Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Team #USANA Athletes in the Olympics

USANA is proud to sponsor the world’s best athletes. This summer, we’re excited to cheer on the best of the best as they compete for gold in Rio de Janeiro.

Representing 11 nations, more than 70 USANA athletes* will compete in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With athletes competing in a variety of events from tennis to track and field to swimming and taekwondo, help us support Team USANA as they represent both their nation and USANA on the global stage.

Jason Whateley, boxing
Keith Ferguson, clay target shooter
Daniel Repacholi, pistol shooter
David McKeon, swimming
Josh Beaver, swimming
Leanne Choo, badminton
Will Godward, shooter
Paul Adams, shooter
Deon Kenzie, track and field (Paralympian)
Sam Stosur, tennis

Nikola Girke, sailing
Jillian Gallays, boxing
Genie Bouchard, tennis
Maxim Bouchard, diving
Mandy Bujold, boxing
Alyxandria Treasure, high jump
Charles Moreau, cycling (Paralympian)

Zheng Saisai, tennis

Caroline Wozniacki, tennis

Reina Flor Okori, track and field
Allison Pineau, handball
Patricia Girard, track and field coach
Kristina Mladenovic, tennis
Alizé Cornet, tennis

Ian Marsden, canoe (Paralympian)

Monica Puig, tennis

Uriel Avigdor Adriano Ruiz, taekwondo
German Saúl Sanchez, diving
Ivan Alejandro Garcia Navarro, diving
Rommel Pacheco, diving
Iván Bautista, diving coach
Mexico National Football Team

Madison Keys, tennis
Sloane Stephens, tennis
Alev Kelter, rugby

Check the schedule to see when you can watch Team USANA in action.

Help Us Stay Compliant
From July 27–August 24 (Olympics) and August 30–September 21 (Paralympics), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be enforcing Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, which limits what USANA and its Associates can do to promote its sponsored athletes on all social media outlets, and through any marketing or advertising tools. Rule 40 prohibits competitors, coaches, trainers, and officials who participate in the Olympic Games from allowing their person, name, picture, or sports performance to be used for advertising purposes during the Games.

This means that during the Games, you can’t use our athletes for promotional purposes. It could jeopardize our sponsored athletes’ standing at the Games and can put them at risk of being disqualified from competitions and/or losing their medals.

With that in mind, we kindly ask that you refer to Team USANA’s social media outlets—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—for all approved and shareable content to avoid violating the IOC’s guidelines.

For more information on the 1,000-plus athletes that trust their health to USANA, visit the official Team USANA website.

*Qualified sponsored-athletes as of June 30, 2016. Updated list on What’s Up, USANA? 


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