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How The USANA Leadership Bonus Works

The USANA Leadership Bonus

We love putting more money in your pocket. And Leadership Bonus gives us the chance to do just that. Each week we pay our top leaders a little something extra. Or, in some cases, a lot extra.

With Leadership Bonus, qualified Gold Directors and above earn a cut of three percent of our worldwide commissionable sales each week. And that’s on top of what you make in regular commission payments and other bonuses.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it is. And here’s how it works.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to participate in Leadership Bonus, you must meet the following criteria:

Be a Gold Director or above.
Remain active by generating at least 100 points in Personal Sales Volume (PSV) for 1 Business Center and 200 PSV for 3 Business Centers during the current four-week period.
Help a minimum of one personally sponsored Associate qualify to earn his or her first commission check from USANA at the Sharer level or higher every four weeks. Or, if you are vested—meaning you have qualified for Leadership Bonus for five consecutive years—you will only need to help four personally sponsored Associates earn their first check from USANA at the Believer level or higher per year.*
Be available to your team by phone or other means of communication.
Actively train and supervise your team.
Do not participate in any other network marketing company.

How to Qualify:

You build your business in the way that works best for you. Leadership Bonus qualification gives you similar flexibility.

Each sponsored Associate who earns their first commission check advances your Leadership Bonus qualification date. Whether you’re vested or not, each Sharer earning their first check will advance your qualification four weeks. If you’re vested, a sponsored Associate earning their first check at Believer will advance your qualification 13 weeks. And if you’re vested, you can also earn an additional nine weeks of qualification when a personally sponsored Associate who earns their first check from USANA at the Sharer level goes on to earn their first check at the Believer level within 26 weeks of their initial commission check.

So it doesn’t matter whether you achieve this with one Associate per month, or by helping multiple Associates in the same week. It’s up to you.

For instance:

Jane is an active Gold Director who is qualified for Leadership Bonus. Last month she helped two personally sponsored Associates earn their first checks as Sharers. This month she didn’t have any, but she’s still qualified for Leadership Bonus. To stay qualified for next month, she will have to help a personally sponsored Associate earn his or her first check as a Sharer.

Nick is a Diamond Director who is qualified for Leadership Bonus and is vested. He knows every 13 weeks he needs to help one personally sponsored Associate earn his or her first check at a Believer level, but he wants to take care of his qualification for the year. So in one month he helps four personally sponsored Associates earn their first checks as Believers. When they each earn that check, Nick is qualified for the year.

Jane is a vested Emerald Director. She personally sponsors a new Associate who earns their first check at the Sharer level. This earns Jane four weeks of Leadership Bonus qualification. Then—with Jane's help—that new Associate earns their first check at the Believer level 15 weeks later. So Jane will now be qualified for an additional nine weeks of Leadership Bonus.

How to Calculate Shares:

The amount of your Leadership Bonus is determined by the number of shares you earn, which is done by maxing Business Centers (BC). Think of the three-percent bonus pool as a pie. Each share is a slice of the pie. So the more shares you earn, the more pie you get. Only instead of pie, it’s cash, which is way better.

As a qualified Associate, it’s all about maxing BCs. You will be eligible for Leadership Bonus on Business Centers you max for at least two consecutive weeks—this week and the previous week. But we give you one exception: We’ll count one maxed BC as a “Developmental Center” and pay you the bonus for it even if you didn’t max that same BC during the previous week.

There is a limit to the number of Business Centers you are allowed to max (for which you will receive Leadership Bonus). This number depends on your current rank, plus the additional Developmental Center.

Here’s how many BCs you are allowed to max (based on your rank):**

RankBusiness Centers
Gold Director1
Ruby Director2
Emerald Director3
Diamond Director4
1-Star Diamond Director5
2-Star Diamond Director6
3-Star Diamond Director7
4-Star Diamond Director8
5-Star Diamond Director9

**Add one to the number of BCs your current rank is allowed to max. That will give you the total number of Business Centers for which you can receive Leadership Bonus, including the Developmental Center.

The number of Leadership Bonus shares you earn depends on how many Business Centers you max (both during the current week and the previous week).

Maxed Business CentersLeadership Bonus Shares

The value of shares is determined each week by taking the three-percent Leadership Bonus pool and dividing it by the total number of qualified shares. So if the pool was $200,000 and there were 1,000 shares between all the participating Associates, each share would be worth $200 (200,000/1,000).  


Leadership Bonus can seem a bit complex and intimidating at first. But after you go through it a few times, we hope you’ll start to catch on. Here are some examples to help:

Chuck, a 1-Star Diamond Director, maxed the same three Business Centers this week as he maxed last week. Let's say the share price this week was $203. Chuck would receive 6 shares totaling $1,218 (6 * 203) for the week in Leadership Bonus. Remember, this is in addition to his regular commissions!  

Now let's say Chuck still maxed the same three BCs each week (including this week), but he also maxed a fourth BC this week, which he didn’t max last week. Because we count one BC as a Developmental Center, Chuck will still receive a Leadership Bonus for that fourth BC. This means he will receive 10 shares totaling $2,030 (10 * 203) in Leadership Bonus for the week. Notice how maxing four Business Centers instead of three makes a big difference in Chuck’s check.

Suppose in example #2 Chuck had maxed two additional BCs, which he didn’t max the previous week (along with the three BCs he has maxed each week). He would still receive 10 shares totaling $2,030 in Leadership Bonus for the week. This is because only one additionally maxed BC may be counted as a Developmental Center. If, however, Chuck maxes those two additional BCs the next week as well, along with the three BCs he maxes each week, he would then receive 15 shares for maxing all five Business Centers (for a total of $3,045, if the share price were to remain the same).

The Finer Points:

We know this is a lot to take in. But once you have the basics down, there are a few things to remember:

When you’re thinking about qualifying for Leadership Bonus, the date of enrollment for your personally sponsored Associate doesn't matter—his or her first check date is what qualifies you, as well as the level they are at when they earn that first check. Each time you help a personally sponsored Associate earn his or her first check—and remember, it has to be at the Sharer level or above—your Leadership Bonus Qualification Date moves forward. Whether you’re vested or not, that’s four weeks for Sharers. Only vested Associates will receive 13 weeks for Believers.

You can see your Leadership Bonus Qualification Date in Team Manager. Be sure to track it to avoid missing out on your shares.

Consistency is the key to Leadership Bonus. And that’s totally intentional. We designed the program to incentivize you to build strong, solid Business Centers before moving on to build new ones. Fluctuations in the Business Centers you are maxing—having three BCs one week, then none the next, and one the week after, etc.—will keep you from earning your total potential with this bonus.
Remember, we cap qualification at 52 weeks. So you if you are already qualified for a year of Leadership Bonus, any personally sponsored Associates who earn their first check from USANA at Sharer or Believer will not extend your qualification past the 52-week mark.

Here’s a quick example: Chris is a vested Diamond Director. She has qualified for 50 weeks of Leadership Bonus. When an Associate she personally sponsored earns their first check at the Sharer level, she will not get the full four weeks of qualification. That’s because it only takes two weeks to push her qualification out to 52 weeks, and she can’t qualify for more than a year at a time.

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