Monday, December 30, 2013

The Magic of Multiple Exposures

by Michael S. Clouse

David wasn't sure what to do next... Seems he'd contacted an old friend about his new business two weeks ago. A former co-worker, Mary, had expressed interest and even agreed—although a bit reluctantly—to review one of David's business information kits.

Still, each time David decided to follow-up, there was that nervous, uneasy, what-am-I-doing-wrong feeling right in the pit of his stomach. And to make matters worse, each time David called, Mary was just kind enough not to say no...

Sadly, but for the moment, our fictitious friend David now found himself lost somewhere in that barren mental wasteland we call, "What-am-I-supposed-to-do-now?"

What about you? Do you know any business-builders like David? Perhaps intimately?

True, one of the secrets to effective sponsoring is multiple exposures over a short period of time. But what are the steps to that elusive, upline-driven, magical next presentation? If David is looking for a better way to advance his prospects, perhaps the following suggestions will work as well for you—ah, I mean for him—as they have for me...

Multiple Exposures Over A Short Period of Time

Make your initial contact using a system. For purposes of this example you could provide the initial exposure by 3-waying your prospect into your company-approved, on-demand, five-minute business overview.

After your prospect had listened to your message, you would need to advance them to the second exposure. In this case, you could e-mail them a link to your Website. You might also invite them to listen to your next conference call, mail them your business information kit, or get together in person.

By this time you could have sponsored your next business-builder, or your prospect may still need a little more information. This third exposure may well include a two-on-one presentation with your sponsor, an invitation to attend a home meeting, or an invitation to your next business briefing. The point is, your prospect needs something more and you have a few options.

Once you've exposed your prospect a third time—and if your prospect still has more questions—your next step would be that magical fourth presentation. Here, your upline could answer any remaining questions your prospect may have, validate the benefits your company offers, and ask them to join your business.

Set up this fourth exposure by scheduling the call with your upline. Few things in life can be more unpleasant than trying to reach your sponsor with that hot prospect on the line, only to find out they're not home—or worse, they can't take your call.

Next, for the benefit of both prospect and upline, it is extremely important that you begin your call with a brief recap. Something like this...

"Michael, it's David. I have Mary Smith on the line with us. Mary and I go way back, and for the last few days she has been looking at the business... Mary has listened to our recorded message, watched the presentation on our Website, and was my guest on our last conference call. Mary mentioned she had a few questions regarding ______, and I suggested you would be the best one to answer these... Mary this is Michael. Michael this is Mary."

Your next step is to listen, and learn everything you possibly can.

When your upline is complete, they will turn control of the call back over to you, and that should sound something like this...

"Mary, it has been a real pleasure speaking with you this evening. David and I work very closely together, and believe me, he can show you how to make this business work for you. I'll go ahead and let the two of you finish up. And Mary, I am looking forward to working with you..."

Multiple exposures over a short period of time—teach everyone the magic.

All the best,


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