Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep Up On the Latest with USANA Texting

Keep Up On the Latest with USANA Texting--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There was once a time when a good stew took days to cook, a visit to a friend took a fortnight or two, a letter took weeks to deliver, and a voyage across the sea could take months. Life moved at a nice, relaxing pace.

But things have changed. Food is fast, messaging is instant, mail is delivered next day, information can be shared instantaneously, and you can travel around the world in a mere two days. Gone are the days of snail mail, yesterday’s news, and waiting in line. These days, everything is available at the click of a button.

This is why we are gearing up for USANA texting—an easier, faster way to keep up with USANA news, which will be available soon. With USANA texting, you will receive instant notification, so you can be the first to know. These messages will keep you up-to-date on announcements, account updates, sales, and more.

But not to worry, opting-in will not expose you to a constant stream of texts that will bog down your inbox. In fact, USANA will only send up to 10 messages each month, so you can get the updates without the spam.

In order to receive texts, you need to opt-in on USANAtoday. Once you have signed in, select the “Manage Account” tab at the top of the screen, click on “Add/Edit Phone Numbers,” and enter your cell phone information in the “Opt-In to receive SMS text messages” section. Don’t forget to check the opt-in box at the right of the screen, and save your changes! 

Everything these days is instant, so get with the times. Opt-in for texting today and keep up with all the latest and greatest USANA news!

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