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Twenty Questions About Your USANA Business


by Pete Zdanis


     Do you like to play games?

I’d like to tell you about a game that people used to play many, many years ago. It was long before personal computers, PlayStation, X-Box and flat screen TVs. Even before Pac Man and Dungeons & Dragons. No batteries required. In fact you didn’t even need to move things around on a board like Parcheesi, Scrabble or Monopoly.

The game was called “Twenty Questions”. Some people also called it “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral”. One person would think of an object, and the other players were allowed to ask twenty questions which required only a yes or no answer to determine what the object was.

It was a game that actually required people to TALK to each other! Kind of like network marketing!

I’d like to show you how you can use twenty questions of your own to help you and others build a USANA business.

I get calls all the time from people who would tell me that they were having problems, and needed help. So, I would naturally ask them what I could do to help them. Most of the time, the response I got was “I dunno.”

So after receiving a number of calls like that, I developed the following list of questions to enable me to help others.

I hope that you will find these questions helpful as you work with your team members. You may even get some ideas to help you build your own business.

Let’s get started:    

1. How long have you been a USANA Associate, and how often do you review the USANA BDS and eApprentice?

If your business isn’t growing, then you need to review the BDS and/or eApprentice regularly until it is – at least every 30 days.

2.  What are your goals for your USANA business in six months? In one year? In five years?

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. Most people will put more effort into planning a vacation than they will in building their business. Break your goals down into Single Daily Action steps. Two A Day – Convention theme, song, video. It works! we built our business on sponsoring two active Associates per month, and did that by following the 2 a Day concept.

3.  Are your goals specific and written down?

Written goals are committed goals. Keep copies in prominent places where you can see and read them daily. Adjust them (up or down) as necessary.

4.  Does your spouse or significant other approve of/support your USANA business efforts?

Detractors can hurt your business efforts. Recognize if it exists and then deal with it. Don’t try to convert others – simply go with your own beliefs. Ask others to allow you to pursue your own goals and dreams, even if they do not share them with you.

5.   How many Business Centers (BCs) do you have? If you don’t have three BCs, why not?

Having three Business Centers is clearly the way to leverage and maximize your efforts. If you don’t see this, then you need to review the comp plan (see BDS above). If you are still within the 6 Friday time window to activate three BCs, be sure to do so.

6.   Do you keep all your BCs qualified every four weeks? If not, why not?

Even though having three BCs does not require that you keep all them qualified all the time, it certainly makes a lot of sense to do so. Group Sales Volume is extremely valuable – don’t take a chance on wasting any of it by not keeping all BCs qualified.

7.   Are you on Autoship? If not, why not?

The advantages of autoship are clear and many, starting with the 10% price discount and the convenience of automatically keeping all BCs qualified. Don’t try to outsmart the system with manual orders and risk losing GSV

8.   Are you subscribed to the online USANA Income Maximizer services? If not, why not?

DLM, Web Hosting, e-Cards, Tax Advantage and Web Conferencing can each be worth hundreds of dollars per month to you by themselves. Take complete control of your business by having access to ALL of these tools for only $19.95US every four weeks.

 9. Are you a USANA LifeMasters subscriber? If not, why not?

Whether you are brand new to USANA or a 15 year veteran, the LifeMasters series which you can add to your Autoship will provide outstanding education and motivation for your business. A definite must have.

10. What is your single favorite USANA product? Why?

Think about those USANA products that you like best and why that is. Perhaps you have a testimonial or personal story about a USANA product experience that you can share with your prospects.

11. Which of the USANA products do you NOT personally use? Why not?

If you knew what many people know about the USANA products, you would not let a day go by without using most, if not all of the product line. The Essentials are a MUST. Most every person needs products from the Optimizer line. The USANA Diet and Energy products taste good and provide a great way to have healthy snacks, if not a meal replacement. Many people have built their entire business around the RESET program. An certainly, anyone who has skin and bathes on a regular basis needs the benefits afforded by USANA’s exclusive Sense products – that goes for people of all ages, including men. If you are not using all the USANA products, then you need to check your belief level, and re-evaluate how you are taking care of your body.

12. How are you promoting your USANA business (i.e., warm market, leads lists, direct mail, internet advertising, cold calling, etc.)? Which has worked best for you and why do you think that is?

If something is working for you, then keep doing it, and learn how to do it better! Next, try something new and different until you find another way to build your business, and perfect that method as well. Always have two or three marketing programs working for you at all times.

13. How many prospect contacts to you make....monthly? weekly?  daily?

The answer to this question, if your associate is honest with you, will be the most telling. Remember, “He who talks to the most people wins!” And that means whether you are marketing on the internet, cold market, warm market, etc. Prospects who come from your cold market will move to your warm market before they sign up with you. That means that you need to TALK with them – answer questions, build rapport and trust.

14. How do you follow up with your prospects, and how often do you do it?

You have probably heard over and over and over again – “The fortune is in the followup!” Again, that’s because it is true! People may have the best intention of signing up with you, but, “Life happens”, and USANA may slip on their list of priorities. That’s why you need to follow up with your prospects on a consistent, professional and courteous basis until they either sign up, or you determine that there is no interest on their part.

15. How many Retail Customers do you have? How many Preferred Customers?

Retail customers and Preferred Customers are not only a requirement of USANA’s comp plan, but they are an excellent source of future associates and referrals. Someone may not be interested in the business initially, but may be willing to try the products. Once they have a USANA product experience, they will certainly be willing to recommend the products to others, if not become an Associate themselves.

16. How many USANA Associates have you personally sponsored?

This is not only a valuable statistic, it is also a good way for your Associate to think back and recall how those sponsorships came about. Who were they? What was said? How was the decision made? Look at the positives of those experiences, and put them to work for you in your future business building.

17. How do you train, coach and communicate with the Associates you’ve sponsored, and how often?

Many people think that once they sponsor someone, their work is done. Not true. It has only begun. You need to help your new Associate get started and develop goals and a plan to meet those goals. Then come to an agreement on how you will work together in the future. Some people need more help than others. Always keep the line of communication open. If people become “orphans” in USANA, they will likely repeat the experience with others as they build their business

18. How often are you in contact with your sponsor/upline?

Some sponsors are better than others. If someone has a poor relationship, or no relationship, with their sponsor, then look further upline, or even crossline, for a coach or mentor. Use your upline for two-on-one meetings with prospects, three-way calls and tag e-mails in your business building.

19. Are you involved with any other network marketing companies? If so, why?

Chinese proverb: “Man who chases two rabbits will not catch either of them.” Enough said.

      20. How many books about network marketing have you read? Which is your favorite, and why?

In our trainings, we talk about the WINS formula – Know Your Why, Initiate Action, Network with Others and be a Student of the Business. Leaders are readers and they never stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop growing. The BDS has a list of recommend books for reading, and there are many excellent online sources of NWM training available. Take advantage of them, but don’t become a professional student where you spend more time read than building.

Pete and Dora Zdanis

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