Sunday, March 25, 2018

Branding Errors to Avoid so You Stay on Top - by Wright Chase

When starting a Internet business, it’s important to decide if you will be registering a name that is related to your niche or creating a brand around your personal name.  Whatever decision you make, it’s important you continue to grow your business over the years.  It’s become a trend to brand yourself based around your personal name.  These types of businesses stand out and it’s very unlikely that someone will be carrying a domain close to yours.

For example, if you choose a domain based on a keyword or phrase like “link building”, you can register lnikbuilding-dot-com, toplinkbuilding-dot-com, or linkbuildingstrategies-dot-com.  Even though all are great domains, they all are similar and distinguishing yourself can be difficult in the future.  Using your-own-name-dot-com gives you more leverage once you increase in popularity.

Obviously, the route you decide to take will depend on your preference and once your business starts growing, so will your brand.  It’s important to stay on top and keep building your brand as, going forward, this can be very lucrative for you.  I’ve seen many online businesses start making mistakes once they’ve become popular so it’s important you avoid these common errors as your business grows.

Staying In Your Circle

If you stay in your circle, then you’re limiting yourself from growing further than you’ve already come.  In the beginning, you networked with a handful of people; however, you need to keep networking as new people come into your niche.  As times change, people entering the industry find creative ways to add value to your niche so it’s important to leverage the opportunity.  You’re going to be a generation behind because you started before many of them; however, this doesn’t mean you can’t stay relevant.  This is why it’s important to let your guard down and build relationships with newcomers.  Why?  Simple….

These new breed of online marketers have a different view and provide a different kind of value.  They’ll one day become power players within the industry and when they do, you can tap into their resources.  Not to mention, if you help them when they were getting started, then they owe you a few favours going forward.  Here are some things to remember…
Keep in touch with your existing network
Add new people to your network
Help as many as you can in your industry
Be humble
Always promote your brand

Brand the Right Way

Obviously, you’re creating a brand.  However, what exactly does this mean?  I’ll tell you…

You are not promoting your name, but what you are associated with and the value you bring to the industry.  For example, is known for blogging, link building strategies, and making money online.  Donald Trump is known for real estate, etc.  When you decide to brand yourself, it’s important you are clear about what you want to achieve.  Before starting, research your industry, finding ways to stand out, which will help brand yourself and the experience you bring to others.  It can be as simple as providing the latest news in your niche or being the first to promote new and exciting products.  Here’s the point…

Your name must be connected with something relevant to your audience.  When your name is mentioned, you must be connected to providing value of some sort.  When you accomplish this, only then will your brand start to flourish.

Never Be Greedy

You know what’s funny and has destroyed many brands once they’ve become a success... Greed!  If you do everything right and work hard, you’ll succeed, and this is where things get tough.  You’re going to let success get to your head and might become selfish.  You’ll feel as no one helped you and will refuse to help others in your industry.  You have to remember that no one has become successful on their own so don’t make the mistake of shutting yourself off from people.  Remember what I said in my first point…

Beginners bring a new twist and value to your industry, which can be valuable going forward.  This is why it’s important to help others so you get the same in return when you need it.  Don’t think the niche you’re in is entirely yours because it’s not.  Share it with others and they’ll share it back.  There’s enough people in this world to make you a lot of money, no matter how many people you’re competing against.  All you have to remember is to help others, provide value, work hard, and be honest!

One Market Mentality

The great thing about being online is that you have unlimited clientele if you approach the market the right way.  If you have a “1” country or “1” market mentality, you might restrict your growth.  You should aim for the stars and if you fall short, you’ve still done well for yourself.  This is why you should try and conquer the world with your brand.  There is another reason it’s important you leverage the whole market…

The Internet is large, which means it takes time to build yourself from the ground up, so you rather go big than small.  What I’ve learned over the years is that it doesn’t have to be tough, but you have to work smart.  For example, network with people all over the world who have built their brand locally.  Next, when optimizing your website, consider the whole world your audience, not just where you live.  This will automatically change your mentality into thinking bigger rather than smaller.

Don’t Automate

Branding means to always include a personal touch in the work you do, so never automate the process.  No one knows your brand like you do so don’t leave it in the hands of someone else.  Your brand is built on the quality you provide and this should not be jeopardized under any circumstances.  If you are working on side projects, consider automating them.  However, your main business, the one responsible for your success, should be looked after by you and no one else.

Start by figuring out what’s important to you and what projects can be automated.  Next, find people to work on those projects, keeping your own personal brand under your guard.  This keeps the value high and loyal followers for years going forward as you live the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle.

To Your Success,
Wright Chase

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