Wednesday, July 11, 2018

IMPORTANT - Mandatory Certification

Introducing the USANA Ethics in Action Certification

You’ve worked hard and are proud of your accomplishments—you should be. And so are we. USANA has created cutting-edge products and a competitive compensation plan to help you build your business. And now we are excited to announce a world-class training program to help protect what you and your team members have established—the USANA Ethics in Action certification.

This brief training will set you apart from others in the direct sales industry. This 10-minute course covers key topics and USANA policies that apply to some important regulations that affect you as a USANA business owner.

If you are a USANA veteran who can rattle off policy in your sleep, this course will offer a welcome refresher of those USANA fundamentals. And if you’re a newly enrolled Associate, it will provide foundational knowledge of core principles that empower you to craft, refine, and share your USANA story in an appropriate manner.

Certify to Earn

Because the Ethics in Action certification will eventually be a requirement to remain commission qualified, all Associates must certify—whether you’ve been with USANA from the beginning or for just a short time.

But don’t worry—existing Associates have until November, 1, 2018, to complete the training. After this date, all new Associates will also need to complete the Ethics in Action Certification prior to receiving their first commission payment.

Take the USANA Ethics in Action certification by navigating to Training, Ethics and Education, and then Ethics Courses on The Hub.

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