Friday, April 17, 2015

Using #USANA Tag Team Emails to Grow Your Business

- by Pete and Dora Zdanis
Network marketing is all about teamwork, and smart teams work together to help each other succeed. One great way to do this is to help each other with “tag team” email messages to your prospects. Here’s how “tag team” emails work:

Let’s say that you have a prospect, John Doe, who has expressed interest in USANA, but is not yet quite ready to sign up, for whatever reason.

While John is still considering USANA, ask if he would be willing to receive information by email from other USANA Associates regarding their USANA experiences.

Assuming John agrees, you then send the following message to your “tag team” members:
Please send a tag team email to: John Doe, email:  on my behalf. – Benny Builder”

Each of your tag team members then sends an email along the following lines to John, with a copy to you:

“Dear John,

I understand from my associate, Benny Builder, that you are considering joining our USANA team. I would urge you to look very closely at USANA. My experience with the USANA products and business has been fantastic, etc., etc.

Yours truly, Denny Director”

NOTE: Click Here to see a current copy of the Tag Email we send out on behalf of our team members.

Assuming that there are two or three members of your tag team, your prospect will receive two or three email messages encouraging him to sign up with you in USANA.

John will now be much more likely to sign up since he has heard how great USANA is from a number of people other than you. He can also readily see that he will be part of an outstanding team with great support when he signs up with you, and your team, in USANA.

Some tips and ideas:

Always ask permission from your prospect to have tag team emails sent to them. Never impose on their privacy.

Limit the number of tag emails that a prospect will receive to two or three. Don’t overwhelm or intimidate them.

Choose tag team members from your upline, or from downline who will be upline of the prospect after the prospect signs up.

If you don’t have any upline or downline people to help you with tag emails, ask some crossline people if they would be willing to help you until you get your own team started.

Make an email distribution list of your tag team members so that you can quickly and easily send tag email requests to them.

Prepare a tag email template of your own, and save it on your computer or device. Then, all you need to do is modify your template with the name of the prospect and “forward” it to them when someone asks you to send a tag email on their behalf.

Always follow up with your prospect to confirm that they received the tag team emails, and ask them what they liked best about what they received. Don't assume that your prospect received tag team emails due to spam filters, firewalls, etc.

Start using tag team emails today if you haven’t already.

It will simplify and accelerate your USANA business building efforts.

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