Friday, July 27, 2012

Exciting Management Changes to Prepare USANA for the Future

Exciting Changes to USANA’s Management Team

We’re pleased to announce changes to our management team as we prepare for the next chapter at USANA—this includes the promotions of Doug Braun to chief marketing officer, Jim Brown to chief production officer, and Dan Whitney to vice president of ethics and market expansion, as well as slight reporting changes for President of the Americas and Europe Kevin Guest, and Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga.  

This is an inspiring time of year as we prepare to celebrate our 20th International Convention. But it’s also a time to prepare for the future, and these management changes will position us for another 20 years of success and growth.

Doug Braun
Chief Marketing Officer

Doug joined USANA as vice president of marketing in December 2011 and has already made a huge impact. As chief marketing officer, he will oversee marketing, creative services, USANA Studios, and recognition.

Jim Brown
Chief Production Officer

Jim has played an integral role in USANA’s operations over the years. As chief production officer, he will take on more of a global role and oversee quality, purchasing/planning, operations, facilities maintenance, and operations for BabyCare in China.

Dan Macuga
Chief Communications Officer

Dan will take on additional responsibilities and continue to be at the forefront of USANA’s growth into the future. In addition to public relations, social media, and communications, Dan will strengthen the company’s ties to Associates by leading USANA’s North American field development department as well.

Kevin Guest
President of the Americas and Europe

As president of the Americas and Europe, Kevin will continue to oversee growth in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as USANA’s marketing and recognition initiatives through the world. Kevin will also lead our quickly growing European markets.

Dan Whitney
Vice President of Ethics and Market Expansion

Dan has long been a central part of USANA’s compliance initiatives, but he also plays a key role in our international expansion. As vice president of ethics and market expansion, Dan will continue to take on a more strategic scope in these roles.

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