Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Zdanis USANA Team Recognition

Congratulations and THANK YOU to the Following Team Members!

Zdanis USANA Team Top 50 Income Earners for the Week ending 05.12.2017
We would like to recognize the following USANA team members for their efforts and contributions to USANA for being the Top 50 Income Earners on our team last week. Keep up the great work! – Pete and Dora Zdanis
1, Bruce Pierce, Tempe, AZ, US 
2, Bob Shehan, El Paso, TX, US 
3, Norm Bryant, Albuquerque, NM, US 
4, Kimberly Wilke, Tecumseh, MI, US 
5, Yvonne Acosta, El Paso, TX, US 
6, Richard Cameron, Langton, ON, CA
7, Sandy Holcomb, Durham, NC, US 
8, Irma Aragon, El Paso, TX, US 
9, Sandy McDonald, Hamilton, ON, CA
10, Carlos Landin Jr., El Paso, TX, US 
11, Pauline Puzynska, Langton, ON, CA
12, Ruth Kohake, Cincinnati, OH, US 
13, John Chan, Doylestown, PA, US 
14, Hannelore Allen-Savoie, Hampden, MA, US 
15, Cynthia Inman, Chesterbrook, PA, US 
16, Robin Herrera, El Paso, TX, US 
17, Robin Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC, US 
18, David Young, New Westminster, BC, CA
19, Bradley Guile, El Paso, TX, US 
20, Anne Tania, Montréal, QC, CA
21, Loa Crumb, Stoney Creek, ON, CA
22, Wendy Murakami, Monson, MA, US 
23, Cheree Hanson, Barboursville, VA, US 
24, Michael Misja, North Canton, OH, US 
25, Dr. Phillip Madison, Cocoa Beach, FL, US 
26, Dan Chorny, Overland Park, KS, US 
27, Kyle Hoffman, Las Vegas, NV, US 
28, Christina Blanco, El Paso, TX, US 
29, Shirlene Cecile, Kihei, HI, US 
29, Thomas Madison, Alexandria, VA, US 
30, Kenneth Wiesinger, Roanoke, TX, US 
31, Shay Stockdill, Anaheim, CA, US 
32, Jean Cote, Laval, QC, CA
33, Carol Sullivan, Las Cruces, NM, US 
34, Michelle Provencio, Las Cruces, NM, US 
35, Jeffrey Van Tassel, Dover Plains, NY, US 
36, Kristina Thorpe, Dunn Loring, VA, US 
37, Desiree Golden, Las Cruces, NM, US 
38, Lori Morris, Rio Rancho, NM, US 
39, Nathan Madrid, Fayetteville, AR, US 
40, Gail Garvin, Cincinnati, OH, US 
41, David Lichtenstein, Dunlap, IL, US 
42, Dr. Gary Young, Hartsdale, NY, US 
43, Dr. Chuck Misja, Hudson, OH, US 
44, Brenda Sexton, Durham, NC, US 
45, Marci Smith, Springfield, PA, US 
46, Sophie Culver, Truth Or Consequences, NM, US 
47, Judy Adams, Portland, TX, US 
48, Aletha Fahn, Littleton, CO, US 
49, Thomas Chorny, Campbell, CA, US 
50, Theresa Surette-Fowinkle, Rio Rancho, NM, US 

Pete & Dora Zdanis

Philadelphia.  PA.  US
Voice/Text: 610-316-8637

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