Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elite Bonus Expands as USANA Continues to Grow

Elite Bonus Expands as USANA Continues to Grow

The Elite Bonus is exactly what it sounds like—a reward for being the very best of the very best. Now the chances you’ll find your name among those USANA elites have increased.

The number of Associates who will qualify for Elite Bonus has grown from 30 to 35. That means 35 very deserving leaders will earn a piece of the USANA global pie. Quarterly, those 35 qualified Associates will earn a share of one percent of USANA’s total Sales Volume Points earned, which usually comes in the neighborhood of around three-quarters of a million dollars.

USANA continues to grow and succeed. We firmly believe it’s imperative to share the rewards that accompany success with the people that work extra hard to make continued growth possible. Elite Bonus is just one of the many ways Associates at every level are rewarded for helping make the dream of true wealth a reality for people around the world.

Because those receiving Elite Bonus can change every quarter, there are four opportunities a year to end up in the money. But making it to elite status isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work to make it into those top spots. And for five Associates, there will be a new opportunity to earn extra income.

For more information on the changes, go to the
Elite Bonus page.

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