Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Answer

The Answer

The main reason why most people never join a network marketing company, and the main reason why many people fail in network marketing is simple:

They don’t understand how they can make money.

Problem solved:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Four Steps To Network Marketing Success

The Four Steps

- by Pete Zdanis

There are four simple steps to building a network marketing business.

Not three, not five, not eight.


The four steps to network marketing success are:

. Approaching
. Inviting
. Presenting/Closing
. Following Up

All four steps must be followed, in order, every time with every prospect, to insure success. No exceptions!


Approaching is the first step, and is simply engaging the prospect, asking open-ended questions (which require more than a “yes” or “no” answer) to find out what is important to them, and determining if you can provide a solution to one or more of their needs or concerns with your business and products.

In other words, find out what the prospect needs, wants, or doesn’t want in their life, and then decide whether your business and/or products can address one or more of those issues.

No mention is made of your business or products during this step. You are only gathering information, not sharing it.

Never approach someone with the goal of enrolling them as a business partner or customer. Remember that building a network marketing business is not about you. It is all about your prospect.


Inviting is the second step. If you determine that your products, or business, or both, can benefit your prospect, ask them if they would be willing to take a look at what you have to offer.

Simpler, as always, is better. Straight forward questions such as: “I understand that you are concerned about accumulating enough savings to pay for your four daughters’ college educations within the next 10 years. I know of something which may well be the solution to your problem. Would you be willing to take a look at it?” 

Remember, you never invite before you approach. Many people make this mistake, which is a common cause of rejection by prospects. You wouldn’t invite someone to join you for dinner if they had just eaten, would you? Then don’t invite them to take a look at your products or business unless and until you know that what you have to offer them is something that they may be “hungry” for.


Presenting/Closing is the third step and is nothing more than sharing the appropriate (based on what is important to them) information with the prospect, and then asking them if they would like to purchase the products, and/or get involved in the business, etc.

A presentation can be anything from a formal structured one-on-one or group presentation, to sharing business tools (brochures, CDs, DVDs, etc.) provided by your company, or sending information or sharing videos with them online.

Closing is equally as important as Presenting, but is often overlooked, avoided, or not done very well by many network marketers.

Presenting and Closing are combined into one step because the reality is that, unless any Presentation has a Closing, everything is left dangling with either no conclusion (i.e., a signup), or no agreement on what will happen next and who will do it.

Many people are uncomfortable with Closing because they feel that they are being “pushy” or acting like a “salesperson”. That doesn’t need to be the case.

A simple, non-threatening question such as: “Is there any reason you can’t get started today?” is often all you need to ask any prospect.

After you ask the question, be quiet, listen, and wait for their answer. Many prospectors make the mistake of talking too much and not allowing the prospect to answer the question.

If your prospect tells you that they are ready to get started, congratulations! You’ve managed to help change someone’s life in only three steps!

Most people however, will not sign up immediately. The most common reasons are that they have some questions or concerns that need to be addressed, they may need to discuss the matter with a spouse or significant other, they may not have the necessary funds to get started right away, etc.

That’s ok. Not a problem.

Let’s lump all these items together into one category called “Objections”.

Just ask your prospect to specifically tell you what their objection(s) is are, agree on who needs to address each objection, what needs to be done, and when it will be done, and confirm with the prospect..

For example: “Jack, I understand that you need to wait until you get paid next Friday before you will be able to sign up. Is that correct?

Once you have done that for each objection, you will be ready for the fourth and final step….

Following Up

If you have completely addressed all objections as described above, the fourth step, Follow Up, is easy, but critical nonetheless.

It is often said that “The fortune is in the follow up”, and truer words were never spoken.

Common reasons why some network marketers fail to follow up include being disorganized, lazy, or they are reluctant because they don’t want to “pester” a prospect.

If you have done a proper closing, you will not be a pest to your prospects. In fact they will be expecting to hear from you since you have agreed on what will happen next and when it will happen.
At this point, the ball is in your court.

If you fail to follow up, you will not only be hurting your business, but you will also be denying your prospect the opportunity to significantly improve their life with your support.

So, be responsible and do the right things when you need to do them.


The four steps to network marketing success are:

. Approaching
. Inviting
. Presenting/Closing
. Following Up

All four steps must be followed, in order, every time with every prospect, to insure success.

No exceptions!

It is also important to know that these four steps can and should be used with ALL types of prospects – Friends, family members, fellow employees, casual acquaintances, people you meet throughout your daily life, cold market, warm market, purchased leads, etc., etc., etc.

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Keep Up On the Latest with USANA Texting

Keep Up On the Latest with USANA Texting--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There was once a time when a good stew took days to cook, a visit to a friend took a fortnight or two, a letter took weeks to deliver, and a voyage across the sea could take months. Life moved at a nice, relaxing pace.

But things have changed. Food is fast, messaging is instant, mail is delivered next day, information can be shared instantaneously, and you can travel around the world in a mere two days. Gone are the days of snail mail, yesterday’s news, and waiting in line. These days, everything is available at the click of a button.

This is why we are gearing up for USANA texting—an easier, faster way to keep up with USANA news, which will be available soon. With USANA texting, you will receive instant notification, so you can be the first to know. These messages will keep you up-to-date on announcements, account updates, sales, and more.

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Everything these days is instant, so get with the times. Opt-in for texting today and keep up with all the latest and greatest USANA news!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

USANA Names New V. P. of Marketing

Welcome to Doug Braun and Congratulations to Dan Macuga 

We at the USANA Home Office are celebrating another fantastic year—thanks to all of you—and are already focused on some incredible plans for our 20th anniversary in 2012 and beyond.

The USANA Family has some major opportunities ahead with our three new markets, expansion efforts in China, and several groundbreaking announcements you’ll learn about in the coming year. To continue positioning USANA for strong future growth, we have made an exciting addition to our management team and have also established a new corporate officer.

First, I am very pleased to announce that Douglas Braun has joined the management team as USANA's new vice president of marketing.

Doug has more than 20 years of direct selling experience, most recently as president of Nikken, where he was responsible for business development and global sales and marketing. Prior to Nikken, Doug served as the senior vice president of global distributor marketing at Herbalife, where he executed strategies for relationship marketing, promotional collateral, training, and retention. We believe Doug’s strong direct sales background and experience in global marketing will make him a valuable addition to our management team.

I also want to offer my wholehearted congratulations to Dan Macuga, who has been promoted to USANA’s chief communications officer.

Dan will continue to work with his award-winning teams to ensure USANA’s brand and reputation are well represented to all stakeholders, including Associates, customers, prospects, employees, press, and the public.

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Doug to the USANA Family and congratulating Dan on his new position. We look forward to both of their contributions to what will be an incredible 20th anniversary year.


Kevin Guest

President, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Make A Difference This Season For A Child In Need

Make A Difference This Season For A Child In Need

The holidays are just around the corner and most likely you’ve got everything in place—cookies in the oven, presents under the tree, mistletoe in the doorway, and stockings hung by the chimney. But before all the gift giving takes place, you have a chance to give to someone who is truly in need.

Millions of children around the world are hoping for more than just toys for the holidays. For some it will be just another day—without presents and without food. But, thanks to the Children’s Hunger Fund, we can change that.

The CHF catalog contains a menu of ways you can serve a child. The word “menu” can also be read “me ‘n’ you,” indicating that this gift is between you and a child in need. Browse through the gift catalog, located on the CHF website at, to order food, clothes, school supplies, orphan care, and other life-sustaining gifts.

Whether big or small, each donation makes a huge difference! For as little as $5, you can feed 100 children one meal; or for $24, you can feed an entire family for a month.

There is no greater wealth than giving, so don’t wait—donate today and you can be the difference between hope and despair for a needy child this season.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

USANA: Multivitamin Supplementation and Its Effect on Improvements in Mood and Stress

Multivitamin Supplementation and Its Effect on Improvements in Mood and Stress

At a Glance:

A study of healthy older men shows a correlation between multivitamin use and beneficial effects on mood and decreased stress

Read more about this research below.
Previous research has shown a correlation between deficiencies in certain micronutrients, such as vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin D, zinc, and selenium, and negative mood symptoms, anxiety, and depression. Because these micronutrients are found in most common multivitamin formulas it would make sense that a multivitamin might be able to help prevent some of these problems.

A study performed by the National Institute of Complementary Medicine investigated this relationship in older men. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial comprised of fifty men between the ages of 50-69. The trial took place over an 8 week period and each of the subjects in the test group was given a daily supplement that contained vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. Both the placebo and control group were given a series of stress and mood questionnaires before and after the 8 week supplementation period in order to assess the effectiveness of multivitamins on mood on stress.

In comparison with the placebo group, the control group showed a significant reduction on an anxiety and stress scale, an improvement in alertness, and an improvement in general daily function. While this study only looked at healthy older men, the researchers believe that the results are relevant to all older people. They also cite evidence found in previous research that led them to believe that these results could be applicable to a much wider population. Furthermore, this study only looked at the chronic effects of multivitamins over the period of several weeks; others have observed that acute mood improvements can also take place. The conclusion of the study was that a multivitamin, mineral, and herbal formula taken daily may improve alertness, aid in reducing negative mood symptoms, and may also help increase feelings of general well-being.
E Harris, J Kirk, R Roswell, et al. The effect of multivitamin supplementation on mood and stress in healthy older men. Human Psychopharmacology. 2011. DOI: 10.1002/hup

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition - Week Ending 12/02/11

Zdanis USANA Power Team Recognition - Week Ending 12/02/11

New Team Members
Liza Aguirre, El Paso, TX, US,
Nathaniel Flynn, Riverhead, NY, US, 
Benedetto Gentile, Bronx, NY, US, 
Richard Lewis, Staten Island, NY, US, 
Title Advancements
Deborah Grace, New Rochelle, NY, US - SHARER 
Top Income Earners
1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US,
2, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US, 
3, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US, 
4, Richard Cameron, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
5, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US, 
6, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US, 
7, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US, 
8, Chuck Misja, Hudson, OH, US, 
8, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US, 
8, Cynthia Inman, Chesterbrook, PA, US, 
9, Mike Grice, Hamilton, ON, CA, 
9, Lyle Pierce, Hayes, VA, US, 
9, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US, 
9, Ruth Kohake, Yonkers, NY, US, 
9, Patricia Sharp, Sarasota, FL, US, 
9, Sandy Wilson, Carrboro, NC, US, 
9, Kingsley Hallerdin, Sarasota, FL, US, 
10, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US, 
Top Sponsors – Associates
1, Glenn Flynn, Riverhead, NY, US,
1, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Pat Sama, White Plains, NY, US, 
1, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US, 
Top Sponsors – Preferred Customers

3, Deborah Grace, New Rochelle, NY, US, 
1, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Judy Adams, Portland, TX, US, 
1, James Edgeworth II, Casper, WY, US, 
1, Joe Garcia, El Paso, TX, US, 
1, Richard Lewis, Staten Island, NY, US, 
1, Alex Lopez, Roswell, NM, US, 
1, Edward O'Mara, Wayne, PA, US, 
1, Wendy Ordway, Saratoga Springs, NY, US, 
1, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US, 
1, Keith Sexton, Sandy Springs, GA, US, 
1, Lydia Totoro, Dobbs Ferry, NY, US, 
1, Camilla Warren, Federal Way, WA, US, 
1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Chester Springs, PA, US, 
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