Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Get Smart with CopaPrime+

Here's a Smart Idea
Your life moves at an extraordinary speed. You’re constantly being asked to do more with less time. From managing a busy household to the demands of work, you’re pulled in countless directions every day.
But what if you could concentrate more effectively? USANA CopaPrime+™ assists with focus, constructing and recalling memories, and maximizing your mental efficiency. This new brain-support supplement, formulated with American ginseng and the InCelligence Cognitive-Support Complex, utilizes naturally sourced nootropics to promote brain health and neuroplasticity.*
As we age, it’s natural for mental retention to decline. CopaPrime+ provides targeted nutrition to your brain. Taken twice a day, CopaPrime+ assists memory retention and recall, offers neuroprotective benefits, while also supporting focus and information learning and processing.*
USANA CopaPrime+, our newly advanced cognitive support supplement, will replace Ginkgo-PS™. Be sure to adjust your Auto Order to reflect this change.*
Get focused and be ready to take on the world with CopaPrime+. Learn more by visiting Ask the Scientists. Go to the Share USANA Media Center to download tools to help train your team. And add CopaPrime+ to your Auto Order.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Keep Learning to Keep Growing

If there’s one trait USANA Associates around the world share, it’s—as a group—you’re obsessed with improvement. Whether you’re improving your own health or striving to build a business helping others, new Associates quickly learn the only way growth is possible is through consistent effort.
And based on how USANA has grown over the years, success isn’t driven by chance or luck. If you’re just starting out or you’ve been with USANA from the beginning, we continuously strive to help you grow and reach new heights. Here’s a quick reminder of some of the resources available to you, along with other helpful tips to enhance your success. Be Familiar with USANA Products We encourage new Associates to write down their “why?” for starting a USANA business and their motivation to keep going. This may seem a little odd, but it’s for good reason. As a USANA Associate, you aren’t just selling our products—you are a product of the products. Establish the habit of getting to know our USANA products. And make sure to take yours regularly, as directed. Study the product resources in your Welcome Kit and reference Ask the Scientists for additional technical information. This way, you can both answer questions and give a personal testimonial about your favorite USANA products. Engage with the USANA Community Being part of USANA means being part of a community. You have your immediate team as well as people from all around the world who share in your goal to build a successful business to change lives. This community is your cheerleader in good times, your sounding board when things aren’t going as expected, and your inspiration to keep innovating your business. You can engage with your USANA community in various, extremely valuable ways. USANA events put you face-to-face to network with like-minded Associates (not to mention the great trainings). Events are held all around the globe throughout the year. Visit the Contests & Events page for upcoming events in your market. Market Facebook pages are a great way to get market-specific news and announcements, as well as connect with other local Associates. Keep an Eye on Reporting Tracking your progress is the best way to know if your effort is paying off and where you can improve. As a USANA Associate, our Free Volume Report gives you basic reporting access. To take your reporting to the next level, our Business Accelerator Suite provides you both Team Manager and Customer Connect. These tools give you the most up-to-date team reports. They also help you organize your contacts and connect with them via a plan designed to introduce, interest, and ultimately convert them as USANA customers. And you can even take advantage of these tools from your Apple or Android devices with the Customer Connect and Mobile Hub apps. Both apps are available in your device’s platform-specific app store. Take Advantage of Contests and Incentives As if USANA’s Compensation Plan wasn’t enough, another great motivator to grow your business is our exciting contests and incentives. Every year, you have the chance to qualify for reward trips that can take you around the globe with other Associates and USANA leadership. These trips are not only a great opportunity to travel and experience other cultures, they’re also packed with invaluable training and networking opportunities. Visit our Contests & Events page for information about incentive trips in your market. Optimize Your Social Media Presence Social media is one of your greatest tools. The way you present yourself on social media goes a long way to help you share the USANA products you love, taking your business to a new level. Presenting yourself as authentic and professional helps you stand out in the crowded social media landscape. And because social media trends and consumption are always evolving, you, too, need to be ready to keep up. Every two to three weeks, take an analytical look at your business-related posts. How many did you make? How did they perform? And—most importantly—how can they improve? If you need help getting started, our social media guides are an excellent resource to teach you the fundamentals—find them on The Hub. USANA

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

USANA Rank Advancement News

From Sharer to Diamond, awesome upgrades to rank advancement are coming soon. As of the Saturday, August 17 commission week, every member of your team will earn sweet new gifts when they reach their next rank.
This announcement will also go live on The Hub on Monday, August 19. Visit the landing page on this date for more information—and get prepared to share the exciting news!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Activity Matters Most

by Michael S. Clouse

Surveys have always fascinated me... Ask a few hundred people how they feel about this or that, and you can presumably understand the mindset of an entire nation! Indeed, polls are conducted daily to determine how we feel about politics, why we purchase certain products, and even what we watch—or don't watch—on TV.

All of this sampling got me thinking one day about the Network Marketing business we're in... For example, if you were to survey those already in the business, what would you ask them? What insights should they provide? And could any of this gleaned information be valuable to you?

Consider the following, and you decide...

Years ago I discovered that those who are deemed to be Masters in this "Networking thing" understand three simple truths about the business. Although you might hear these truths expressed somewhat differently from leader to leader, the underlying facts remain the same. For purposes of our discussion, we'll refer to these truisms as, "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three."

1. Know The Business You're In
    Network Marketing is about three things:
    a) Finding People to talk to—Prospecting.
    b) Talking to the people you find—Presentation.
    c) Teaching others to do the same—Duplication.

2. Understand The Rules
    Regardless of how you present your business:
    a) Some people decide to join—Some Will.
    b) Some people decide not to join—Some Won't.
    c) Some people decide not to decide—So What...

3. Get Better At The Game
    Because everything in life is about who you become:
    a) Work more on yourself than you do on your business.
    b) Again, work more on yourself than you do on your business.
    c) And again, work more on yourself than you do on your business.

I share this with you because for years leaders have been searching for a simple, highly duplicatable MLM system that new distributors could use to more quickly achieve success. 

And the most interesting part is, I now believe we've been overlooking the obvious for decades...

If it's true that in order to grow the organization, we need to contact people, involve them and teach them—and we do... 

If it's true that Some Will, Some Won't, and So What are all good things—and they are... 

And if we really need to be working on ourselves—our personal development—more than we work on the business... 

Well then, what could possibly be this simple shortcut to success?

To find the answer, conduct your own personal poll.

Take your census of the top 25 successful leaders in your company. Call them, text message them, or e-mail them—whatever it takes for you to get together long enough to ask three questions:

1.    How were you introduced to the business—audio recording, video presentation, or through some event?

2.    How would you describe the skill-set of the person who sponsored you?

3.    Once you were introduced to the company, how long did it take to decide you wanted to do this business?

That's it!

And in case you're interested, here's what I've discovered...

Question #1 could easily provide you with 25 different answers, especially if you ask which audio recording, video presentation, or event they attended.

Question #2 again, will probably provide a plethora of answers from talented to tolerable to terrible.

Question #3 however, is the all-important key to your survey.

Because what the answers to this third question will reveal, are that leaders who make the most money in our industry—regardless of how they were introduced, and regardless of by whom—for some unexplained reason they "got it" and they "got in" right away... Those who build the largest organizations—same thing—they "got it" and they "got in" right away. And best of all (pay close attention here, because this is your simple shortcut to success) those you have yet to meet, those unnamed individuals destined to become leaders, they'll "get it" and "get in" right away too—almost regardless of what you know, say, and do—if you will just expose them to your business!

Imagine that! Activity matters most!

The beauty of this overlooked shortcut to success is knowing that in the beginning what you lack in skill, you can actually make up for with activity! Combine that belief with a proven MLM system for contacting new prospects, and your company's next great "Triple Diamond Star Fleet Commander" could easily be sponsored by you—again, regardless of your current level of expertise!

Now I'm not suggesting that you skip mastering "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three." Quite the contrary. Just because those fortunate few movers and shakers "got it" and "got in" right away, is no reason to miss sponsoring the masses who want to know everything about everything before they're ready to begin...

Therefore, if you truly desire to prosper long-term in this business, immediately begin to weave the golden thread of activity throughout your business tapestry—known to all successful leaders as "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three"—and not only will you have an excellent chance of sponsoring that next mega superstar—you'll be able to keep them.

So what are you waiting for? Get something about your company—product, service, or opportunity—into the hands of your friends, family, and business associates right away....

All the best,


Zdanis USANA Team Top Income Earners for the Week Ending August 2nd, 2019

   Zdanis USANA Team Top Income Earners* for the Week Ending August 2nd, 2019

1, Pete and Dora Zdanis, Philadelphia, PA, US
2, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US
3, Richard Cameron, Winchester, ON, CA
4, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US
5, Pauline Puzynska, Winchester, ON, CA
6, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US
7, Margo Scott, Clermont, FL, US
8, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US
9, Ruth Kohake, Cincinnati, OH, US
10, Linda Murphy, Campden, ON, CA
11, Sandy Holcomb, Durham, NC, US
12, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US
13, Shirlene Cecile, Yucca Valley, CA, US
14, Sandy McDonald, Hamilton, ON, CA
15, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US
16, Carolyn Bush, Mountain View, CA, US
17, Jeffrey Van Tassel, Dover Plains, NY, US
18, Bradley Guile, El Paso, TX, US
19, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US
20, Elizabeth Pasquale, Ossining, NY, US
21, Julianne Koritz, Boynton Beach, FL, US
22, Kristina Thorpe, Dunn Loring, VA, US
23, Sherrie Bryant, Las Vegas, NV, US
24, Cheryl Krantz, Great Falls, MT, US
25, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US
26, Patricia Thompson, Hamilton, ON, CA
27, Todd Stoutenborough, Ashland, OR, US
28, Susan Conover, Lubbock, TX, US
29, Phillip Clark, Little Elm, TX, US
30, Andrew Kissinger, Schertz, TX, US
31, Cheryl Sandella, Fountain Hills, AZ, US
32, Richard Lowe, San Antonio, TX, US
33, Ray Devers, Yucca Valley, CA, US
34, Joel Young, Garland, TX, US
35, Marci Smith, Springfield, PA, US
36, Nathan Madrid, Fayetteville, AR, US
37, Niki Kissinger, Fort Worth, TX, US
38, Lynn Kimbrough, Arvada, CO, US
39, Cheree Hanson, Barboursville, VA, US
40, Jim Rovegno, Chautauqua, NY, US
41, Sophie Culver, Truth or Consequences, NM, US
42, Marilyn Grubbs, Carrboro, NC, US
43, Gwynne Pomeroy, Chapel Hill, NC, US
44, Christopher Welsh, Hamilton, ON, CA
45, Mark Sorensen, Murrieta, CA, US
46, Gail Garvin, Cincinnati, OH, US
47, Irma Aragon, Frisco, TX, US

Pete & Dora Zdanis

Philadelphia,  PA,  US
Voice/Text: 610-316-8637

*The earnings portrayed in this literature are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a USANA Associate can or will earn through his or her participation in the USANA compensation plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation of guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with USANA results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.