Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Online Tools You Need to Build Your Dream Business

The Online Tools You Need to Build Your Dream Business

You can’t build your dream house with a spoon and a weed whacker. It’d be a total disaster. And you certainly wouldn’t get very far. 

The same is true for building your business. You need to have the right tools for the job. Luckily, USANA has an amazing array of online tools to help you build your dream business. 

Take a peek inside your business-building toolbox:

·         Health Assessment and Advisor 
A $49 value, this free individualized health assessment analyzes your biometrics, lifestyle, and health priorities, and defines which USANA products are right for you and your prospects. You also have an opportunity to order a MyHealthPak™ that contains those products when you finish. 

It’s easy to use and makes a great introduction to all the great products USANA has to offer. Start walking through the Health Assessment and Advisor with prospects today. 

·         eApprentice 
This step-by-step guide helps you or your newly-enrolled Associates set up your businesses, enroll people faster, and reach Platinum PaceSetter. Each lesson is packed with proven business-building techniques and an interactive interface.

This $299 value came free with the Business Development System you purchased upon enrollment. Take advantage of that knowledge today to put yourself on the business-building fast track. 

·         The Income Maximizer™
This powerful combination of online tools—including DLM, One-Click Website Building, eCards, Tax Advantage, and USANA Webmail—does just as the name suggests. In fact, according to USANA’s research, users of The Income Maximizer services earn four times more income on average. They also enroll 20 percent more Associates, three times more Preferred Customers, and have nine times more group volume. For more information on each of these tools, go to The Income Maximizer section of USANAtoday.

If you aren’t already using The Income Maximizer, at only $19.95 a month—a $110 value—you can’t afford NOT to take advantage of one of USANA’s most powerful tools. Add #824 to your Autoship today.

The toolbox is jam-packed with all the right stuff. All it needs is someone to come along and use it to build that perfect USANA business.

And that someone is you.

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