Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dawn ‘til Dusk Skin Protection

Sunshine is a solid source of vitamin D, but too much sun exposure can be harmful to our skin.

Educating your customers about the sun and its effects on skin along with proper skincare habits is vital. Protecting your skin from sun damage and photoaging isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. No matter the season, break down these simple steps to keep your Celavive® customers’ skin happy and healthy-looking.

Protect: Help them choose a face moisturizer like Protective Day Cream or Lotion to hydrate and help protect their skin.

Lotion is best for oily/combination skin, and cream is better for dry/sensitive skin. Let your customers try both moisturizers to feel the difference. Remind them to regularly reapply sunscreen on any exposed parts of the skin at least every two hours or after swimming or sweating.

Shield: It’s important to carry sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, or a sun umbrella while outdoors. Encourage your customers to search for shady spots for lunch or while exercising outside to stay protected from too much sunshine. Wearing lightweight, cotton long-sleeved shirts is a perfect example of protective sunshine wear to stay cool and shielded. Especially if they’re boating, swimming, or by other reflective surfaces, sun damage is highly likely.

Soothe: According to an article on the American Skin Association, sun rays affect the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. When the sun’s rays penetrate the dermis layer of the skin after prolonged, unprotected exposure, skin reacts by producing chemicals that irritate tiny blood vessels. It’s this irritation and swelling that results in a red, uncomfortable sunburn. Soothe skin with aloe vera, cool baths, and plenty of rehydration from moisturizers and drinking extra water. Watch for any discoloured moles or bumps and visit a dermatologist yearly for regular skin checks.

Practice Sun Protection

The most effective way to introduce customers to healthy skincare habits and Celavive is by using the products yourself while you’re out and about. Pack your Celavive moisturizer in your beach bag and reapply often. Opportunities are everywhere. If you’re staying protected from the sun, rocking your shades, and looking fabulous in that wide brim hat, others will feed off your energy.

Check out the Share USANA Media Center for more shareables to educate and encourage others to keep their skin glowing and happy in the sun.

SOURCE: USANA Health Sciences

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