Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vote For Your Favorite Company!

Favorite Company Vote

The voting for the 2011 "Favorite M.L.M. Company" has begun. All votes from 2010 were reset on January 2nd, 2011. Please go HERE and vote for your favorite M.L.M. programs. Keep in mind that, unlike some online polls, this is not a facility where everyone just gang-votes for their own opportunity. You are only allowed to submit one ballot per year (and if you find a way around this restriction and vote more than once, all of your votes will be detected and deleted), and you must vote for at least three, and no more than ten, companies. Also, there are some traps set for those who intentionally vote for two companies besides their own that are not actually among their favorite (there are ways to tell). So although not perfect, this campaign does provide the truest representation as to what companies are the most admired and respected, or at least are the hottest or most popular, for that year. To see a list of all past "Top Ten's", go HERE.

If your company isn't listed on the ballot, nominate it HERE (this does NOT add to the vote count - please only nominate companies that are not already on the ballot). If it is, but is not among the top ten, then vote for it HERE!

Thanks for your support.

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