Thursday, January 20, 2011

Check Out Updates to USANA eCards & Media Center Pro!

Check Out Updates to USANA eCards & Media Center Pro!


At USANA, we are excited to announce the second release of eCards, Media Center Pro, Follow-Up Assistant, and the online Health & Freedom Solution. This update will officially bring us out of the beta testing phase. We'd like to thank all those who have graciously supplied us with feedback and patiently awaited this change.

USANA has been diligently working to incorporate as many of your feature requests as possible, while also patching existing issues. Among other updates, this release includes:
  • The online Health & Freedom Solution in French
  • A new, easy to use eCard builder
  • The online Health & Freedom Solution and Media Center eCards link directly to the content being sent, rather than linking to the eCard in a web browser
  • More context-sensitive help and instructions available with the new applications
  • Increased Media Center usage tracking in Follow-Up Assistant
  • Corrected eCard displays to work in most e-mail clients
  • Updated default data for eCards and the online Health & Freedom Solution
  • Corrected playlist displays in Media Center
  • Corrected video searches
  • Improved data validation and feedback for user information
  • Automatic updates of the screen after categories have been updated or removed
  • An updated e-mail recipients text box that doesn’t flicker while you type
  • More accurate displays of the like/dislike counts in eCards
  • A new notification for users of Follow-Up Assistant that explains the message is still being sent instead of silently displaying no recipients for the message
Now that the new eCards and new Media Center have come out of beta, the legacy eCards and legacy Media Center are scheduled to go offline. On February 1, 2011, the legacy eCards and Legacy Media Center will be permanently retired. We are confident these new systems will exceed your expectations as you continue to grow your USANA business. Please contact distributor services if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for helping us make The Income Maximizer™ the best in the industry!

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