Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New USANA Million Dollar Club Members!

Congratulations New Million Dollar Club Members!
USANA would like to congratulate and welcome its newest inductees into the Million Dollar Club: Emerald Director Takashi Kakino from Tokyo, Japan, Ruby Directors Tonja & Wade Hillebrant from Idaho, USA, and Ruby Director Elaine Lee from Missouri, USA.

Wednesday, January 27, was unforgettable as USANA greeted three more distributorships to this illustrious club! The inductees arrived at the USANA Home Office in a stretch limousine, and they were greeted by rousing the applause of USANA employees. They then met with a handpicked USANA management team to learn ways to continue building their successful businesses before enjoying lunch at one of Salt Lake City’s premier restaurants.

But that’s not all! The next day the new inductees received the royal treatment as they spent time doing activities they personally selected, including skiing in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, getting a massage at the Grand America hotel, and shopping in Salt Lake’s boutiques.

Meet the New Members

Takashi Kakino, Tokyo, Japan
Emerald Director

From age 24, Takashi was looking for a way to accomplish his dreams. He tried another network marketing company but ended in failure. Then he found USANA. “I was determined to succeed in USANA to fulfill my dreams,” he states. “I was not about to give up.”

Though his USANA business brought many challenges, and there were days he did not see any progress at all, Takashi never gave up. “I have met a lot of fine people and have seized my health and financial freedom,” he states. “I now live in my dream house with a built-in garage where I can see my Ferrari from my living room. I thank Dr. Wentz as well as all USANA employees worldwide.”

In addition to being an Emerald Director and new Million Dollar Club member, Takashi was a Top Associate Enroller and a Top 25 Income Earner in Asia Pacific. He hopes to rank advance while continuing to promote Dr. Wentz’ vision.

Tonja & Wade Hillebrant, Idaho, USA
Ruby Directors

As a busy mother who was sick and tired of catching every bug, Tonja looked to USANA’s products for help. After seeing the results for herself, she wanted to share Dr. Wentz’ vision with everyone she met. “It has been an amazing ride since,” she states.

As Ruby Directors and new Million Dollar Club members, Tonja and Wade are grateful for what they’ve been able to achieve. “[Becoming a new Million Dollar Club member] represents the many people who have been helped by USANA’s products and business opportunity. In addition, we have built our dream home, traveled, and provided opportunities for our children that would not have been possible without our USANA business,” Wade states.

On January 20, they celebrated their “gotcha day,” the day they returned from Stavropol, Russia, with their new daughters. “We adopted two little princesses, Lyndee (Anna) and Kailtlyn (Sveta) now ages 10 and 12. USANA made it all possible.”

Elaine Lee, Missouri, USA
Ruby Director

With a stressful real estate career that demanded 18-hour days, Elaine was looking for a change. “The pager and cell phone were my boss,” she laughs. “Often at special family events, my job would demand my attention and departure rather than allowing me to enjoy my family. I wanted the freedom to enjoy the people I loved.”

When Elaine discovered USANA, she saw that there would be the ability to create a serious income. Today, her thriving USANA business gives her significant time and resources to spend on her family, friends, and church ministries. “This accomplishment represents a residual income that supports the dream I have for the years ahead,” Elaine states. “I can choose adventure. I can choose to be generous. I can choose to support church ministries with time and money. And I can choose to be good to my toddler and college-age grandchildren in the years ahead. Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.”

In addition to being a Ruby Director and new Million Dollar Club member, Elaine was a Top Income Earner in 2005 and in the Fortune 100 in 2006 and 2007.

(From USANA Today)

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