Monday, August 14, 2017

The Top 1%

How to be in the top 1% in network marketing.

It is easy to be in the top 1% of network marketers, because the competition isn't even trying.

That's right. 99% of network marketers put little or no effort towards learning how to do their business.

They don't go to Saturday trainings. They don't read books on the skills they need to learn. They take notes during conference calls and put the notes with the other really good notes that they never use. And their level of commitment never exceeds, "I will give it a try."

This is the competition. In almost every other profession, the participants work harder toward mastery. They realize they are in a profession that will require learning a new set of skills.

So how do we make it to the top 1% of network marketers? Easy. 

Take action on some of our notes. Read a book. Listen to an audio. Participate in "live" trainings. 

Yes, it doesn't take much to exceed the 99% of the competition that are not even trying.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter - 

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