Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Associate's First 6 Weeks are Critical! - by Bob Shehan

A New Associate's First 6 Weeks are Critical!
-      by Bob Shehan

I would like to give you my quick thoughts of how to get a new associate started.

DISCLAIMER:  These are my "personal" thoughts.  If you have a specific start-up plan that you are using with your sponsor or other upline leaders, by all means, keep using that plan.  These are just some ideas of mine that may help.

First, 3 Business Centers.  Be sure to educate your new associate about the benefits of having 3 Business Centers (BCs) over just 1 BC.  3 BC's can essentially pay you up to twice the amount of 1 BC as your business grows, with the same volume and same effort.  Having 3 BC's is truly working smarter, not harder.

USANA gives you 6 Fridays from the date of enrollment to earn 3 BC's for LIFE.  Does your new associate have to enroll with a ProPack or Entrepreneur Pack to get 3 BC's?  Well, that would make their lives easier... but NO, that's not a requirement.

To get 3 BC's for LIFE, the new associate must move 450 points of Personal Sales Volume (PSV) within the first 6 Fridays.  Let's say that your new associate starts out with 1 BC by purchasing 150 PSV worth of products (OR by moving 150 PSV to potential customers - THAT'S RIGHT! The products don't have to be purchased by the associate to earn these points!  Isn't that great?).  And let's assume that this associate is on a 100 point Autoship.  That's 250 total PSV thus far.  They only need 200 more points to get to 450 PSV and earn 3 BC's for life.  Again, just moving 200 points to new/potential customers will get them there.  If your new associate is on a 200 point Autoship, they will only need 50 points to get to their 450!

I have seen many new associates get to their 6 week deadline needing only 50 points to get to 450... and they didn't get it, missing the opportunity to get their 3 BC's for life.  Please educate your new associates about the advantages of 3 BC's, put a plan together to help them get there, and watch their points to make sure they don't miss out.

Now, about Autoship.  If your new associate could use 200 points of products in their family each month, they can be on a 200 point Autoship.  This will keep all of their BC's active and will help them get to 3 BC's must faster.  If they have a problem with the "expense", remember, the money to pay for their Autoship doesn't have to come out of their own pocket!  If you want to get creative for example, they can find TWO local customers who want to be on the Health Pak 100 (100 points each). The customers pay them, and they put the money in their bank account to pay for the Autoship.  I've seen it happen.  It just takes some ambition and desire.

Now, there is nothing in the rules that says that an associate MUST be on a 200 point Autoship.  At the VERY LEAST, be sure they are on a 100 point Autoship.  100 points will keep 1 BC active.

The bottom line... Autoship is a MUST, especially when the associate enrolls in the business... 100 points minimum, 200 points is even better.  When a associate is on Autoship when they enroll, they get the best price on their product purchases (the Autoship price).  I have seen many new associates enroll WITHOUT being on Autoship.  Why make a new associate pay more for their products if they don't have to?

Pacesetter Program/Matching Bonus.  Another important thing to pay attention to with your new associates.  To become a Pacesetter, the new associate must enroll two (2) new associates within 42 days.  Four (4) to become Platinum.  This program is HUGE!  It has the potential to explode your business.  Watch the Matching Bonus video with your new associates.  This will teach them (and remind you) of the importance of becoming a Platinum Pacesetter.

The first 6 weeks are critical... but the first WEEK is even more critical!

When a new associate joins your team, the worse thing you can do is... NOTHING!  When a new baby is brought into this world, are they left to fend for themselves?  Of course not!  The late, great training master Jim Rohn said, "You need to nourish your new babies like a mother and protect them like a father."

You need to get a new associate "plugged in" immediately.  Industry trainer Dani Johnson calls this the Battery Charger.  Within 48 hours of them enrolling (and every 48 hours afterwards), get your new associate doing some kind of business activity.  It's critical.  Why?  If you enroll a new associate and don't keep them "plugged in", a few days later, they may get cold water splashed on them from their spouse.  They may get buyer's remorse and start asking themselves, "what did I get myself into?"  So get them "plugged in" right away.  "How" you ask?

Every 48 hours within the first couple of weeks, get your new associate to...

- ... meet you for coffee, lunch, etc.  Refresh their memory about their
goals and why they joined.

- ... join you and a few local team members for lunch.  Let them listen to the Why's of other team members.

- ... listen to a CD (LifeMasters, Jim Rohn, Collette Larsen, Dr. Strand, Tim Sales... anything!)

- ... start reading a book like Think & Grow Rich, Beach Money, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.

- ... join in on a USANA conference call or webcast.  They are going on all the time.

- ... subscribe to the Zdanis list, our team list, etc.  Emails that come to them consistently will keep them "plugged in".

- ... meet with you for a gameplan meeting.

- ... go through their products and BDS with you when they arrive.

- ... get started on the BDS e-Apprentice training.

- ... work with you on setting up their USANA web site.

- ... start their names list.

- ... attend a local Health & Freedom presentation.

- ... attend local trainings or webcast trainings.

- ... etc.

I think you get the idea.  All of these things are like a Battery Charger.  They will keep your new associate "alive" as they continue to build belief in themselves and in their new venture and continue to learn how to build their new business.  This will also give them time to build up some armor and "thick skin" to protect themselves from
dreamstealers and cold water.

You can imagine what will happen if they don't stay plugged in to the Battery Charger.  That's right, their business can wither away and die. Building a sense of "community" around your team will go a long way.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR NEW BABIES UNATTENDED FOR MORE THAN 48 HOURS!  They might fall down and get a boo-boo...

Ok here are the takeaways...

- Help your new associates earn their 3 BC's for LIFE within 6 Fridays of their enrollment.

- They should be on Autoship WHEN THEY ARE ENROLLED.  At least 100 points, 200 is best.

- Help them strive for Platinum Pacesetter.  Matching Bonus!

- Early on, keep your new babies plugged in to the Battery Charger to keep them happy and working.  Build a sense of community.

- Remember that moving products doesn't necessarily mean the money has to come out of YOUR pocket.  If you need to get creative, you can retail products to customers which can cover the cost of your BC's AND your Autoship!  No excuses!

Let's move!

Bob Shehan
Winner's Circle International
USANA Silver Director
Platinum Pacesetter

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