Thursday, December 27, 2012

LifeMasters: Any Way You Want It

LifeMasters: Any Way You Want It

It’s full of useful tips, offers you a glimpse into the secrets behind successful Associates, and gives your business an extra boost each month. Yes, LifeMasters is an essential part of your USANA business. And now it is once again available on CD.

Whether you prefer it packaged as a downloadable file you can easily transfer to your iPod, in PDF form that you can read at your leisure, or on a shiny disk you can pop in during long drives, you can have this monthly motivation session any way you want it.

Starting now, the popular disks are making their big comeback. This means you can expect all of the training tracks you need downloaded on not one, but two plastic pearls of wisdom. And when you sign up for a yearly subscription, you’ll get a free copy of the latest Success Magazine.

Designed to serve the growing entrepreneur, the lucrative magazine recently partnered with USANA to provide business owners with the knowledge they need to succeed. Full of educational materials, tips from successful leaders and renowned authors, and information exclusive to the direct-selling industry, Success Magazine is the perfect companion for your LifeMasters CDs.

With a new topic every month—along with all the extras—this powerful tool can help you reach new levels of success in your business. Order a yearly subscription, and you’ll get advice, training, and tools from world-class athletes, some of USANA’s most successful leaders, acclaimed entertainers, best-selling authors, medical professionals, and the world’s brightest scientific minds. It’s motivation, any way you want it, for a spectacular price!

Yearly Subscription, CD - $42.95

Visit the shopping cart and order your LifeMasters CDs today!

*LifeMasters is available in English only
**LifeMasters on CD is available only with yearly subscription

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