Monday, December 13, 2010

Paranoia: A Curable Disease in Direct Selling

December 13, 2010

Paranoia: A Curable Disease in Direct Selling

Paranoia: A Curable Disease in Direct Selling

Paranoia is being suspicious of the outside world until it has proven itself as trustworthy. Paranoia, in our industry appears in many areas and in many forms.

When directed towards the company oneself is affiliated with, it can take the forms like, “The President’s nephew is a distributor and s/he receives special bonuses.”, “The customer services personnel favors that leader in getting the new recruits.”, or “I have heard that those products are not actually out of stock. The company just does not sell them not to pay out more commissions.”

One can also be suspicious of his/her downline and think, “That distributor does not sell as much as he/she can so that I don’t get more commissions.” Sometimes, the upline receives similar arrows: “S/he doesn’t teach me all the secrets. My sponsor just doesn’t want me promote to a higher rank than his/her.” And there are many distributors in the organization in side teams: “I know s/he is after my distributors. I heard people saw them chatting over a coffee the other day.”, or “Whenever I come to the headquarters, s/he is always there. S/he expects to be exceptionally treated by the boss.”

And last but not least, other companies in the industry, too are provided with deep suspicions: “They keep on calling my downline to recruit them.”, “At their trainings, they constantly say bad things about our products.”

One can make a long list of such negative remarks made about others. However, paranoia is defensive, about continuously questioning the outside world without ever trusting it, searching for hidden meanings, looking at the negative side and focusing on that side all the time, and is self-destructive more than anything. It just does not help grow the business.

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