Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Three Questions That ALL Prospects Have

       by Pete Zdanis

Before a prospect signs up with you in USANA, there are three questions that you must answer for them:

1. Is this something I can do?
2. Can I make money at it?
3. Can you help me?

Most of the time, they are not going to ask you these questions directly. But, I can assure you that unless and until the answer to each of these questions in their mind is “Yes”, they will not become a team member in your business.

The effective business builder will answer each of these questions for the prospect before they are even asked.

Let’s look closer at each question:

“Is this something I can do?”

People are never going to get involved in something they don’t understand or don’t think they can do themselves (Think “duplication” here.) That is why your initial presentation to them is so important. 

Keep your presentation, whether it is an e-mail, web cast, one-on-one meeting, information package, phone call, etc. as simple and focused as possible. Use the appropriate tools available from USANA (CDs , DVDs, Media Center videos, print material) based on the prospect’s needs, wants and don’t-wants and the situation. Don’t send them the Compensation Plan video if their focus is on the products. And don’t give them the Guide to Nutritional Supplements if their objective is to maximize their income as quickly as possible.

Whether you realize it or not, you are actually training your prospect from the first moment you discuss USANA with them. They are observing everything you are doing, and will be asking themselves at some point whether or not they can see themselves doing what you did to present USANA to them.

If you demonstrate that sharing information with others about USANA is easy to do, their answer to Question Number One will be “Yes”.

“Can I make money at it?”

This is an obvious question, but one that is often so overlooked by some business builders. First of all, the subject of money is often something that is uncomfortable for many people to discuss, so they dance around the issue. Or, worse yet, they simply assume that the prospect understands that anyone can make money in USANA if they want to. Also, “making money” can mean different things to different people – anything from earning enough to cover the cost of the USANA products, to a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month, to enough income to replace one’s full-time income from their current employment

Depending on the prospect’s needs, wants and don’t-wants, you may want to get into an overview of the USANA Compensation Plan to answer this question. 

Or, if the prospect is not the “analytical type” you can refer them to examples of the thousands of people from various backgrounds who have built successful USANA businesses.

You don’t have to look far to find these examples: The USANA Media Center, True Wealth DVD, Health and Freedom Paper are full of success stories which will answer this question for your prospects. Again, all you need to do is use the tools that are available to you.

If you effectively demonstrate that making money with a USANA business is something that anyone can do if they are committed to following the tried and true methods that have been painstakingly laid out for them, their answer to Question Number Two will be “Yes”.

“Can you help me?”

Whenever someone undertakes a new endeavor, it’s only natural that they would want to have a trainer, coach or mentor to help them get off to the best possible start.

That’s you!

Not only is it you, it’s your sponsor, your other upline team members, the USANA Distributor Services team and USANA Management Team, the USANA Business Development System (BDS), BDS eApprentice, Health and Freedom presentation, and on and on.

In fact, even if you as the sponsor are brand new to USANA, all of these resources are available to you and all of your new personally-sponsored team members to draw on together.

Be sure that this support system is explained to your prospects. 

Utilize your sponsor and upline for support with three-way calls, tag team e-mails and assistance with presentations, if needed. This will not only help you, it will demonstrate to your prospect the support that will be available to them (Again, think “duplication”.)

If you effectively demonstrate that your prospect will have all the help they need, their answer to Question Number Three will be “Yes”.

Once you have answered your prospect’s three questions to their satisfaction, YOU will then need to ask THEM the all-important question:

“Is there any reason why you can’t get started in USANA today?”

By making the process all about the prospect, putting their needs first and answering their questions, their answer will most likely be:

“No. What do I need to do to get started?”

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