Monday, March 26, 2012

USANA France and Belgium Ready for Business

USANA France and Belgium Ready for Business

USANA’s 2011 International Convention brought several amazing announcements. Among them was the news that we planned to expand to include two new markets, France and Belgium. Since then, USANA France and USANA Belgium have moved forward at an incredible rate and are now officially open for business!

Help keep the momentum going by building your business in these new markets. You can now enroll Associates and Preferred Customers as well as purchase USANA products for personal use and distribution. Several EU-focused nutritionals have received registration approval, so you can begin dispensing the Essentials™, Proflavanol® C100, Procosa®, and more.

Make purchases, enroll Associates, or host and attend training and seminar meetings at the new USANA office, located on the most well-known and prestigious street in all of Paris, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. The new office, however, will not open to the public until Wednesday, March 28.

USANA Paris Office:
      118, Avenue des Champs-Elysées
      75008 Paris, France
Distributor Service:
      +33(0) 1 42 99 76 50
Front Desk:
      +33(0) 1 42 99 76 60

Just over a mile long, the famous, not to mention beautiful, street is close to the heart of town, making the new office easily accessible and convenient for you to meet with prospects and introduce friends to USANA.

We are moving ahead at an astonishing speed and look forward to working with you in historic France and Belgium!

For more information, please visit the USANA France/Belgium: Frequently Asked Questions page.

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