Saturday, December 4, 2010

USANA - Get Ready for a New You in 2011, Grab Your RESET Kit Now

Get Ready for a New You in 2011, Grab Your RESET Kit Now

Every day there’s an opportunity to change every thing. But there’s one special day in each year that’s inextricably linked with the promise of change—when the big clock rolls over from 11:59 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. to ring in the New Year.

But, when the calendar finally reads 1/1/11, will you be ready for the transformative changes you’ve promised to make? One way to prepare yourself is to order your RESET™ Kit, extra Nutrimeal™, and Nutrition Bars for the Transform phase, early. Make sure to have it on hand so you can get a jump on your resolutions. And, remember, buying the RESET Kit nets you some cool extras that you’d miss out on if you bought all the products separately—single serve Nutrimeal Pouches, a mix of Peanut Butter and Oatmeal bars for five days, AM/PM HealthPaks, motivational magnet, meals checklist, and RESET DVD.

Almost as important as having your kit waiting for you when you wake up New Year’s Day is having a goal and support system in place. That’s where hosting your own RESET Games comes in. The motivation and support of holding a RESET Games with your downline or a group of friends goes a long way in helping you keep your weight-loss resolutions. And USANA has tools to help you Host your own RESET Games. These tools are currently undergoing major renovations, so check back often in the upcoming weeks for more information on how to host your own RESET Games.

Stocking up on your RESET Kits, Nutrimeal, and Nutrition Bars now won’t just help your waistline, but your bottom line, as well. You can also save big when you buy RESET four-packs for your Games. Due to an increase in ingredient costs, prices for all of your favorite Nutrimeal flavors will also increase in 2011. So take advantage of the current prices, now.

The New Year and a new you are right around the corner, but the first step is going to the Shopping Cart and getting your RESET Kit, Nutrimeal, and bars today.

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