Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DON'T Treat It Like A Business!

DON'T Treat It Like A Business
- by Jerry DRhino Clark

A while back during one of my trips to Malaysia, I was conducting a live television/Internet training broadcast to twenty-three countries, I was giving advice on personal development concepts relating to home-based business entrepreneurs. During the last fifteen minutes of the program, people were allowed to call in or email questions. Calls were coming in from all over the globe. Then, one caller asked me the question that's been on my mind ever since: "How do I get people to treat our network marketing opportunity like a business?" 

Since this was a live broadcast, I didn't have time to think about my answers. I had to answer on demand, so I came up with something clever like, "You have to discover why they are doing this and make sure it is clear and specific and that they are emotional about it and be sure to keep it in front of them as much as possible and blah, blah, blah..."

The man was happy with the answer, but as I reflect on that question today, I can't help but think my answer should have been different. "How do you get people to treat this like a business" keeps popping in my head. And now that I have time to think about it, I have a new answer. Sure, the answer I gave previously will assist people; however, here's my new answer to that question: The way you get people to treat their network marketing opportunity like a business is to convince them not to treat it like a business. In fact, stop telling them to treat it like a business.

Why? Because most people in our society have never had a business, so they don't even know what that means. Most network marketers come from an average and ordinary background. They were programmed to do what 97% of us were programmed to do: Get a good education; get a good job; work hard; be loyal and industrious; and then move up the corporate ladder so you can eventually retire with a big stack of money that's big enough to choke a horse. Thus, the masses are programmed to work a job, not build a business. The masses don't have something they can relate to with personal experience when you tell them to treat it like a business. So, stop telling them that. Instead, tell them to treat it like a job. They can understand that.

Think about it. When people have a job, they get up every morning when they really don't want to, and they go to a job they would prefer not to go to in an effort to make barely enough money to pay their bills and make a living. It would therefore be more effective to tell them that this business requires the same type of commitment and energy that they devote towards their job; however, in network marketing, they will be working towards designing a life instead of merely making a living. More people will understand this because they have personal experience with having a job. They can personally relate to what it takes to make a job work. And guess what? That's exactly what it takes to make network marketing work. Success is the result of consistent execution of a daily method of operation even when you don't want to execute.

So don't treat it like a business. Instead, treat it like a job. When you do, you will eventually become richer than you ever imagined!

Until Next Time...
Go, Go, Go!!!
Jerry "DRhino" Clark

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