Saturday, May 21, 2016

New USANA Products, New USANA Enrollment Packs

As you may be aware, USANA recently introduced an entire new product line – MySmartFoods.

You can learn more about the MySmartfoods products in the new USANA Product Information Book

Also introduced were all-new Discounted Product Packs, featuring MySmartFoods products, which are available to new Associates only at the time of their USANA enrollment.

Below are details about each of the new Discounted Product Packs, as well as complete USANA product pricing and enrollment information.  

Click Here ->  Healthy Lifestyle Pack – Item #411** - Preferred Price: $700.95 – 512 Sales Volume Points (SVP)
Activates 3 Business Centers – US Only  

Click Here ->  Digestive Detox Pack – Item #426** - Preferred Price $405.55 – 300 Sales Volume Points (SVP)
Activates 1 Business Center – US Only 

Click Here ->  Healthy Foundation Pack – Item #421** - Preferred Price $373.50 – 252 Sales Volume Points (SVP)
Activates 1 Business Center – US Only

** Items 411, 426 and 421 are not subject to the 10 percent Initial Order Reward since they are already discounted. Please refer to the current USANA US Product Price List (Click Here: US Product Price List ) or request a Price List for other countries for details on the individual USANA product prices and Discounted Product Packs.

Canadians: USANA Canadian Product Prices, including Product Pack Options, at this link: Canadian Product Price List

For complete information on how to enroll as a USANA Associate, go to: USANA Enrollment Process.

Please contact us by voce/text at 610.316.8637 or by email at with any questions.

Pete Zdanis

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