Friday, September 28, 2018

USANA Customer Welcome Packet

The Customer Welcome Packet is a free gift each new Preferred Customer (PC) you enroll will receive as part of their first USANA order. It’s designed to give your new customers ideas and resources to incorporate healthy habits—like supplementation, exercise, and healthy eating—into their life. It’s your way to show them how much we care about their healthy lifestyle.

The packet includes:

A welcome brochure with tips to create healthy habits and build trust in USANA’s products
A quick shopping and workout guide
A mini product brochure with information on all USANA products
An insert about USANA’s True Health Foundation
New Customer Email Campaign
In addition to the Customer Welcome Packet, your new PCs will receive up to four follow-up emails—sent at pivotal times during the start of their journey—to encourage continued engagement with both you and USANA.

These emails include:

A Welcome Email explaining the exciting benefits of being a PC.
A Customer Survey Email encouraging your customer to give us valuable feedback.
A Reorder Reminder Email explaining the benefits of setting up Auto Order.
A Final Email reinforcing the healthy messages we’ve already sent and providing information on becoming a USANA Associate.

SOURCE: USANA Health Sciences

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