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What's Happening in USANA - June, 2016

June 2016 – US Field Newsletter

Current Promotions:

1.      New Achiever Incentive:
Do you have a group you are guiding through the Road to Achiever program? If you are, make sure they have opted in for the Road to Achiever incentive for International Convention.  Here is how it works:
a.       First, make sure all of your Road to Achiever program participants opt-in. In order to be eligible to earn this incentive all program participants must opt-in.
Here is the opt-in link:
b.      Those Associates who have opted-in and used the Road to Achiever program to earn the rank of Achiever for the first time in their career, will receive an invitation to a special breakout session lead by Nikki Keohohou and hosted by US Field Development on Wednesday, August 24th
c.       If that new Achiever followed those rules and then enrolled 4 new Associates who in turn generate sufficient sales volume to activate a minimum of one business center (200 SVP) on their initial product order will receive one International Convention registration at no charge.
*Participants are required to register for International Convention and if they earn the incentive a credit will be placed on account.
We encourage all of our leaders in the US Market to gather your teams and launch your Road to Achiever training program today!

All details available on the HUB and incentive shareables available on Communication Edge

2.      Share YOUR USANA Story – Convention:
Everyone has a story to tell. Your personal story is what makes your truly unique. When it comes to building your business, your story has the power to attract like minded individuals and grow your business.

USANA wants to challenge all Associates in the US Market to share their stories with at least one million people between today and International Convention 2016.  Join the challenge now and help us reach a million people with our USANA stories:

To participate:
a.       Grab your cell phone or video camera and record yourself telling your USANA story in 90 seconds or less
b.      Post it on YouTube or Facebook using #myUSANAstory
c.       Share your story with as many people as possible
d.      Every time you share your story, text 385-529-1779 and let us know
e.       Encourage your team to record and share their stories as well

Now, it’s up to you and your teams to create a more vibrant life and business by sharing your USANA story with others!

3.      Future Leaders Incentive – Latino Market Only:
For our Latino Market emerging leaders, USANA is running a Future Latino Leader Incentive.  All Latino Market Associates Silver and below are eligible to participate in this incentive. The qualification period for this incentive begins 5/2/16 through 6/24/16
Earners receive:
a.       An invitation to “Hacia la Cumbre” training Event on July 23, 2016 in Mexico City
b.      One-night hotel and $200 travel voucher  
c.       Exclusive reception on Thursday evening for the Future Leaders participants
d.      Recognition U.S Latin Market Social Media
For all rules and details visit:

4.      Dr. Oz Partnership – By now you have heard about USANA being a trusted partner and sponsor of the Dr. Oz show.  Now that we have this amazing partnership, how can you use this to grow your business? We have all of the tools, tips, and resources to prepare you for each showing and product feature so that you can maximize the leverage of this partnership to grow your team and help your team do the same.  This link will take you to those tools, and provide all of the information and the business plan for our featured product on the Dr. Oz Show!

*All details for events or promotions are located on the Contest and Events tab on the HUB and they are listed in the HUB Event Calendar.

Conference Calls and Webinars:

We have a great line up of ongoing Conference Calls and Webinars for May:

1.      Motivational Monday Webinar
Mondays 8:30am – 9:00am MDT

2.      Health & Freedom Presentation
Wednesdays 7:00pm – 7:30pm MDT

3.      MySmart Foods Webinars
a.       6/1/2016
                                                  i.      Running your Own MySmart Challenge
                                                ii.      Abby & Arabelle Ramboyong, Ruby Directors
b.      6/8/2016
                                                  i.      How to US MySmart Foods to Build a USANA Business
                                                ii.      Dr. Karen Wolfe, Diamond Director
c.       6/15/2016
                                                  i.      Health Mixer
                                                ii.      Elizabeth Finch, Executive Gold Director
d.      6/22/2016
                                                  i.      Health Mixer
                                                ii.      Elizabeth Finch, Executive Gold Director
e.       6/29/2016
                                                  i.      Running your Own MySmart Challenge
                                                ii.      Abby & Arabelle Ramboyong, Ruby Directors

4.      Going for Gold Webinar
June 27, 2016
7:00pm Mountain
Host: Jennifer Wright, Director US Field Development
Topic: Planning Your Gold Run

5.      Road to Achiever Skills Training
Saturdays the month of June
Time: All Day
How it works: The participant can attend at anytime on Saturdays for available weeks. We plan on having all 16 trainings up and playing in July.

6.      Road to Achiever Leader Calls
Wednesday in June at 10 AM & 4 PM (Mountain)
30 to 60 minutes (Depending on Audience Questions)
Overview of the Program & to Answer Questions Live


1.      Success on the Beach – Have you opted-in for the Success on the Beach? Have members of your Team opted in? If not, there is still time for you and your team to opt-in. What does it mean by “opt-in”? USANA allows all Associates to work towards achieving our yearly incentive trip. By opting-in you are simply alerting USANA you are working towards the trip, so we can track your progress and alert you when you have reached certain point milestones. However, you MUST Opt-in in order to actually win the trip.  Once you opt in—and everyone has to opt in—we will track your growth in Commission Volume Points (CVP) from July 4, 2015, to July 1, 2016. We will compare that to your CVP growth over the previous year.

Also, by opting-in allows this you and your team the opportunity to track your progress and achieve your goals. PLUS, if you achieve your goals and qualify for the trip – you get to spend time in the sun and have fun with your USANA Team. Additionally, USANA will be sending out a customized email to those Associates who have opted-in to show progress and help you and your teams plan for the rest of the qualification period.

We have 4 weeks left in the qualification for the Success on the Beach trip.

2.      Leadership Summit
You’re building your business. You’re advancing. Your commission checks are growing. We’ve noticed all the hard work you’re putting in. That’s why we’d like to reward you or your team members with a trip to the Leadership Summit.

Summit qualifiers have the skills to build a business, and we want to help your team members build on the foundation that got them this far. When they leave, they will have the leadership skills needed to guide their team as it grows and their role evolves.

How to Qualify

Leadership Summit is open to Gold Directors and below who have not previously attended a Gold Retreat. The qualification period for the event is any consecutive 13-week period.

Qualification requirements:
                     You must average 600 Commission Volume Points (CVP) per week during a quarter, totaling 7,800 CVP or higher during the 13-week period
                     No more than 800 CVP will be counted for each week
                     20 percent of your total CVP must be generated from non-initial order volume

June 2-5, 2016
*Must have finalized qualification by April 29, 2016
November 3-6, 2016
*Must finalize qualification by August 12, 2016

3.      Executive Ruby & Emerald RetreatWhite sands, clear water, and a spectacular spa. From November 15 to 20, 2016, you’ll be treated to stunning Royal Beach Rooms at the Costa Rica Westin Golf Resort and Spa during Success on the Beach.

You’ll enjoy six days in paradise at the world-class, all-inclusive jungle resort—not to mention the excursions and extra perks you’ll get along the way. Airfare is not included, but you can earn it as part of Success on the Beach. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and soak in the rewards of all your hard work.

4.      Latin Market Celebration 2016– For the first time, we’re offering two celebrations created specifically for our Spanish-speaking Associates. Latin Market Celebration UNIDOS 2016 is your opportunity to introduce USANA to your friends and family, sample MySmart™Foods, get rank-advancement training, and learn from successful leaders in the community. Best of all, both celebrations in Houston and Anaheim will be held exclusively in Spanish.

5.      International Convention 2016– We are also excited about our 2016 Convention!  This year Convention will be August 24 – 27, and with a lineup of speakers such as: Dr. Wentz, Dave Wentz, Dr. Oz, John C. Maxwell, Michael McQueen, Dr. Denis Waitley, and the management team, we are poised for another great year!  In addition to the speakers, with the store, new and improved breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and plenty of other opportunities this will be another year you wont want to miss!  Register now!

*All details and registration for events are located on the Contest and Events tab on the HUB and they are listed in the HUB Event Calendar.

SOURCE: USANA Health Sciences

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