Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Incentive to Go Ruby and Above

More Incentive to Go Ruby and Above


Advancing above Gold Director—to Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, or Star Diamond—is a reward in itself. It’s the payoff for years of hard work. It’s progress toward long-established goals. It’s the brass ring being nudged more and more within your reach.

So it’s not like you need much more incentive to advance to Ruby and beyond. But that didn’t stop USANA from giving you one more—pretty great, if we say so ourselves—reason.

Now, qualifying Associates who advance to the rank of Ruby Director or above will earn an unforgettable trip packed with training, networking with USANA management and other leaders, activities, and the kind of pampering you’d expect from USANA.

With each level of advancement, comes a new experience. Those who qualify upon their advancement to Ruby will get to spend four days and three nights at Ruby Retreat. Likewise, those who qualify upon their advancement to Emerald will enjoy five days and four nights at the Emerald Retreat. And, for those qualifying Diamond and Star Diamonds, there’s the six-day, five-night Diamond Destination.

The locations for the 2011 events have yet to be determined, but you can bet they’ll be amazing settings for what is sure to be both a reward, and a springboard for future rank advancements.

For more information on qualification and benefits, go to the Leadership Incentives page, and start working to earn you new reward for rank advancement.

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