Thursday, October 29, 2015

USANA Auto Order: 100 SVP or 200 SVP? You Decide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Qualifying Three USANA Business Centers With a 200 SVP (Sales Volume Points) Auto Order Every Four Weeks vs. Qualifying One Business Center With a 100 SVP Auto Order Every Four Weeks


You and your family benefit personally from the use of more of the entire USANA product line (Essentials, Optimizers, Digestion/Detox, Mother/Child, Diet, Energy, Skin Care, Skin Treatment, Hair and Body Care) *

Save money by receiving the 10% Auto Order discount on a greater number of your purchases

Be a better prospector, recruiter, sponsor and trainer because of your personal experience with ALL of the USANA products (Why would you expect your prospects, PCs or team members to use products that you are not personally willing to use?)

Optimize the USANA compensation plan by earning commissions on all three of your Business Centers (BCs)

Build your business stronger through leading by example

Make a bigger contribution to Dr. Wentz’s vision – Consider making a tax deductible donation of one or more bottles of Usanimals™ to the Children’s Hunger Fund every four weeks and receive 10 SVP of PV for each bottle donated. **  

Have some USANA products available for potential tax deductible samples and/or gifts and/or retail sales

Buy products you use daily from your own business instead of someone else’s

Allows those who think big to build a big business

Avoid losing Group Sales Volume (GSV), and commissions, under BC 002 and BC 003

Lower shipping costs on one larger Auto Order compared to multiple smaller orders for the same volume of product over time

Avoid running out of, or having to re-order, products which are used most by you and your family

One 200 SVP Auto Order insures qualification of ALL of your BCs (no matter how many BCs you have) for every rolling four week period, and avoids having to track when your next smaller order needs to be placed to maintain your PV qualification requirement

* EXAMPLE: Any one person who values good nutrition, has a body with skin, hands, hair, eyes and teeth (including crowns, caps and fixed bridges), showers occasionally, washes their hair once and a while, and wants to optimize their immune system can quickly and conveniently produce 200 SVP with a HealthPak (100 SVP), one Sensé Hair & Body Pack (50 SVP), one Natural Whitening Toothpaste (5 SVP), one bottle of Visionex (25 SVP) and one box of USANA Probiotic (20 SVP). Total: 200 SVP. This is affectionately known by many as the “Pete Pack”.

** The USANA True Health Foundation allows the USANA family to deepen an already solid relationship with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF). Since CHF began in 1991, $927 million in food and other resources have been distributed to serve the needs of more than 10 million children in 35 U.S. states and 72 countries worldwide. The USANA family has given more than $18 million in cash and donations of Usanimals™ multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements to-date. Your donation to CHF will help provide much-needed nutrition to children who would otherwise wake up each morning suffering from malnutrition and hunger. Make an impact on the lives of these children through a one-time gift or recurring Auto Order donation, and start changing lives today through the USANA True Health Foundation and CHF.


200 SVP of PV costs more than 100 SVP of PV

Now that you have the facts, the choice is yours. 

Choose wisely.

Pete and Dora Zdanis - 

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