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USANA Mobile Apps at a Glance

USANA Mobile Apps

USANA’s mobile apps - Customer Connect, Mobile Hub and Events - make it easy to take your business with you no matter when or where you go.

Whether you’re looking for a lead-nurturing tool, to manage your business from your device, or to stay up-to-date on USANA’s major events, we have an app for that.

All USANA apps are designed to run on both Apple and Android devices.

Customer Connect

The Customer Connect app is a lead-nurturing tool that allows you to import contact information from your phone into the app. Customer Connect will help you organize contacts and connect with them via a plan designed to introduce, pique interest, and ultimately convert them as USANA customers.


Customer Connect lets you schedule reminders for your meetings and tasks. You can then receive pop-ups or push notifications to your phone, based on your settings.

You can use the app to keep track of your customer history. You’ll now always know how long it’s been between orders or what was discussed in your last conversation. Keep track of every interaction you have with your customers. You will never again have to wonder if you’ve introduced them to a new product or hunt for order information. The customer history lists the complete product order history of each customer, and the dates, so you know if they’ve tried a specific product or if they may be close to running out of a trusted favorite.

Retail Receipts
You can create a receipt for each transaction you have a record of, including retail sales and giveaways. This feature also helps you document you have met your monthly retail sales requirements.

Share presentations and videos with your customers inside the app. Use it to keep a record to know they have already seen part one of your favorite presentation and it’s time to show them part two. You can even view and share YouTube videos.

Answering some demographic questions about each contact will help you get to know your customers better. Customer Connect will also have this data to make smarter suggestions.

Share Products
Send out links to products you recommend. When your customers click on this link, they will be routed to a shopping cart full of these recommendations. It’s a great way to introduce your favorite USANA products.

Send Enrollment Link
You can simplify the enrollment process by sending a link to the enrollment form that already includes some info. When your new team members click on it, they will be taken to a personal enrollment form with some fields already completed, such as sponsor ID and placement. The app will soon be updated so you can select exact placement and embed this info into the link.

Team Manager
The Customer Connect app also takes all customer info and syncs with Team Manager. Business Accelerator Suite subscribers can create reports from lead data and export mailing lists. They can also share images, flyers, and more from the Share USANA Media Center.

Profile Completion Score
The profile completion score makes it easy to build your prospect pipeline. This feature gives each lead a number to help you understand how much info you have collected and how important each specific contact may be to grow your business.

Feedback Button
Reporting issues and requesting help is easy. Simply click the feedback button and send us a message to allow us to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Click here to download the Customer Connect mobile app. 

USANA Mobile Hub

Access to certain tools and information is essential to help you manage your USANA business when you are out and about. The USANA Mobile Hub app has you covered. It connects you to everything you expect from The Hub, while on the go. 


Widgets are the first thing you see when you open the app. As you decide which information to focus on, you can choose which widgets to display.

Default Placement
Edit your default placement anytime, so your next team member goes where you want them to go.

Personal Assistant Summary Report
This popular summary report tells you when important things happen in your team. You define which of the 16 parts of this report to hide and which to show.

Be alerted when an order processes or fails to process, when someone joins your team, or many other business-critical items you should be aware of—no matter where you are. The Hub can even push instant notifications to your phone, depending on your settings.

Team Manager
This mobile version of USANA’s powerful reporting engine, Team Manager, lets you take the tools you need where you need them. Create saved reports and access them from anywhere with one touch. Create contact lists and communicate with your team using the Share USANA Media Center.

Mobile Tree View
Viewing your entire downline on a small screen isn’t always useful as your team starts to grow, so we’ve created a smaller version. Access three levels of your organization at a time, and search or scroll quickly to the part of your team you want to see. You can also tap anywhere in your team to see additional details.

The enrollment feature lets you link to the Online Enrollment form to process enrollments on a phone or tablet. You can also let the Customer Connect app push this task to your new team member.

Click here to download Mobile Hub. 

USANA Events

The USANA Events app is your go-to resource for USANA’s two major annual events: Asia Pacific Convention and International Convention.

Please note, the USANA Events app is only updated twice each year. Once for the Asia Pacific Convention and then again for International Convention.


Event Schedule
Find out when and where event activities, workshops, and general sessions will take place. Mark and add interesting sessions to a personalized schedule to make sure you’re always where you want to be.

Floor Plans
Use the floor plan feature to easily navigate around the event space. The last thing you want is to get lost on your way to a workshop.

Receive notifications that include special messages and reminders.

Check out who will be presenting during workshops and general sessions. This feature includes speaker bios and where and when you can see them.

Exhibit Booths
This feature ensures you will never have to wander around the exhibition area to find a specific booth. Booth details and a floor plan map are both included.

Even if you’ve forgotten a notebook and pen, you’ll always have a way to take notes in the USANA Events app. The notes feature allows you to type your notes directly into the app and then save them in the app or send them to yourself via email.

You can download the USANA Events app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

SOURCE: USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

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