Monday, May 6, 2019

Enhancements to Your #USANA Business

Enhancements to Your USANA Business

Leading with positive experiences is key to getting others interested in starting a USANA business, and we’ve launched new enhancements to help. Beginning May 6, 2019—and running for a one-year trial period—U.S.-based Associates will enjoy a simplified activation process and a new PC Order Bonus.*
These initiatives deliver a rewarding experience for both new Associates and Associates dedicated to building a strong customer base. The takeaways are simple: we’ve lowered the amount of Sales Volume Points (SVP) required to activate 3 Business Centers from 400 to 200 points worth of product, and Associates will now receive a bonus every time a new, personally sponsored Preferred Customer places an order.
Understanding how these enhancements will benefit your business is the best way to incorporate them into your business-building strategies. Any update to your USANA business comes with a lot of questions, and we’re happy to answer. Visit the individual pages dedicated to each enhancement as well as the FAQs section to read up on the details.
*Depending on the success of these business enhancements, they may become permanent once the one-year trial period is complete

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