Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quick Hit, Great Tips

Great Tips from "Big Al"...

Now follow-up makes sense. Hate following up with prospects? And what if prospects tell us they aren’t interested? Well, simply remember this phrase: "We might not be hungry now, but we will be hungry in 6 hours." We shouldn’t feel discouraged if the timing wasn’t right for our best prospects at the moment we called them. That is why we use reminder triggers, time-delayed word pictures, and other automatic follow-up techniques. When our prospects are ready, we want to be first in their minds. How to get prospects interested. • Average distributors talk to prospects about their wonderful products and opportunity. They show company videos, pass out samples, quote research reports, explain the compensation plan, etc. Most prospects hate to be sold. • Leaders talk to prospects about their problems, and why they should commit to solving their problems now. This changes the conversation with prospects. Now they are more interested and open-minded. Why? Because we are talking about our prospects, and that is the most interesting subject in the world to them.
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter -

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