Monday, January 18, 2016

A Network Marketing Wake Up Call - by Eric Worre

Network Marketing Icon Eric Worre explains in the below video: "A Network Marketing Wake Up Call" what should be done better.

A MUST see for both MLM / Network Marketing professionals as well as starters.

Eric Worre:

"People around the world have their opinions about it. They have their misperceptions about it.

There are a lot of myths rolling around about the network marketing profession:

  • People think only the people at the top make money.
  • People think most people don’t earn anything.
  • People think that – all different kinds of things.
  • They think you have to jeopardize relationships in order to be successful in the business.
  • They think it’s not a real business.

Even though this profession does over $180 billion a year in retail sales; even though approximately 100 million people are involved in the network marketing profession around the world; even though approximately $200 million U.S. is paid out every single day in commissions in this great profession; even though those facts are out there there’s a lot of misconceptions. There are a lot of misplaced perceptions in the world.

And today my message is a little bit different than what you might think. A lot of people get frustrated and say, well people just need to understand. People need to wake up. People need to stop being a part of the matrix and understand the realities of the new economy. And that’s all true because yes, people do need to do that."

But I think the network marketing profession needs to look at itself, and it needs to get better".

Watch the video HERE.

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