Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Three Reasons NOT To Be A Network Marketer With USANA

 - By Pete Zdanis

What “They” say - #1

Network Marketing companies are all illegitimate “Pyramid Scheme Scams”, especially those which sell worthless “Pills and Potions” at exorbitant prices. It is impossible to earn money in network marketing and it’s common knowledge that the network marketing business model has never worked for anyone. Period.

If you believe that, see this: SCAM  

What “They” say - #2

Network Marketing companies are run by greedy “Corporate Suits” whose only objective is to line their own pockets at the expense of gullible customers. They have no concern for the well-being of others and would never consider contributing to charitable causes in their own community, let alone dozens of other countries around the world.

If you believe that, see this: GREED

What “They” say - #3

Your body is invincible and will not fail you as long as you eat some fruits and vegetables now and then. In those rare cases when it might fail you, your body will heal itself immediately. “Preventative Maintenance” is not a requirement for good health, and nutritional supplements are a waste of money that only produce expensive urine.

If you believe that, see this: SUPPLEMENTS , and this: SCIENCE

Need I say more?

Pete Zdanis
USANA Independent Associate
Foundation Executive Diamond Director

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