private Gold conference call, his representatives have asked that we not post it on social media. Please feel free to e-mail whatsupusana@usana.com if you have any questions. Thank you."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dr. Oz Tops an Amazing Roster of Speakers for USANA12

Dr. Oz Tops an Amazing Roster of Speakers for USANA12

After so many years of successful, award-winning Conventions, some companies might be tempted to rest on their laurels.

There have been 19 years worth of inspirational, exciting, must-see shows, but the 2012 International Convention—USANA’s 20th—promises to top them all. Because this year we’re celebrating you! And we’re doing it by planning an awesome party and inviting an incredible slate of speakers to give you an event that’s been 20 years in the making.
In Salt Lake City, August 15–18, the regular cast of USANA management, all-star Associates, and Dr. Wentz will be joined by some of the biggest names in health and personal development:
•Dr. Mehmet Oz—You’ve seen him on TV, and now’s your chance to see him live in Salt Lake City. He’s the host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Dr. Oz Show, a well-known cardiac surgeon, author of seven New York Times best sellers, one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2008, and Forbes’ No. 3 most influential celebrity in 2011.

•Dr. Christiane Northrup—The world’s leading expert on women’s health and the author of two New York Times best sellers, this visionary pioneer will inform and inspire.

•Darren Hardy—SUCCESS magazine’s publisher and editorial director is bringing his personal development expertise to the 2012 International Convention.

•John C Maxwell—An internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold more than 20 million books, he will help you find the leader inside you.

•Dr. Libby Weaver—See one of Australia’s leading nutrition specialists, weight-loss expert, and author of Accidentally Overweight: Solve Your Weight Loss Puzzle onstage in Salt Lake City.

•Jason Ryan Dorsey—The “Gen Y Guy” is an author, generational expert, TV personality, and speaker who will enliven the EnergySolutions Arena with a shot of youthful enthusiasm and information.

 That’s an all-star roster of speakers worthy of a 20th anniversary celebration—and there are more big announcements to come! You and your business can’t afford to miss this historic event.
So register now! Convention registration is open. You have until April 27 to take advantage of the special early bird pricing—only $229 for this incredible event.
As an extra-special surprise, USANA is giving you the chance to save on your registration. If you attend any of the Cross-Regional Conferences (XRCs) or Asia-Pacific Convention, you’ll get an opportunity to register for the 2012 International Convention and save big. Register at one of those events and pay only $179—that’s $50 off the early bird price!
Go to the brand new Convention website for more information on all the exciting things we have planned for this 20th anniversary celebration, and plan on celebrate with USANA in August!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vitamins and Athletes

Vitamins and Athletes

Contributed by Mark DeCotis

The issue of the value of  vitamins and supplements for athletes can be confounding and confusing, to say the least.

John Cuomo, Ph.D., the executive director of Research and Development at USANA Health Sciences addresses the most common questions on the subject.

Cuomo holds a bachelor¹s degree in chemistry from the University of Vermont, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Penn State, and he also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in bio-organic chemistry at the University of Oregon. He brings more than 25 years of expertise to his work at USANA and holds two patents for Olivol® along with over 20 other U.S. and international patents.

 Which vitamins are essential for athletes and why?

 A: All vitamins and minerals play specific roles in the body to maintain an athlete’s well-being, energy and metabolism. Since many vitamins and minerals work together in the body, if an athlete is low on one, it affects how the body functions as a whole. Athletes require excellent nutrition in order to meet the challenges they face. For example, intense training increases oxidative stress and weakens the immune system. Antioxidants such as betacarotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, CoQ10 and several others may be particularly important.

Vitamin D also plays a very important role in immune and muscle function. So, for athletes, I recommend a high-quality multivitamin/mineral supplement with advanced doses of these nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies do not develop overnight, so most athletes are unaware they are deficient in certain nutrients until they begin taking supplements and/or eat healthier. These changes allow them to begin to feel and perform better. This phenomenon can leave the athlete wondering how they ever got by in the deficient state they had become accustomed to.

 In what dosages should athletes ingest vitamins?

 A: Athletes typically need a higher intake of vitamins and minerals similar to their increased caloric needs. One assumption is that athletes consume additional calories to match their higher energy expenditure and these additional calories will contain enough vitamins to match increased needs. This is likely incorrect, as most athletes do not consume enough nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables to meet their increased calorie needs. A balanced approach of a varied diet and a daily high-quality multivitamin regimen is recommended over supplementing with individual vitamins and minerals. Blood tests and other tests can help with creating a more specific supplementation regimen for an athlete.

I believe most athletes should be getting between 10,000 and 15,000 IU vitamin A (from betacarotene), 500 to 1,500 mg vitamin C, 400 IU vitamin E, advanced doses of the B vitamins (including 20-30 mg of vitamin B1, B2, and B6), about 30 mg niacinamide, 150-200 mcg B12 and 800-1,000 mcg folic acid every day. In addition, research now suggests that daily doses of 2,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D are required for optimal immune, bone, and muscle health.

And don’t forget the minerals, particularly calcium (1,000-1,200 mg per day from foods and supplements), and about 400 mg or more magnesium, as well as iodine (250-300 mcg), zinc (15–20 mg), copper (1-2 mg), manganese (4-5 mg), boron (4 mg), and the trace minerals selenium (150-200 mcg), chromium (250-300 mcg), molybdenum (50 mcg) and vanadium (30-40 mcg).

 Which vitamins if any have no value to athletes?

 A: All vitamins and minerals potentially have value to athletes. The extent of the benefit of each depends on how much the athlete is getting from his or her diet and supplement regimen and how much the vitamins and minerals are being used by the athlete. So, for example, an athlete who trains outdoors would likely have different vitamin D needs than an athlete who trains indoors.

Where do you stand on the argument that all supplements have no value and that a balanced diet will achieve the same results?

A: There’s a difference between what we think athletes should be eating and what they are actually eating. And there’s a difference between the minimal nutrition that our bodies need to function and the optimal nutrition that our bodies require to perform at its best.

We know that most athletes, just like everyone else, do not always eat the healthiest diets. In general, very few athletes get nine servings or more per day of fruits and vegetables. Very few eat enough whole grains and most eat too much refined foods. Consuming enough nutrients at the right times is very important to athletes. An athlete would have to eat a lot of extra nutrient-dense foods to meet his or her nutritional needs and shakes, bars, and other supplements offer a convenient way to fill in those nutritional gaps.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) describes a nutrient intake level that meets minimal needs, but not necessarily what is optimal. Studies such as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) have demonstrated that nearly no one in the U.S., athletes included, get even the RDA of most vitamins. Imagine what that means for an athlete who is working their bodies much harder than the rest of us. Even if an athlete ate an optimal diet — which they all should try to do — it would still be very hard for them to obtain optimal levels of vitamins C, D, E, many B vitamins, or the minerals they need for health and performance. So I recommend that athletes take a high-quality supplement.

 Are specific vitamins specific to specific sports, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc.?

 A: Athletes involved in extreme endurance sports experience a higher level of oxidative stress and would likely benefit more from antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium. Iron depletion and deficiency are common in female athletes and more so in those involved in weight-dependent and aesthetic sports. Vegetarian athletes also are at increased risk for poor iron status.
Athletes in weight-dependent sports may restrict their calorie intake, making it harder to get adequate vitamins and minerals from a limited amount of food. Indoor sport athletes, or those with darker skin, are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency. Young, growing athletes, aging athletes, or athletes with a history of stress fractures may benefit from calcium and vitamin D even more than other athletes. Many athletes take glucosamine for joint health and pain, and there is convincing data to support this practice.

What is the risk posed to athletes who are not eating a balanced diet or not taking worthwhile supplements (legal vitamins)?

 A: During competitive years, the athlete who is not eating and supplementing right has an increased risk of getting sick, becoming injured and not adapting to their training as quickly. Athletes place high demands on their bodies, so the hope is that in keeping up with these demands through proper eating and supplementation habits, they can maintain a high level of performance over their lifespan.

Cumulative damage to the body from years of hard training likely catches up faster to the athletes with poor nutritional habits. Benefits of a good supplementation and nutritional program for athletes will likely be evident years after their competitive days are over. Those who have received optimal nutrients, in the long term, will have much lower risks of developing chronic degenerative diseases that are endemic to aging adults.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr. Oz Live in New York!

Don’t Miss the Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz

On February 25, 2012, the Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz will be taking over New York City’s venerable Radio City Music Hall. An amazing collection of best-selling authors, TV personalities, and health experts are joining television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz for an afternoon focused on health and happiness.

Among those famous faces sharing the Radio City stage with Dr. Oz are two members of the USANA family. New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz will be presenting alongside Dr. Oz and many of his frequent guests. This unique event puts USANA’s founder and CEO in the same company as some of today’s biggest names in health and wellness:

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz—Host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Dr. Oz Show, a well-known cardiac surgeon, author of seven New York Times best sellers, one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2008, and Forbes’ No. 3 most influential celebrity in 2011
  • Lisa Oz—Inspiring speaker and co-author of five New York Times best sellers, including You: The Owners Manual series
  • Dr. Nicholas Perricone—Dermatologist, and author of several books, including three New York Times No. 1 best sellers
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup—Speaker, author of three New York Times best sellers, and leading expert on women’s health
  • Dr. Michael Breus—Author and sleep expert who has appeared on CNN, Oprah, The View, and The Dr. Oz Show
  • Dr. Rovenia Brock—Nutritionist, award-winning health journalist, TV personality, and best-selling author
  • Montel Williams—Emmy-winning talk show host, motivational speaker, and best-selling author

This amazing slate of speakers promises to make the Health and Happiness Summit a blockbuster, once-in-a-lifetime event. With so many leading health experts, it’s a must-see for anyone interested in the pursuit of true health.

Tickets will be available soon through the Health and Happiness Summit website.

Start making your plans now to join Dr. Wentz, Dave Wentz, Dr. Oz, and an all-star roster of health experts in New York City!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

USANA Voted #1 Again - For the 12th Straight Year!

USANA Voted #1 Again!


Best Company in Network Marketing

Best Nutritional Company in Network Marketing

Best Weight Loss Company in Network Marketing

Binary Voted Best Compensation Plan in Network Marketing

Dr. Denis Waitley Voted Best Generic Trainer in Network Marketing

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elite Bonus Expands as USANA Continues to Grow

Elite Bonus Expands as USANA Continues to Grow

The Elite Bonus is exactly what it sounds like—a reward for being the very best of the very best. Now the chances you’ll find your name among those USANA elites have increased.

The number of Associates who will qualify for Elite Bonus has grown from 30 to 35. That means 35 very deserving leaders will earn a piece of the USANA global pie. Quarterly, those 35 qualified Associates will earn a share of one percent of USANA’s total Sales Volume Points earned, which usually comes in the neighborhood of around three-quarters of a million dollars.

USANA continues to grow and succeed. We firmly believe it’s imperative to share the rewards that accompany success with the people that work extra hard to make continued growth possible. Elite Bonus is just one of the many ways Associates at every level are rewarded for helping make the dream of true wealth a reality for people around the world.

Because those receiving Elite Bonus can change every quarter, there are four opportunities a year to end up in the money. But making it to elite status isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work to make it into those top spots. And for five Associates, there will be a new opportunity to earn extra income.

For more information on the changes, go to the
Elite Bonus page.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

USANA Health Sciences Breaks Company Record for Most Awards Won in One Year

News Release

USANA Health Sciences Breaks Company Record for Most Awards Won in One Year

The company has won 45 awards in 2011
SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA), a global nutritional supplements company, today announced that in the fourth quarter of 2011 they received 15 national and international awards, bringing the health company's total number of accolades won for the year to 45. USANA has more than doubled the awards they've won since 2010 and quadrupled the amount of awards won in 2009. USANA's world-class products, strong executive leadership, strategic partnerships with Olympic athletes, and innovative sales and marketing tools have demonstrated they continue to be a leader in the industry.

"USANA works hard to be the best, and it's important that our company, employees, and associates are recognized for their dedication and hard-work," said Dan Macuga, chief communications officer. "Being honored for our accomplishments is inspiring to our associates and employees, who are in turn motivated to do even more to drive sales, grow our markets and build a stronger company culture."

In this competitive industry and current economic climate, many companies struggle to find longevity. This year, USANA is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

"Each award given to USANA for outstanding work is valued and appreciated, but a handful of awards won this year stand out in particular," said Kevin Guest, president of North America. "To be recognized with such an array of reputable awards is a privilege, and we hope to beat our awards record in 2012."

2011 Notable Accolades include:

Outside Magazine Awards spotlights the 50 of the best places to work for in America from a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • Best Places to Work For in America

Utah Business Awards shines the spotlight on Utah's best companies and showcases their great leadership abilities.
  • Best Companies To Work For

PR News Awards showcase companies with the best innovative and successful communications initiatives.
  • Top Places To Work

Consumer Lab Awards identifies the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing.
  • #1 Overall Merchant for Customer Service Satisfaction
  • #1 Merchant in Direct Sales Based on Customer Satisfaction

The Best of State Awards recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah.
  • Best Dietary Supplements (7th win since 2003)
  • Best Personal Care Products/Cosmetics - Sense™ (4th win since 2007)
  • Best Health/Nutrition Beverage – Rev3 Energy™ (3rd win since 2009

The Telly Awards honors excellence in local, regional, cable TV commercials, non-broadcast video and TV programs.
  • Non-Broadcast Production History Bio (Under the Microscope)
  • Internet/Online Video (Did You Know? The Healthy Home video)
  • Internet/Online Video-Green/Eco Friendly (Did You Know? The Healthy Home video)
  • People's Telly (Did You Know? The Healthy Home video)

The Stevie Awards recognizes outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide, honoring companies of all types and sizes and the people behind them.
  • People's Choice Favorite New Media/Entertainment Product (Health and Freedom Solution)

Nutrisearch Gold Medal of Achievement Awards compares over 1,500 nutritional products in North America to an independent nutritional benchmark and test not only the nutrients included in a supplement.
  • Editors Choice (Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements)

For more information about USANA's product and company, visit www.usana.com.

About USANA: USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritionals, personal care, energy and weight management products that are sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Additionally, USANA's wholly-owned subsidiary, BabyCare, Ltd., operates a direct selling business in China. Learn more at our website (www.USANA.com), read our blog (www.whatsupUSANA.com), like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/USANAhealthsciences), or follow us on Twitter (@USANAinc).

Media Contact: Ashley Collins
Executive Director of Marketing, PR, and Social Media
USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
(801) 954-7280
ashley.collins (at) us.usana.com
SOURCE USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Excuse Busters

Excuse Busters

– Author(s) Unknown

Most of us have no problem coming up with perfectly valid reasons for not taking action. Our excuses may temporarily make us feel better, yet they do not bring any value to life. Excuses do not pay the bills, they do not solve problems, they just allow us to justify not taking action.

We will look at a long list of excuses, of reasons not to take action, and turn them on their head. For every excuse, a compelling answer is offered to counteract it. The result is a list of powerful reasons for taking action now.

What would other people think?

Are you afraid of looking foolish for some reason? Why? You know what you need to do, and you’re committed to doing it. Don’t worry about looking foolish. What will really make you look foolish is if you just sit around making excuses. An honest effort is nothing to be ashamed of. What other people think is their problem, not yours. Let them think what they will. It doesn’t matter. Do what needs to be done. Get on with it.

It’s uncomfortable

Sure it is uncomfortable to take action. But what is so great about comfort? Are you committed to comfort or to accomplishment? A cow grazing in a pasture is comfortable. You are capable of much more. You have possibilities to be explored, and to explore them you’ll need to get your hands dirty. But a little discomfort right now is much less painful than the regret you’ll eventually feel if you don’t ever take action. Discomfort can eventually be overcome, but regret will never go away. Get up out of your comfort zone and start making a difference.

I’ll never be as good as ____

The only person you should compare yourself against is yourself. Your obligation is to do your very best. Don’t worry about how that compares to someone else. Just do it. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own special contribution to make. You’ll only discover yours by taking action.  If you decide in advance that you’ll never be as good as so-and-so, then you forgo the opportunity to find your own unique skills. Winners refuse to even acknowledge the competition, by blazing new trails. Comparing yourself to others will only bring you down. Set off in your own unique direction.  Get into action make it happen.

It’s too complicated

Often a new task can appear complicated because you’re not familiar with it. Once you dive in, once you get a little experience, you’ll get the hang of it. Think of all the things you’ve learned in your life. You’re good at learning, and the best way to learn is to start taking action. Whatever you see as too complicated, there’s something about it that you can understand.  Use that as your starting point. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s how you learn. There’s no reason to be ashamed about not knowing something. Everyone had to learn it at some point in time. Now is your time to learn. Dive right in, take on the challenge, take action, learn, grow and you’ll accomplish things you never thought possible.

It will take too long            
Then you better get started as soon as possible. It will take even longer if you sit around bemoaning the fact that it will take too long. Great accomplishments take time and effort. And the most fulfilling part of any accomplishment is not in finishing it, but in doing it. The journey is the reward, so be thankful that you’ll be rewarded over a long period of time.  If the end result suddenly appeared out of thin air, with no effort on your part, of what value would it be? If it will take a long time, then it will be valuable and worthwhile. So by all means get started as soon as possible. Start making it happen and enjoy the long, fulfilling journey.

No one will care whether I do it or not

That’s not true. You will care, and you are someone. The world is not anxious to hand success to you on a silver platter. If no one cares about you, it is probably because you don’t care enough about anyone else (or yourself for that matter) to do what it takes to make a life of accomplishment for yourself. If you start taking focused, directed action toward your goals, you can be sure that people will start to take notice.  The world is indeed indifferent to those who sit around and make excuses.  If that’s all you do, you’re right—no one will care. But if you stand up, step forward and take action, you’ll be amazed at how many people are waiting to cheer you on. What are you waiting for? Get busy and you’ll get noticed.

I Could Never Be Successful

Why not? What do you mean, “I could never”? Of course you could. You could indeed. If it can be done, you can do it. You’ve got to want it, of course.  And if you want it enough, you’ll do it. “I could never” is usually said wistfully, meaning “I wish I could, but I can’t.” That’s preposterous. You can if you really want to. Free yourself from your own limitations. What do you want to do? What will fulfill the enormous potential of your life?  Certainly not hiding behind “I could never.” You are capable of truly extraordinary accomplishments. You can do whatever you decide you’re going to do. You can find a way. Have the courage to live your possibilities.

I’m overwhelmed

Sometimes you’re just so overwhelmed, you feel like throwing up your hands or crawling into a hole and curling up in the fetal position. WRONG! That’s exactly what you must not do. When you’re overwhelmed, that’s all the more reason to start taking the actions that will rectify your situation. When you’re overwhelmed is when you’re the most frustrated and the most motivated. Now is your chance to really take action with dedication and commitment. Don’t blow the opportunity. The frustration you feel is good, solid positive energy waiting to be released. If it is not released in a positive direction, there is a very big danger that it will become destructive energy. Use that frustration to your advantage. You’re overwhelmed? GREAT! Do something about it right now. Quit complaining and start taking positive action. If you’re overwhelmed it means that there are plenty of things which can be done, things which will most likely make a difference very quickly. Pick something and start doing it right now. As soon as you get busy your frustration will start pushing you forward.

I don’t deserve to succeed                 
You are just as good, just as worthy, just as valuable as anyone. No one can intimidate you, no matter what kind of car they drive, or what their business card says, or how big their house is, or how big their factory is.  No one is better than you. You are the best there is. Inside you is the potential to do, or be, or have anything you desire. No one has more than that. Some may have progressed farther down the path at this moment, but that doesn’t make them any better than you. If you start to take action right now, you will be working your way down that same path. No matter what anyone says, or does, no matter what your situation—personal, financial, social or otherwise—you can choose to live your life in your own way.  And there is no greater success than that. But you must be the one to achieve your success. Though no one can hold you back if you’re determined enough, by the same token no one can do it for you. You’ve got to step up to the challenge, believe in yourself, and do what it takes. Right now is a great time to start. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Do whatever needs to be done to make it happen.

It’s too hard

Anything worth having, or doing, or being, requires effort. What if you could have whatever you wanted, again and again, just by snapping your fingers? And what if everyone else could, as well? How much would you value and appreciate the things you had? What would you do with your life, if there was no need for effort? Where would you find meaning, what would give you satisfaction?  The value of effort is not only in what it produces, but also in what it demands of you. The greatest opportunity in life is not for a free ride. The greatest opportunity is to be fully challenged, and to meet challenge with effective effort. The things we value are the things to which, and for which, we give of ourselves. There is no way around that.  Some of the hardest working people are those who are wealthy enough that they don’t need the money. However, they do need the effort, and the accomplishment, and the challenge. We all do. Without it, life is shallow and empty. Make the effort. Do it now. Start today to meet the challenge.

I’m too tired

What are you tired of? Doing nothing can be just as tiring as taking action. If you’re physically tired, then go to bed and get a good night’s rest. Then get up in the morning and get started. Whatever you do today, you’ll be tired tonight. You can be tired after a day of effective effort and accomplishment, or you can be tired after a day of getting nowhere. The choice is yours. If you’re going to be tired anyway, it makes sense to get something out of it. To put forth your best effort, to move in the direction of your goals, to make a difference, to make a life of excellence for yourself and the world around you. Take action toward an exciting goal, and instead of being tired you’ll be exhilarated.

It won’t matter anyway

What you do, matters. You can make a difference if you choose to do so. If there’s something that needs to be done, doing it will make a difference.  You know that. Thinking that is won’t matter is just a petty rationalization. Of course it matters. If it doesn’t then find something else that does. You are a creative, effective person who is full of possibilities. The job at hand may not be the most important thing in the history of the world, but if it gets you into action, then it matters very much. Because no matter how small the effort or consequence, it is a start.  It revs up the momentum of the intelligent, creative, productive person that you are. And once you get going, there’s no telling how much you can accomplish. It all starts with taking action. Don’t hide behind the thinking that it won’t matter. Jump in and get started. It does matter. Do it now.

It’s no fun                   
How do you know if you haven’t even started it yet? Most things are precisely as enjoyable as we make them. Is making excuses fun? Look at what you need to do, and realize that it is an exciting opportunity to make a difference. Sure, there are probably tedious parts to the job. But look beyond those. Look all the way to the end. Look at what you will be accomplishing. It will probably be a lot more fun than you imagine. Just get started and you’ll see.

I’m afraid I would fail

You never fail—you always succeed in producing results. If you don’t like the results you are producing, then you can learn from your mistakes and change your strategy. By taking action, you will not fail. In fact, the only way to fail is to not take action. By taking action you always achieve a result. The result could very well be the achievement of your goal, or it could be a learning experience that will eventually bring you to the goal you desire. But you never fail. After Thomas Edison had tried 9,999 times to perfect the light bulb, and had not succeeded, someone asked him if he was going to have 10,000 failures. Edison replied that he had not failed— that he had just discovered another way not to invent the electric light.  Failure is simply not an option. Everything you do has a result and eventually those results will lead you to the achievement of whatever you desire.

I’m not committed to this

Then why are you even considering it? If it’s something you know you need to do, then think about why. Find a reason that is meaningful and compelling to you, why you must take action. You may not be committed to this particular action, yet you need to do it because of something else to which you’re committed. Remind yourself of what that is. Remind yourself of why it is important. Get committed and do it, or move on to something else right now.

I’ll do it as soon as I get back on my feet

Taking positive action toward your goals is precisely what will GET you back on your feet. If you wait for conditions to be perfect, that time will never come. Even if you could somehow get things perfect before taking action, problems and obstacles would come along soon after you started anyway, so why bother waiting. If something needs to be done, waiting will only make your situation worse. Yes, there are problems to deal with.  That’s part of the challenge. Just step right in and start to work on the first problem. When that’s solved, get busy on the next problem. Suddenly you’ll be making progress—infinitely more progress than if you waited for things to be perfect before starting. Stop waiting for things to be perfect. Start now. Get going. It’s the best thing you can do.

I’m too busy

What are you accomplishing with all that busy-ness? Simply being “busy” gets you nowhere. Stop being busy, evaluate your priorities, and start taking focused, directed action. Anyone can be busy, but so what?  Accomplish requires more than just burning up time. Accomplishment demands action and results. Stop being busy and start doing something today.

I can’t decide               
If you are having trouble deciding on a course of action, then there’s probably not all that much difference between the various choices. Evaluate them all objectively and sincerely. Project each choice into the future. If you still cannot decide which course of action would be best, just choose one. You can always make adjustments along the way. Going forward is much better than being paralyzed by the inability to make a decision. The optimal decision is the one that gets you where you want to go, and for that to happen you must pick one and make it work.

I can always do it later

Yes, that’s right. You can always do it later. And when it’s later, you’ll probably say the same thing. Nothing gets done by putting it off until later. The fact is, you are alive and making decisions right now. Right now is the period of time over which you have control. Right now is the time that’s available for you to take action. Action that is not taken now, doesn’t get taken. As you’re reading this, try to do something next week.  Really put out all the effort you can to get something done next week. Were you able to do it? Of course not. Because next week isn’t here, and it never will be. It is always now, and now is the time to act. Do it now and it will get done.

I’ve already tried

Trying is not enough. The only way to accomplish something is to do it, to do whatever it takes, to keep making the effort until the goal is reached.  If at first you don’t succeed, you’ve still learned something valuable about how to proceed. If you’ve already tried, that’s fine. Keep going.  Make use of that experience. You’ve got a valuable perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Stop trying and start taking whatever action is necessary to reach the goal. Learn from the mistakes and disappointments.  Keep going. Start right now to really make it happen.

I don’t know where to start

There is always something you can do, some step that will start to move you in the direction of your goal. Envision the ultimate goal, and work backwards, step by step, until you arrive at something that can be done right now. Then do it. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take that step right now, and then the next one. Repeat until done.

Why not?

Whatever you wish to accomplish, there’s no reason why you cannot start right now. When you’re truly committed to reaching your goal, there will always be something that can be done right away, to get started. Action will get you where you want to go. Excuses will hold you back. The choice is yours. What are you waiting for?

NOTE: There are absolutely no REASONS why anyone can’t succeed in building a successful network marketing business, only EXCUSES. The next time one of your team members tells you why they can’t succeed, hand them this list of Excuse Busters.          

“Everybody stumbles across a golden opportunity at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately most people just pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and walk away from it.”  -- Winston Churchill


USANA RESET - Keep Up the Momentum as You Transform and Maintain

Keep Up the Momentum as You Transform and Maintain

Congratulations on completing the 5-Day RESET™ week! You’ve jumpstarted your healthy eating habits and are most likely feeling healthier and more motivated than ever. Be sure to keep that momentum going as you head into the Transform Phase, where you can really break it down.

For the next 12 weeks replace two meals with Nutrimeal™ shakes, eat one Nutrition Bar for a snack, eat one low-glycemic meal, and an additional low-glycemic snack. Feel free to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and low-fat proteins, but stay away from high-glycemic foods like pasta, bread, sugar, rice, and potatoes.

Right now it is critical that you begin a moderate, consistent exercise program. This will not only speed up weight loss, but will help build muscle mass, raise your metabolism, and reduce stress and depression, which can contribute to overeating.

Try to squeeze in extra exercise whenever possible. Park at the far end of the parking lot, take the stairs, join a walking group, and schedule workouts. Use your USANA pedometer (Item #754) to keep track of your steps, and gradually work your way up to 10,000 steps a day.

Move Into the Maintain Phase

Once you have reached your weight-loss goal it’s time to move into the Maintain Phase, where you will establish a healthy regimen to maintain your ideal weight for life. In this phase you will replace one meal with a Nutrimeal shake, eat one Nutrition Bar for a snack, eat two healthy, low-glycemic meals, and one additional snack.

This is more than just a quick-fix diet—it is a lifestyle change, and the results will speak for themselves. Once you’ve experienced the transforming power of RESET, you can’t help but share it with others. In fact, it could become one of the main building blocks of your business.

Learn more about hosting your own RESET Challenge.

“The RESET program will always be a part of my life. I love it because it's simple, it's delicious, and it works. It taught me the importance of eating often and eating well, and I can stick to it even when my schedule is crazy. In fact, the busier I get, the more I love RESET.”

—USANA Associate Ann Wolter (lost 62 pounds in 9 months)

*It is suggested that you take these products to your physician and secure his or her advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregnant, lactating, have allergies, are taking medications, or are under the care of a physician. The components of the USANA RESET 5-Day Kit are FOODS, not DRUGS.

As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss results. Results will vary.

† Results not typical. The average weight loss with RESET is 4.5–5 lb. in five days.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kick Those Cravings to the Curb During RESET™

Kick Those Cravings to the Curb During RESET™

Associates around the world are banding together for a healthy cause—that’s right, RESET week is finally upon us. Now is the time to jumpstart healthy eating habits and finally reach your weight-loss goals.

This is about more than just New Year’s resolutions; that extra weight you’ve been carrying around can do more harm than you think. It’s time to kick those cravings to the curb—those high-glycemic cravings that drive you to eat the stuff you shouldn’t—and find the healthier, happier you.*

Right now you can probably feel the Nutrimeal™ and Nutrition Bars working their magic. The low-glycemic ingredients help control your carbohydrate cravings so you can make a clean break from unhealthy eating habits.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to get on the path to healthy living. Join the team and start your RESET week now. To ensure success, be sure to use your support network. Visit the “Prospecting” tab for guidelines on how to host your own RESET challenge. The January edition of LifeMasters also offers an exclusive RESET audio track with tips and facts about the revolutionary weight-management program. You can also pick up some pointers, workouts, and recipes from What’s Up, USANA?.

Gear Up for the Transform Phase

After you have completed the Jumpstart Phase (RESET week), continuing on with the Transform Phase is crucial for success. This is where you really kick it up and transform your body to achieve your ideal weight. And to help you gear up, USANA is offering a special from January 3–13, with over $70 of savings. Order your Transform Kit (Item #913) and stock up on your favorite USANA foods so you can keep up with the new you.
Transform Kit includes:

•1 Essentials™
•1 BiOmega™
•1 Box Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars
•1 Box Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bars
•2 French Vanilla Nutrimeal™
•2 Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal
•2 Wild Strawberry Nutrimeal

 Lose the cravings. Lose the weight. And get ready to fuel your fit!

“I am very happy with my experience with the RESET program, and the Transform and Maintain phases as well. I would recommend this program to others who need help controlling their cravings, as I did!”  — USANA Associate Paige Lloyd (lost 15 pounds in 2 months)†

*It is suggested that you take these products to your physician and secure his or her advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregnant, lactating, have allergies, are taking medications, or are under the care of a physician. The components of the USANA RESET 5-Day Kit are FOODS, not DRUGS.

As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss results. Results will vary.

 † Results not typical. The average weight loss with RESET is 4.5–5 lb. in five days.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Olympians Lindsey Jacobellis and Nolan Kasper to Join USANA as Brand Ambassadors

Olympians Lindsey Jacobellis and Nolan Kasper to Join USANA as Brand Ambassadors

USANA is the Official Health Supplement Supplier of the USSA

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA), a global nutritional supplements company, today announced Olympic Pro Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis and Alpine Skier Nolan Kasper as its newest brand ambassadors. Both athletes are members of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), who USANA announced a partnership with last August.

Arguably the most dominant snowboardcross rider in the business, Jacobellis secured the title of winningest female in Winter X Games history after securing her fourth consecutive gold medal during the 2011 trial. She also holds three World Cup wins, a silver medal from the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, and most recently, the Telluride FIS Snowboard World Cup title to become the only American to take first in the tournament.

"My demanding training schedule really taxes my body, so I'm excited to be partnering with a nutritional company I can trust to safely and effectively replenish my strength and health," said Jacobellis. "USANA understands that every person has different health needs so they've really focused on providing personalized nutrition. I love that I can choose which vitamins and nutritional products will help me perform at my personal best."

During the 2011 season, Kasper won the Europa Cup slalom title to take his first World Cup podium, and finished the season 17th in slalom after beginning the winter with a ranking of 56th.

"USANA makes products that work and fit every lifestyle which is extremely important for an athlete like myself," said Kasper. "I'm grateful USANA has chosen to partner with the USSA. I wouldn't trust my health to any other company and look forward to working with them."

As USANA brand ambassadors, Jacobellis and Kasper will represent the company publicly and help to educate consumers about the value and importance of using supplements that are safe, effective and manufactured to the highest quality.

For more information about USANA's product and company, visit www.usana.com.

About USANA: USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high‐quality nutritionals, personal care, energy and weight management products that are sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Learn more at our website (www.usana.com), read our blog (www.whatsupusana.com), like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/usanahealthsciences), or follow us on Twitter(@usanainc)

Media Contact: Ashley Collins
 Executive Director of Marketing, PR, and Social Media
 USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
 (801) 954-7280

SOURCE USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

USANA Top Performers in 2011

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition – Top Performers in 2011

Top Income Earners

1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US, 
2, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US, 
3, Richard Cameron, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
4, Robert Shehan, El Paso, TX, US, 
5, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US, 
6, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
7, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US, 
8, Lyle Pierce, Hayes, VA, US, 
9, John Chan, Doylestown, PA, US, 
10, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US, 
11, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US, 
12, Thomas Madison, Alexandria, VA, US, 
13, Pauline Puzynska, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
14, Dr. Chuck Misja, Hudson, OH, US, 
15, Cynthia Inman, Chesterbrook, PA, US, 
16, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US, 
17, Sandra Wilson, Carrboro, NC, US, 
18, Kristina Thorpe, Redmond, WA, US, 
19, Sherri Devers, Canon City, CO, US, 
20, James Rovegno, Chautauqua, NY, US, 
21, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US, 
22, Sandy McDonald, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
23, John Mansfield, Kirkland, WA, US, 
24, Kingsley Hallerdin, Sarasota, FL, US, 
25, Loa Crumb, Stoney Creek, ON, CA, 
Top Sponsors – Associates

12, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US,
10, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US, 
8, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US, 
7, Richard Cameron, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
6, Carol Sullivan, Las Cruces, NM, US, 
5, Glenn Flynn, Riverhead, NY, US, 
4, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US, 
4, Julianne Koritz, Highland Beach, FL, US, 
4, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US, 
3, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
3, Greg Guyatt, Waterloo, ON, CA, 
2, Michelle Baranowski, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
2, Cody Blair, Las Cruces, NM, US, 
2, Nancy Doyle, Dundas, ON, CA, 
2, Patrick Freeman, El Paso, TX, US, 
2, Linda Murphy, Grimsby, ON, CA, 
2, Pauline Puzynska, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
2, Joseph Schwalm, Elizabethtown, PA, US, 
2, Brenda Sexton, Durham, NC, US, 
2, Anita Trahan, Vernon Rockville, CT, US, 

Top Sponsors – Preferred Customers

41, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US, 
32, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US, 
25, David Gabriele, Etobicoke, ON, CA, 
25, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US, 
22, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US, 
16, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US, 
15, Joy Sharpe, Dundas, ON, CA, 
14, Julianne Koritz, Highland Beach, FL, US, 
14, Humberto Troncoso, Santa Teresa, NM, US, 
11, Roger Allen, El Paso, TX, US, 
11, Alex Lopez, Roswell, NM, US, 
11, Kevin Murphy, Grimsby, ON, CA, 
10, Joe Garcia, El Paso, TX, US, 
10, Kyle Hoffman, Hattiesburg, MS, US, 
10, Linda Ortiz, El Paso, TX, US, 
9, Judy Adams, Portland, TX, US, 
9, Jeanie Anaya, Tucson, AZ, US, 
9, Caryl Gordon, Plano, TX, US, 
9, Deborah Grace, New Rochelle, NY, US, 
8, Patrick Freeman, El Paso, TX, US, 
8, Debbie Long, Smithville, ON, CA, 
7, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
7, Carmen Correa, El Paso, TX, US, 
7, Norma Jaquez, El Paso, TX, US, 
7, Stephanie Porvaznik, El Paso, TX, US, 
6, Betty Charles, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
6, Christopher Fay, Washington, DC, US, 
6, Greg Guyatt, Waterloo, ON, CA, 
6, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US, 
6, Sonia Marshall, New Rochelle, NY, US, 
6, Susan Myers, Culpeper, VA, US, 
6, Edward O'Mara, Wayne, PA, US, 
6, Anita Trahan, Vernon Rockville, CT, US, 
6, Michael Wagstaffe, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
5, Shawn Baranowski, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
5, Sophie Culver, Silver City, NM, US, 
5, Cynthia Inman, Chesterbrook, PA, US, 
5, Dawn Jachter, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
5, Josue Ostos, El Paso, TX, US, 
5, Carol Sullivan, Las Cruces, NM, US, 
5, Liza Tuck, New Rochelle, NY, US, 
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