Thursday, May 21, 2015

7 Skills to Boost Your #USANA Business

Motivating. Inspiring. Business-Changing. No matter how you phrase it, our recent U.S. Celebration was an event to remember.

What made it so memorable? The amazing insights of network marketing expert Eric Worre, of course.

Surely you were there taking notes. But if not, we’ve got you covered.

According to the expert, skills are the key to success in this business. Once you master the seven major skills, the fear disappears.

Which means it’s time to take a close look in the mirror to evaluate where you stand, and find places to improve. Look over the skills listed below and rate yourself on a scale of 1–10:

  1. Finding Potential Teammates
    How are you at finding people? 0 = your address book is empty, 10 = you have more people than you have time to meet with. Make a conscious decision to get out of your shell and contact at least two new people a day.

  2. Inviting
    Are you good at getting people to take a look at what you have and helping them understand it? Or are you scared to open your mouth? Your goal is to educate others and help them understand what you have to offer. Then you can help them make a decision.

  3. Presenting
    Do you have a way to present that duplicates and gets results? Do you do it all yourself or drag others to join? Try telling your story—keep it brief, impactful, and exciting. And teach your team to do the same. Record yourself and listen to it over and over until you feel confident and the words sound natural. Learn the presentation and become the best on your team.

  4. Following Up
    The fortune is in the follow-up. How are you at keeping in touch? It usually takes four to six exposures before someone will join. How many times will you follow up? Amateurs follow up once; experts persevere. Make objections your best friends, and make questions your go-to tools. 

  5. Closing
    How good are you at sealing the deal? Need some help? Try asking a few questions after you present, for example:
    1. What did you like best?
    2. On a scale of 1–10, how interested are you in joining USANA?
    3. Just between us, how much would you have to earn to make this worth your time?
    4. How many hours are you willing to commit each week?
    5. How many months will you commit to developing your business?
    6. If I show you how to make this happen, would you get on board?

  6. Getting People Started
    Once a new team member signs up, do you cut the strings and let them go? Hopefully not, because that’s when the real work begins. Guide your new teammate through our compensation plan and tools, and make sure they connect with us online. Set up regular interviews to find out where they’re at in their business, and make a game plan for meeting their goals.

  7. Promoting Events
    Is your business focused on events? If not, it should be. Events are the best way to build belief, boost your business, and bond with your team. Now, that’s some serious motivation. So, how many teammates and guests are you bringing?

Time to tally your score. How did you do?

Now that you have the results, pick a few skills you want to improve over the next few weeks. Then study, study, study, and practice, practice, practice.

Share your skill-boosting journey and connect with other Associates along the way using the #myUSANAcommitment hashtag. And be sure to mark August 19–22 on your calendar for the business-boosting event of the year, International Convention 2015—see you there!



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