Sunday, June 7, 2015

#USANA: Share the Power of Convention

Leaders lead.

Leadership is the cornerstone of your business, and your teammates rely on your guidance, inspiration, experience, and focus in building their own businesses.

And as a leader, it should be your number one priority to get your team to the 2015 International Convention.

The only way to enjoy everything USANA has to offer is to be committed to helping others succeed. And nothing helps your team build true wealth and health more than attending Convention does.

According to Eric Worre, network marketing expert, “The secret to my success and most top earners is that all roads lead to Convention—there’s nothing you can do that will pay you more money between now and August than to get people to Convention.”

Associates who attend are nine times more likely to rank advance than those who don’t—this more than outweighs the cost of attendance.

Convention is the spark that lights the fire within to let your teammates take their business to the next level. From the keynote speakers, once-in-a-lifetime training session, and networking opportunities with sales leaders and USANA executives, your team will leave Convention energized and determined to build their business.

Whether your team members’ goals are rank advancement, bigger commission checks, or sharing true health, nothing inspires and motivates like attending Convention. Our state-of-the-art and imagination-busting production will leave your team charged and ready to take on the world. Get that missing dose of energy to take your teammates’ businesses to the next level.

Our weekly Who’s Attending page will post the names of all Associates who will be attending. It will be updated every Wednesday. Business Accelerator Suite subscribers can access Event Registration under Team Manager, and get a detailed list from your team of who has registered.

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