Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goal Setting - by Dr. Denis Waitley

Dr. Denis Waitley

The reason so few people reach their goals, is that they were never realized in the first place. They see goal setting as rigid and too structured. Setting goals are actually the most creative approach to life. It is like taking your life as a lump of clay in the hand of the master potter’s on the wheels and then make it into a thing of beauty and utility. It gives great pleasure to you the artist and to others. To turn the wheel of life and not to fashion something, is to send the clay spinning and spattering in every direction A goal also can be likened to a ships rudder though seemingly small and rigid, the rudder can turn the ship into any direction the captain chooses.

Once you set a goal, you can change it, adjust it, modify it and alter it. You are the Captain. Now remember a dream is what you would like to be and hold. But a goal is what you intend it to be and to make happen.  Many people dream of an ideal life. They even go so far as to dream about their future with great many concrete details. They can’t really imagine however, turning that dream into reality with that specific game plan.  Nevertheless, goals are intentional, they are rooted in commitment, and to do whatever it takes to make the dreams come true. each day and night to be guided in your living, as these words, help you with your goal achievement. 

I Enjoy setting goals in all areas of my life;
My Goals are reasonable and reachable;
I make my Goals specific and measurable;
I write my goals down;
I write detail plans to achieve my goals;
I review my goals every day;
I am proactive and results orientated;
I have many talents and use them well;
My concentration is highly focused;
I write down steps necessary to reach my goals;
I plan my time carefully;
I make all of my time quality time;
I make daily “To Do Lists” and take action daily;
I concentrate on my top priorities;
I know where I’m going and I’m getting there;
I have a clear vision of what I want in the future;
The goals in my life are my own;
I have discovered my core talents and I use them well;
I seek excellence in everything I do;
I have set completion dates for my goals,
I have turned my vision into a mission;
I read to expand my knowledge;
I constantly seek to upgrade my computer skills;
I constantly seek to increase my vocabulary;
I write with clarity and purpose;
I speak with confidence and persuasion;
I share my goals with people who help me to achieve them;
I keep the commitments I make;
I have long range, intermediate, and long term goals;
I break my goals down into incremental steps;
I reward myself for goal achievement;
My daily goals move me closer to my life goals;
I plan my work and work my plan;
I visualize the achievement of my goals;
I develop the day to day skills necessary to reach my goals,
I consider myself a life long learner;
Day by day I am reaching my goals;
I focus on my major priorities;
I balance personal and professional goals;
I allocate my time wisely;
I consider my health maintenance my top priority;
I consider family and personal goals a top priority;
My health and my time are my most precious resource;
I answer phone calls at specific times in my schedules;
I arrive on time for appointments;
I plan each day the day before;
I plan each week the week before;
I carry all important appointments, addresses and phone numbers in one portable system;
I am an effective communicator;
I am considered extremely focused and dedicated;
I spend quiet time each day considering my goals;
I am well organized in my business and in my personal life;
I accomplished what I set out in time to do;
I always give myself positive reinforcements;
My goals are achievable and time based;
My goals are consistent with my core values;
I pursue my goals with passion and persistence;
I complete what I set out to accomplish;
When I reach a road block, I go around it;
My self-talk affirms my goal achievements;
I have the flexibility to adjust my goals;
I constantly rehearse and practice goal achievement;
I set specific financial goals for retirement;
I have specific  goals for my career development;
I have specific goals for physical fitness;
I have specific goals in personal and family relationships;
I have defined what is important  in my life;
I review my written goals daily;
I have a personal mission statement for my life;

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