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9 Questions with #USANA Fitness Ambassador Erin Oprea

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9 Questions with USANA Fitness Ambassador Erin Oprea

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences is proud to announce its new Fitness Ambassador, "Trainer to the Stars", mom, author, former U.S. Marine, and the first female platoon leader to be attached to the infantry in a war zone—Erin Oprea!

Erin has been in the fitness game a long time, so it's safe to say she really knows her stuff. She understands the importance of balanced nutrition, and she definitely knows how to push herself—and others—to get the best results. But where does this passion come from? What drives her? What keeps her motivated? And, perhaps most important, why does she choose USANA?

Read on to learn a little bit more about the Nashville-based fitness guru:

1. How did you get into fitness? 

I've always been an athletic person but after graduating High School, I found a strong passion for fitness. I joined the U.S Marines when I was 20 and loved getting into trouble during boot camp. I couldn't help but enjoy a little bonus amount of push-ups. I don't think they realized that I was completely okay with their "punishments".

2. What made you want to join the Marines? 

Strictly because it looked like fun. I never had the desire to be in the military, but one day, it seemed like a good idea so I joined immediately. I loved it so much and it will always be a great part of my life.

3. What did you learn from that experience? How did it change you? 

I adapted more discipline and structure than I had ever had before, and it's served me well ever since. I also learned that you don't necessarily need a gym to get in a great workout, because using your body weight to train is standard in the military. Plus, I wasn't just challenged physically but mentally as well. This made me more durable and I was able to get through a lot.

4. You've been called "Trainer to the Stars" and a "Personal-Fitness Guru". How did you fall into training celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Nettles? 

Mostly word of mouth and I've been really lucky that people have talked very highly me! Training celebrities was never a goal of mine, only doing what I love for a living. I truly believe that the celebrities I train can sense my passion and feel comfortable with me. I take confidentiality seriously and I have a lot of pride in what I do.

5. A healthy lifestyle and fitness is important, but also fun for you. How do you keep it fresh and exciting? 

I love getting my family involved. Early on I urged my kids to play soccer and other active sports. They've chosen soccer as their core activity and I am completely cool with it because I love soccer! Finding ways to stay active is easy when you have kids that want to do some of the same fun activies you like. Also, I'm a huge fan of jumping rope and can do this whenever I'm at their practices or enjoying their games. Our family trips have become centered around great cities like Chicago, Atlanta and New York. We love walking the city, exploring new sites together, and discovering what each new city has to offer.

6. How do you make sure you fit in exercise when you're raising a family? 

Getting in your exercise when and where you can is very important, and it's more than likely never in a gym. Fifteen minutes here or 30 minutes there will have to suffice. You have to make any amount of exercise a priority, otherwise you'll find an excuse to skip it. You have to make yourself a priority somewhere inside that crazy kid schedule. Drop the excuses and you'll start finding results!

7. I hear you're quite the cook with protein powders. What kind of things have you learned to make with protein powder? Are you willing to share any of your secret recipes with your fans? 

Pancakes are my favorite! Who doesn't love a yummy pancake? And when you use protein powder, you don't overload on carbs!

Erin's Secret Pancake Recipe: 

1/3 cup MySmartShake Whey protein powder
2 Tbsp. flax seed
2 Tbsp. coconut powder
Sprinkle of cinnamon
2 egg whites
Blueberries or chocolate chips
Some unsweetened almost milk and mix to get the consistency of pancake batter

8. Why did you choose to partner with #USANA? 

I am a big fan of being able to modify what I eat to stay consistent with how I want to stay healthy. USANA gives me that flexibility in their products. Extra fiber, a smidge of different flavor or some bonus protein after a heavy workout—USANA has always been able to meet my nutrition goals. And their nutritional supplements are made with the best ingredients, so I feel safe recommending them to any of my clients. And I love how dedicated they are to making their products customizable. Everyone is different and it's important to do fitness routines that are right for you, and have a nutrition program that fits your needs.

9. Tell us something not many people know about you? 

I have a blankie that I've had since I was two years old. His name is Blueberry, and just like me he's gone to boot camp, has been on two tours in Iraq, and he sleeps with me every night.

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