Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Three Phases of Success

By Richard Brooke

One simple way to look at our individual success in Network Marketing is to evaluate our success in the following three basic areas. They are the essence of being in the business. Successfully completing each phase defines our professionalism and success in the business.


For most of us this is the most challenging phase. Most distributors never move through it. It is responsible for the attrition and has been described this way: Most Network Marketing distributors “are one, but don’t really want to be one.” Most distributors never intended to become Network Marketing distributors. It wasn’t a conscious decision. After becoming involved with the product, becoming a distributor was sort of an impulse of “seemed like a good idea at the time”. And as far as being a distributor goes, it is still a good idea – one most can stay comfortable with.

However, when it comes to telling the world that we’ are now one and they should become one too – well, they don’t feel that good about it. Some of the old stigmas we would have thought to cast off are still on our backs; like, maybe this is a pyramid; maybe it won’t work as described; maybe only the people at the top will ever make any money. In other words, we have become a distributor, but we can’t defend the decision.

To become a successful distributor, you must learn enough about our business and our method of marketing to accept it, actually embrace it as a profession of which you are truly proud. To do this takes accurate information about the rights and wrongs, facts and fiction of our business. So when your own doubting mind, or someone else, asks you if this is a pyramid, you know first exactly what that is and how your business is distinctly different.

It means being able to document with pure logic and reason why anyone following directions can build a successful business. It means having that inner burning conviction that it is a good business worthy of anyone’s efforts.
Getting there takes study. Study the successes and the failures. Develop a body of knowledge about why each ran its course. To know this business is to appreciate it.

Building Your Business

Once we learn to love our business, doing what’s required to build it is simple. 

The essence of building the business is the continual spreading of the product and opportunity word. Obviously we must feel great about it ourselves before we will recommend it with conviction to others.

Beyond spreading the word, the key aspect of building your business is to “follow directions.” In most organizations, someone somewhere is making it work in a way that others can duplicate. From that success, comes a game plan that you can follow to achieve similar results.

Think of it like a franchise. This business concept works because those desiring to succeed duplicate a successful model. The franchising concept has the advantage of “no choice.” They have to follow directions. The challenge in Network Marketing is the freedom of choice. We don’t have to follow a successful game plan and often out of stubbornness, individuality, or lack of discipline, we don’t.

Follow successful directions and you too will succeed.


The quality and quantity of leadership is the key to any people-intensive endeavor. For every 1,000 people you create permanently in your organization, you can expect about $5,000 per month in asset income. Obviously, you can’t effectively manage 1,000 people. You create them, keep them, and make them grow by developing key leaders in you organization.

To the degree that you develop leaders, you will have long-term success. Obviously, in order to attract and develop leaders, you have got to be a great one yourself.

Qualities of a Great Organizational Leader

Sets and maintains the proper example in every aspect of professional and personal life.
Has an organizational game plan that involves the success of others.
Inspires and coaches others to achieve their goals.
Performs where others fear to.
Is committed to completing the task, whether others join in or not.
Committed to constant, honest self-evaluation and personal development.
The quality and depth of your leadership actions will directly affect the quality and quantity of leaders you attract, which will directly affect the amount and longevity of your Network Marketing income.

- Richard

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