Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A USANA Welcome Change

We’ve created a better way to welcome your new teammates to USANA and help them hit the ground running. Our new Welcome Email Campaign is launching January 11, but we wanted to give you a preview.

New Associates will receive eight emails in the first two weeks, starting the day they enroll. The first email welcomes them to the USANA family, provides login information for The Hub, information about Auto Order, and more. 

Then they will receive an email about every two days with information crucial to getting their businesses rolling. That includes the following: five steps for setting up a USANA business, product information, basic business-building skills, compensation-plan training, personal development, available resources, and a call to live the USANA lifestyle.

If an Associate is ready for all the information at once, they can click a link in the email to view all the materials on The Hub. 

Retiring eApprentice

The Welcome Email Campaign provides an updated, comprehensive, and streamlined introduction to being a USANA Associate. With the campaign launching soon, we’ll retire our eApprentice training program on January 1.

The campaign will get your new Associates prepared to start building right away—helping their business and yours. Check out the Welcome Email Campaign on The Hub, and encourage your new teammates to take full advantage by reading these valuable e-mails.

Love life and live it,


Source: USANA Health Sciences


  1. Hi Pete do you know if this is also going to be in Australia or just the USA market ? This is brilliant and much more personalized.